Wednesday, June 30, 2010

W杯 !!! 日本、見えた戦うスタイル

Has any one of you been catching up with the ongoings? Well, both Ren and Tako are.

Ren – The rational football fan of selective countries.
Tako – The emotional football fan of the same countries.

At times, Ren cannot really understand BUT still have to endure my complaints during certain matches. Ren has to cajole me like a child, otherwise I can go on and on and on and on and on.. about the Referee to the players. I am really a VERY emotional & naggy football fan. LOL.

I can repeat “oh my goodness” no less than 10 times in like one sentence and “oh man!” of varying tones up to any maximum limit possible.

Due to lack of sleep, very disappointing moments, & work, Tako’s temper has not been really good and is having a really bad flu now. As for Ren, he's not too well too. Got to drink more water.

How can Tako not talk about the soccer that Japanese are playing? How can Tako not applaud the Blue Samarais who have come so far? How can Tako not cry with them at PSO? How can Tako not be crushed?

This post is unique from the rest. I have started on this post since Japanese team started their World Cup expedition. So you will notice changes in the mood with different matches. And it is going to be a long post.

Monday, June 28, 2010

私たちはダンボーです! どうぞよろしくお願いします.

After a round of Tachikoma(s), what caught Ren’s eyes?

Boxes + Movable Joints = Revoltech Danboard
Is that enough? No. NEVER. It needs to be a limited edition too.
Boxes + Movable Joints + Limited Edition = Revoltech Danboard Amazon Box Version
Is one enough? What do you all think?

Ren and I had a habit of telling each other what are the stuff we want to buy, so both parties will have to agree before we buy anything.

So, Ren got into the process of putting up his marketing proposal to Tako for approval.

One day, Ren popped his iphone to me and this photo is staring into my face.

(Online photo source. Part of Ren's marketing gimmick)

Monday, June 21, 2010

MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka -Work In 4 Months Long Progess- ren's back.. for awhile.

皆さん、こんにちわ。 レンです。 お久しぶりね...

Wow. its been a extremely long time since i've posted... really sorry abt tt. was very busy in NS and only to come home tired and all. i din have the time to really blog.. take photos, edit photos.. pulish and edit blogs etc...  jus enough time to spend with tako.. and catching up on all YOUR blogs.. lolx. fortunately in june, workload has decreased alittle.. and after much procrastination i've summoned the will to type a new post... thank you tako for filling in for me when im not ard...

Interestingly.. a number of my friends, you guys.. gotten on a hiatus too and jus came back! congrats to chubbybots... now evolved to Hubbybots.. XD rocklee! we miss you! haha.. and thanks to you guys who still continues to read our rants.. thank you very much! =)

ALRITES. today's simple ren's post will be on his Unicorn Gundam. took forever to build.. still building.. anyway, i've decided that i wun put up much WIPs unless its a paintjob model, cos most of my skills in building a straight OOB are basic.. jus trim sand and polish.. and due to army... my speed is painfully slow. wouldn't wan anyone to die waiting right? XD

here's some updates on my Unicorn...

finally painted the figure pilots included... and the cockpit of cos.. thanks to the recently released Unicorn Gundam movie, i was able to refer to its cockpit.

Monday, June 14, 2010

When Ren meets Blue Tachikoma Nendoroid

This “love-and-hate” story started about in April 2010.

Ren was online keeping himself updated with all the happenings around and he bumped into this photo of a blue Tachikoma Nendoroid with a small machine gun. This started the cursed adventure of Ren with Blue Tachikoma Nendoroid. All along, the nendoroids that we had been collecting are female characters. There’s no male and no robot.. So when Ren recalled that there was a previous release by GSC for Tachikoma Nendoroid, he was interested and started his hunt.

Monday, June 7, 2010

When Tako gets jealous..

Ren has been very busy, and what was he busy with?? His personal assistant, Tako, is here to tell you the details. OR you may call it a COMPLAIN. (Hahaha..)

First, Ren was busy with army work. Then he was still doing the room renovation in between his army breaks. Then in between his room renovation breaks, he was busy with Unicorn. AND in between his Unicorn breaks, he was busy with a HG 1/144 O Gundam.

So tell me, is he busy?

I have seen his table filled with Unicorn parts and he was telling me how stressful it was to build Unicorn, so a filler for his Gunpla projects – O Gundam.