Monday, September 13, 2010

Mega Size Model 1/48 RX-78-2 ANA Original Color Ver. Completed!! ^^"

Bandai 1/48 スケール [メガサイズモデル ガンダム ANA オリジナルカラーVer.]
Modeled by Ren.

Hi pple! Ren here. Today is exactly one week after our first anniversary.. i was trying to rush this kit out last week in time but couldn't cos there's too much things to do... but i promise that i'll post smthing by the end of this week, to commemorate our blog's 1st birthday and a gift for tako! so here's my completed work.. =)

i'm still very syched about this kit.. ^^ its my second fully spray-painted kit.. with colour separations and i finished this kit in 2 weeks. so far, its my fastest record. maybe due to the simple build.. XD alrites. i'll shut up and let the photos do the talking.. enjoy! ^^

WARNING: PHOTO DUMP. do note before you click '

[click images to enlarge... a little.] XD

Frontal View



drilled some holes to re-create the same bolts on the 1/1 RX-78-2 in Shizuoka.



I love the details on the beam sabers..

thin wire as a lightning rod. ^^

more thrusters for the backpack means it can fly higher! its actually 3 tiny rockets attached to a medium rocket THEN attached to the actual kit's rockets. ^^ my first time doing some modifications..


Beam Rifle

modeled after Real Grade RX-78-2's rifle.. =)


Comparison with MG 1/100 RX-78-2


nice photo, if i do say so myself. XD

Mega Size Model 1/48 RX-78-2 ANA Original Color Ver.

Here you go.. wad started as spur of moment, got me rolling on a gunpla spree.. and i'm very very satisfied at how this kit turned out in the end. granted i did spend a 'small' amount of money buying the spray cans, tho i only used 1 can for each colour, every penny was worth it. Comments and questions are always welcomed!

i really wanna thank Rob from An American Salaryman in Tokyo Osaka who sent me this kit from japan when he took ANA there.. he did it as a huge favor for us readers. =D thanks Rob! who says there isn't any warmth in the blogosphere? ^^

hope you guys enjoyed the photos.. i'll be on my photo taking spree now.. hopefully i'll churn out a few more photos of model kits i've finished recently.. =D thanks for staying with us all these while!


(^^)"   レンです   じゃね!


  1. Holy macaroni!!~~ absolutely incredible piece of work there ren :D i had to look back at the old post to see the before and after... what a major difference!

    clean build and love the multi tones ^^ haha he makes the MG look like a baby. he is so detailed, you are pro my friend d^^b

  2. Wow, that is very very nicely done. Smooth panel lining and great paint job. I like the additional touches you gave it to make it similar to the RG 1/1. Also, the booster mod too was nice. Superb attention to detail there, and I&m impressed. You are making me think I need to go fly ANA again and get one of these kits for myself now...

  3. Woah Ren Gunpla skill level up!!! So nice of Rob to get this kit for you man! The finish and detailing is stunning!! Give yourself a pat on the back man!

  4. @rockleelotus: heh.. thanks! he does look diff.. i guess. haha. jus wanted to try something diff and found masking quite fun.. lolx~ i still got a long way to go before becoming pro.. ha. but its a start. XD thanks!!

    @americansalaryman: hey! thanks for dropping by! =D i planned to make it as accurate as i can to the RG 1/1.. truth be told, i did used your photos of RG 1/1 at shizuoka for reference! haha. yes.. you need to fly ANA again.. so i can get my hands on the HG too. XD

    @chubbybots: ha.. no la.. jus playing ard with masking tape lolx. thanks thanks! im still a 'padawan' when it comes to modding and stuffs.. the Force is stronger with you guys.. ^^ heh.


  5. Whoa! Nicely done bro! Thrusters inside thrusters eh? A great idea!

  6. realllllyyy, this is one of the greatest masterpiece for Mega Size I've ever seen.
    every details looks so perfect.

  7. @Marzz: thanks! heh.. ya. i think i saw it somewhere before.. so decided to give it a try.. ^^

    @divinelight: thank you! jus doing smthing similar to wad i've did with MG unicorn.. the Ver. Ka decals made me crazy. lolx. so i tot some decals on it wouldn't hurt tt much. and i've always like to enhance the details tt's alr on the kit itself. yes i'm lazy to add my own. XD my skills are jus not tt good enuff. good luck on your GP03T!


  8. I've never seen a 1/48 scale model in person before so it's hard for me to comprehend its size... but it sure is huge! and the fact that you put all the little bits of details all over and the mods... *applauds*

    With the right background, I would've been fooled that this was the actual Gundam ;)

  9. @Z: thanks! you shld get one too! lolx. yeah.. i'll take some photos when i'm free. still looking for a suitable skyline.. ^^


  10. It's really a looker. I am not greedy. I just want the HG version but I cant get it!!! Congrats for having 1/48. :)

  11. @LEon: aha.. thanks for your compliment! ^^ haha.. im not greedy too.. but its actually harder to get the HG version.. so i had to settle for the 1/48.. XD hope you get yours soon! =)


  12. Wow.. this brilliant... absolutely brilliant....

  13. I came across this while Googling for other Gundam stuff. It looks great. I really like the detail in the mega-size Gundam, I may have to get one. I like the little thrusters inside the big ones, looks like the “real thing” in Shizuoka.
    Oh, and I love the ANA Gundam, too, but in a smaller way…

  14. It's awesome work of build the "elder" ... request to use your image, can i ?