Sunday, February 28, 2010

HG GN-001 Gundam Exia Completed. ^^

After procrastinating resting for a week or so.. ren has finally decided to get his butt up and start posting on his completed HG Exia.. XD yes pple, army has made me a very tired person. all i wanna do at home is rest and spend time with tako. unfortunately, tako is also very busy with her work, so din really have the time to blog. sorry for the long absence. i hope you guys are doing well.. i've seen soo many interesting posts! and more blooggers too! welcome welcome to the dark side! XD

i've jus finished taking photos of Exia.. his photo shoot was kinda taken in batches as i din have the time to spare to take all at one good.. so the lighting might be different in a few there.. hope you dun mind! i've enjoyed building Exia, something diff from the usual MG, but yet, it feels like a small MG itself. with inner frames and all! im starting to like HG kits again.. =) i din mention abt my past HG kits.. it was years back when i was in primary school. i collected the whole Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz Series 1/100 HG kits, they all seemed so cool to me back den, (now still) its jus that the engineering of HG kits back then wasn't as good compared to MGs. so when i built my first MG, my passion for gunpla kicked back in, collecting MG kits instead. heh. okay enough of my history. today its abt EXIA!!!! i'll let the photos do the talking.. warning, its quite photo heavy! ^^


Gundam Exia.
Gotta love this pose. ^^

Fulll kit, including the extra beam dagger i scratch built. =D

Front View

 Close up of the front view. many of the parts here are hand painted.. smthing tat caused this build to last so long..

Back View. but in the end i'm quite satisfied by the final product.. heh. i would say the amout of effort invested would reflect off your kit. =)
Side view. 

 the color's slightly off here.. wonder why..

 GN Long and Short Blade. sharpened them slightly.. Glossy for the blade and matt top coat for the handles.. ^^

GN Beam Saber and Dagger, with a extra hand piece..

HG Gundam Exia

Default Stance. the stance where all gundams will look good no matter wad. XD

Close up.

In flight. 
 Exia, Approaching contact.
Back view.. still pondering how to create the GN particle effect..

GN Sword's Beam Gun.

pheeww pheeeww... 

GN Long & Short Blade

Front View. 

Side view.

Close up! ^^


GN Beam Saber & Dagger

 like this photo.. ^^

 Close up!

GN Sword

i love big swords.. 

ALRIGHTS. SOMETHING SPECIAL! at least to me.. after sooo long of not posting anything.. i've made a small special of Gundam Exia.... Traannnn..........


トランザム!!!!! TRANNSS AMMMMMM!!!!!!!!



Gundam Exia Trans-Am.

Okays! that's all the photos that i've taken.. its been a long time since i posted so many photos at one go.. heh. hope you're enjoying it as much as i did taking it.. 
well well, for HG Exia.. the few complaints that i have are that there are quite a few spots that required painting to look anime accurate.. not a biggie. the GN long and short blades pops out a lot when you're posing, cos they requires a lot of twists and turns depending on how the leg stands. and the GN Sword hinders when exia is trying to hold any beam saber on the right hand.. and finally, the pelvis of exia, actually hinders the movement slightly more den it aids. if you're really interested to know the details.. you can ask me.. =)

as for the praises for this kit.. looks badass when you've painted it. the kit feels very sturdy with the inner frames. many movable parts in the body armor. and you can't get enough of its seven sword system... ^^

i hope to start on a new kit soon.. tho i might not have the time to finish it fast, its still smthing i look forward to when i'm home. not to mention.. my PG room reno, its VERY VERY slowly building up. i have a new bed, wardrobe, TABLE!! and the lightings up... looking to get a display rack from ikea soon.. heh.. and maybe a few more loots to show you guys when i'm free! heh.. thanks for staying here with us at renntako... really appreciate you guys lots! being the last day of the chinese lunar new year... HAPPY NEW YEAR PPLE!!! see ya ard! =)

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. Wow.. awesome..
    the HG is cool.. the quality seems in par of the old MG..
    and not to mention Exia is a good kit..
    great build too.. :3

  2. wow you impress me with the details in your painting ^_^b very awesome compared to how it originally looked out of the box! nice job coming up with so many action packed poses. lol love the trans-am dash!!

    *saber lion hands ren her secret stash of coffee*

  3. @MaftyNavue: Hello! Am Tako here! Please get used to me scribbling around.. Yes, same sentiments on Exia being a good kit to work on. Ren loves the details.

    @playevolution : Trans-Am!!!! Yes, Ren was very very very very VERY excited with it. Now, he's cracking his head for "GN Particles".

    @rockleelotus: Though, am not Ren. But as Tako, thanks for the nice compliments, he had spent a lot of time on the paint. Really hard hand-painting work. Trans-Am dashed, i was pretty amazed when he showed me the pics, wonder when did his skills improve so much without me knowing. HAHA.

    awwww~~ saber lion's coffee. Ren will definately adore it. loving those coffee posts..

    Tako ('O')9

  4. Haha finally I get to see your work :D Very good work on the exia!! Can really see all the effort that went into it :D

    Army is bloody tiring no doubt about it! Plus all your room reno...hang in there buddy.

  5. ohoo.. nice to meet you tako..
    btw how can I know which one is ren and which one is tako? ehehe..

  6. @chubbybots: Though am Tako here, but i know he will be dying to say, "thanks, chubbs." army, yes it's really t-i-r-i-n-g. i am quite scared of the colour green. HAHA.

    @MaftyNavue: HAHA, it's still me, tako. Initially, you will get all confused, because i always forgets to identify myself.

    Another way to identify will be the topic of posts, if it's Gunpla related, it will 99.5% be Ren, i do a little gunpla too, but am really really slow & lazy, so i can only take 0.5%.

    Anything crazy and/or random, high probability that it's me, Tako. Hahhahahaa

    drop by more often and very soon, you will be able to differentiate us VERY SOON! muwahahahaa.

    tako ('O')9

  7. wow i cant believe it is 1/144!! really good mod and i like the trans-am effect XD

  8. waoh!! so many pple here! haha.. so sorry that im only replying now!! here i go...

    @MaftyNavue: thanks!! ya.. im glad how the new HG kits are turning up.. they're really good if money is a problem. (always is.. XD) im looking forward to build the rest of the Celestial Beings.. keke.. ^^

    @playevolution: thanks! jus playing ard with my basic image editor.. hehee.. =)

    @rockleelotus: thanks!! its nth compared to yourss.. XD im jus doing wad the box says. heh. and ya. my brain is dead aft coming up all the poses.. i wonder wad my MG Exia's gonna do next time.. he's jus probably gonna stand there. haha..

    and yes! i got your coffee, saber lion! keke.. thanks! *hint hint*

    @chubbybots: thanks!! you too.. mus be very busy preparing all the stuffs for wedding and family.. hope you're coping fine! =D

    @Marzz: hey marzz! thanks! jus playing ard my image edited.. heh. you're back! exams finally over for yoU!! =D all the best for ur results!

    @BlackSun88: thanks!! =D yes... its a 1/144. i guess painting it makes all the differences! maybe slight disadvantage in the movement areas.. but if its posing in a display case.. its good enuff for me! thanks alot for your compliments! =) hope to see you ard! ^^

    ren. ^^