Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I miss LunchTime Posts~~

Hello People! Tako's back! 

I miss the excitment of preparing for lunchtime posts!

So I have decided to kidnap nendoroids and smuggle them into my office to do some lunchtime posting. Love it! The fun of changing the faces and poses under the table. Snapping photos in a "hush-hush" manner and the very ugly background. Hah, it is great fun! Now, I have to apologise for using a brown envelope as the base as i am practically running out of white clean nice paper, every one of it is filled with my scribbles..

I brought Kyouka to my workplace to show her around.

Kyouka: Tako, you are doing the right thing in choosing me to accompany you.
I am so adorable, right?!
*hears some gruntling in the background*