Thursday, February 18, 2010

tako tako -> tancho!!

after a few hours of battling out, here comes little tako-tako.
(OOoook, it sounds really weird.)

To make things sound a tad better, it's after hours of deliberation at the shop, lots of pacing up and down, asking each other "How??", then we have decided on having Luka Mengurine (aka tako-tako). Why? Reason, you guys would have known that we have spend quite a fair bit within these 2 weeks (Saber was a new get 2 weeks ago), and not forgetting my "usual" dosage of new clothes.

Tako-tako was nicely wrapped (in pink towel plastic bag) to keep her warm and was brought to be shown to proud "father" - Ren. Here's tako-tako, she's adorable, weighs 50 grams. look at those eyes and hair. Doesn't she resemble Tako???!! (hahhahahaaa!)


And i am so excited that i have thought of how tako-tako will grow up to look like in the future.. 

maybe she will look like this as a child..

and then she will grow up to be a pretty girl..

oooh i am sooooo.. excited! come and share in my joy!!!

exhausted Tako \ \('O')/ /


  1. I am tempted on buying more that one of her XD

  2. Ah I am sure she will become a beautiful girl when she grows up ^^ congratulations to you two on your new daughter haha!

  3. Congrats on your newest addition to the family! ;w; She's a beautiful one. Looks just like her mummy!

    Honestly, the tako-tako is adorable. XDD I glee inside every time I see pics of NendoLuka and her tako-takos.

  4. So cute! Looks cuter than the tako keychains that came out some time ago. I feel like getting her just for the tako alone, but I'm spending far too much already.

  5. tako tako! congrats on the new little girl ^^ she looks just like you with tentacles and all, what a cutie. im sure she will grow up to be stunning just like mama tako :D

  6. hehehe next tako will be Fate Takorossa ^^

  7. @ Guest: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. I feel your idea of getting more than one to have more tako-takos around. luka and with lots of takos will be so adorable.

    @ chubbybots: Thanks for your well wishes!! Hope that tako-tako won't be a handful when she grows up. HAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAA..

    @ Evangelisque: Awwwwwww~ you are so sweet, not forgetting to praise mummy Tako. Hahaha. Oh i am on cloud nine!
    Serious Note - this tako is really so adorable, that i cant keep my hands off her. love twisting the 2 tentacles in front. HAHHA. Luka, is so pretty, i like her "eyes-closed" look. HAHAH.

    @ playevolution : I face the exact struggle. I FEEL it man. tako-power is too strong to resist.

    @ rockleelotus: Thank you! Aren't those cute little tentacles adorable???!! OH another sweet comment not forgetting about mommy Tako. awww. thanks a lot.

    @ moemoekyun: hahahhaa Fate Takorossa.. idea! ah.. no money.. hahahahaaaaa.

    Tako \\('O')//

    (i think Ren is going to faint when he sees all these. HAHA)

  8. thanks pple.. for all the 'well' wishes..

    *faints* XD


  9. Ohh... Megurine... Tempt... WTH did I say?! O_O
    Must control...

  10. haha.. thanks chubbys! you take good care too..

    @bd77: takotako is reaching out too you.... haha.. come to the dark side...... XD