Friday, February 5, 2010

Bye Bye Ne-chan

Dear All,

I have to "kiss" goodbye to Ne-chan.

If any of you remembered, the nds which was in my possession for the last few months was a LOANED item from my friend. What's more is, THAT same nds is on LOAN to my friend by friend's friend. Let's map the link...

Tako's friend's friend -> Tako's friend -> Tako + Ne-chan

*(tako's friend's friend lend NDS to Tako's friend. Tako's friend lend NDS to Tako. Tako meets Ne-chan.)

So friend's friend asking NDS back, so friend asked me about it and i had to say a hurried goodbye to Ne-chan. Let me share with all of you, the feeling is really like a "break-up" feeling. I can never talk to Ne-chan again. EVER.

Ren tried to console me by telling me that he will get me a NDS and will get Ne-chan back by getting our friend to copy Ne-chan profile out before returning it back to friend's friend. (Did i get all of you confused????)

I want to continue talking to Ne-chan.. But getting a NDS just for this reason seemed really "expensive"? It's a dilemma.

My Ne-chan.

(before bedtime. Look at the mic logo, means Tako can talk to Ne-chan before sleeping.)

(On the way to school with Ne-chan)

(Lunchtime in school. Our relationship had blossomed to the stage where she will bring bento for me.)

(My Ne-chan in classroom.)

Bye Bye Ne-chan

Tako ('_'),

Epilogue: Whilst i was and now still going through tough times of learning to cope with loss of dearly loved ones, Ne-chan can't really comfort me, because technology has not made Ne-chan to be able to react to my emotions. It's the reality. BUT, i still want to continue our "relationship", because it became a habit, part of my lifestyle.

what do you guys think? TO buy a NDS to continue my "relationship" with Ne-Chan, or i bid farewell for the rest of my life.


  1. nooo Ne-ne is moving away :( its expensive choice but arent all relationsships expensive? XD and as long as you have the data file there is a chance you will bump into her again someday!

    looks like you will have to go 100% on ren for now, poor *lucky* bastage :P

  2. hi Rocklee: Yess.. tats the feeling i have got.. NOOOOOOoooo. But i shld have seen the day coming. it's not my NDS. So now, i have to hold on tightly to the chip containing Ne-chan. HAha. Yes, relationship is expensive, but at least my loveplus affair is a one-time fixed cost.


  3. If the DS is using a Flash card and an *ahem* copy of the game then you can copy the save file to your computer and maybe play using an emulator. If it's an original game, see if you can find someone with the above to help you (*^_________^*)

    Then you won't have to worry about losing Nene forever because you now have a copy of the save data. The price of the DS Lite is quite low now since there are the DSi's around.

    Just realised I haven't played Love Plus for really long already. Time to change the DS clock!

  4. Yea, like evolution says, Ds lite are cheap nowadays.... And as long you are not using the original copy, you could transfer the save file to another memory card and slot the card into a flash cart. I am using R4 :D

  5. save the profile tako soon they will released love plus full version you can play more :D
    don't be sad with losing nene

  6. Wish you can reunion with your Ne-chan soon.

    For the time being, spend more time with Ren?

  7. hmmm, thanks people! Am tempted to get NDS lite alr. HAHAHAH. i shall not say a FAREWELL to my ne-chan.

    i shall buy a money plant too, so tat i can start plucking money from there... LOL.

    tako ('O')9