Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ren & Tako's Sept's loots! ^^"

Yo pple.. ren here! today's jus a quick post on our sept loots! heh. ^^ the next few posts i guess would be mostly figures.. and im jus waiting for tako (giving her the honours) to unbox the figures! haha.. so you can only stare at the boxes now for the moment. SORRY! XD come to think of it.. i've not done a photoshoot on any figures other than nendoroids right... lolx. im so lazyy..... zzz.

 all of our loots are from goodsmile.. =) Saber -Triumphant Excalibur-, Nendoroids: Strike Witch Francesca Lucchini, LovePlus Takane Manaka and Touhou Project Remilia Scarlet!

reasons for getting these nendoroids.. tako plays Loveplus.. YES SHE DOES. XD if you haven't alr know, you can read it here. so expect two more nendos from loveplus! touhou becos i have all the previous.. and we know guys are obsessed with owning a whole set. ^^ same with Lucchini. muahahhahahahah...

How can we ever pass up on Saber?? 1. Tako watches the anime. 2. its goodsmile. 3. its goodsmile. 4. its goodsmile. 5..... XD Goodsmile never fails to impress. right up to the packaging..

I hope you guys are waiting patiently for your loots too! im sure tako is very excited to tear them apart unbox them.. =D im warming up to take some photos! see ya ard till next post! =)

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. Walan eh... awesome loot u got there... look forward for the review...

  2. @ David John Shewsbury: oohh, thanks.. it's always "healthy" to keep loots flowing in, to de-stress from work. As for review, sure!! But it's "Tako's version" review. dun pin ur hopes too high k?? LOLLLL. (:

  3. Everyone's getting her her her... saber... >.< I felt Saber Lily DA is sufficient for me, BRS already burnt my wallet badly...

  4. Saber is so favourite, I also want one... but still can't, still limited by my own expenditure.

  5. LOL based on the last part so you guys crazy with GoodSmile's prodcut ??

  6. Whoohoo more nendos me likes :P I have 2 of the loots you got haha! Haven't been taking photos lately though sobz...lazy bone...

  7. sweet loots!! it was a sad day when Tako had to say farewell to ne-ne and LovePlus, but now they will be reunited!! :D i want the set too lol

    reminds me i have a few loots i need to intro ^^