Monday, June 7, 2010

When Tako gets jealous..

Ren has been very busy, and what was he busy with?? His personal assistant, Tako, is here to tell you the details. OR you may call it a COMPLAIN. (Hahaha..)

First, Ren was busy with army work. Then he was still doing the room renovation in between his army breaks. Then in between his room renovation breaks, he was busy with Unicorn. AND in between his Unicorn breaks, he was busy with a HG 1/144 O Gundam.

So tell me, is he busy?

I have seen his table filled with Unicorn parts and he was telling me how stressful it was to build Unicorn, so a filler for his Gunpla projects – O Gundam.

But what has the above got to do with Tako getting jealous, because Ren didn’t spend time with me? Erm, NOPE.
Tako is jealous because Ren spends time with me despite his busy schedule. But when I thought that he was really busy… Ren was actually spending time with 2 other girls too!

No, Tako is still pretty awake at this moment, this is a photo of O Gundam. Nothing seems to be sticking out like a sore thumb right. It's the girl at the back. Can you all see that red-haired girl in black?

YES! That's one of the girls!

Let Tako tell you more.

This was how Ren’s working desk should look like. With Tako’s favourite brown bear called BearBear and Ren’s favourite three drunk mice.

Three Drunk Mice (x3)
See how they sit? See how they sit?? lalalalaa~~

Tako's Brown Bear - BearBear


After a week, when Tako next saw Ren’s room, it became like this:-

This is going through Tako's brain - Where’s my BearBear??? Why are there 2 girls standing on Ren’s working desk instead??

-  Tako maintains her composure and started the following conversation..  -

Tako asked: “So.. Ren who’s this?” *points to the red-haired girl*

Ren answered: “Errr, that’s Ignis. You know about her eh.. I have shown you her pictures, you said that she looked pretty cool with her blade? And i asked if you think she looks nice.."

Tako : "Yup, she looks nice.. Pretty cool, oooh nice base, nice blade, nice pose, nice flowing red hair.. nice... But, what about the other black-haired girl??"

Ren : "Errr, i didn't tell you eh?? You know, that character whom your cousin has a nendoroid? Remember??"

Tako : "OHHHH??! Yah, i remember. Nice kimono and i quite like her expression. *pauses* But you didn't tell me that you are buying both of them??? and where's my BearBear? So you have been facing these 2 girls while doing gunpla all these while???"

Ren : "I didn't tell you arh??? oh.. ehh.. er.. ehhh.. oh BearBear is in my wardrobe *points to wardrobe*."

Tako turned to wardrobe and to her horror. Here's BearBear!

Trapped! Upset! Alone!!

Tako carries BearBear out of his cage, and started talking to BearBear.
Tako: "BearBear, i'm sorry. I am the cause of it! I didn't know you suffered."
BearBear: "mmhmhmmm.. muphmmm growl growll.."
Tako : "i know! i know! i feel you!!"
Tako hugs BearBear and ignores Ren.

Ren : "NooooooOOOO~~! BearBear is supposed to be back on the speaker, but afraid, he will get dirty, so let him rest inside wardrobe.. the girls are just there temporarily, supposed to be back in the glass display cabinet.. Takooooo~~!!"

So that's how the 2 girls ended up in their glass home in a blink of an eye..

And BearBear is back to where he belonged.

Disclaimer : Am really unhappy with the 2 girls, so resulted in photo quality a little off while photographing anything related to the 2 girls.. Apologies and bear with it okie. - Tako

So what happened to Helpless Ren and Jealous Tako??

Since the girls are back to where they are and well, they are really pretty, so i will be nice and forgive Ren for hiding the 2 of them behind my back. HAHHA. Poor Ren.
i didn't make Ren kneel on durian shells.. he just had to do the "Visa-Go" dance!

Tako (A Tako-girl who won the day against 2 other girls)


  1. So, the 3 packages which u mentioned long time ago is these figures?... O_O Alter's Ignis... It's pretty hard to find now, except Yamato's one which has a more dynamic pose and "Strippable"...

  2. LOL Wth! If Ren were really cheating..... I can't imagine the outcome...^^

  3. @EXkurogane: Hahaha.. Oh THE 3 packages.. this is just one of the "snacks" that Ren bought. It will slowly reveal over time..
    hahah "Strippable", do you think I will allow??? LOL.

    @Marzz: Ren won't cheat. Believe in him. LOL. Wel at most let him kneel durian shells lo. HAHHAA. OR i can hold his GUNDAM(s) hostage. muwahahahhaa~~

    Tako ('O')9

  4. Quite alot of stuff is going on there. ^ ^;

  5. Gundams as hostage... >.<

  6. the "distraction" are too much hahahaha..

  7. Whoa, the green eye monster at work :D Anyway I think bear bear looks cuter haha!!

  8. @flawlessexa: yah, realised that i was a little too whine-y.

    @bd77: so better encourage Ren to lock his gundam models. LOL.

    @MaftyNavue: Yes, i agree!

    @chubbybots: YOSH!!!! Thanks CHUBBS!

    Tako ('O')9