Monday, November 29, 2010

Tako's going on vacation... so there's a new nanny in the house! T.T

I am going away for a week or two.. So Ren will be home alone. Don't miss me too much eh.. So in the meantime, will I be worried about Ren's well-being? Of course I am! So I am in a frantic search for someone who can take care of Ren. So who came to my mind? 

Midarezaki Kyouka.

She's an apt choice in my mind. 
I love her ears and tail. But too bad her tail can't move. Guess it is an earlier Nendoroid version, hence not much of articulation yet. 

How I got her? It's Ren the hunter again. We bumped into her at AFA X, but we contemplated hesitated and ended up empty handed. But thereafter, I kept mentioning her name and Ren concluded that Tako needs Kyouka by her side.

So whola! Here's Kyouka. Dishing out Kyouka amongst his collection. The next moment I started talking to Kyouka as if she's a living thing. 

Here she is standing in the living room. 
 Tako: Kyouka-sama, can you help to take care of Ren for me while I am away? 
Please please do not bully him okie? Because, the only one who can bully Ren is me, Tako only.

Monday, November 22, 2010

LovePlus Affair ~ Manaka @ Tako's office

I miss Ne-chan. I have not picked her up yet. But Manaka-chan is with me now.

A little background of the many-angled relationship that i have:-

1. Ren + Tako

2. Tako plays ラブプラス (LovePlus) so I have a very close girlfriend called 姉ヶ崎 寧々 Anegasaki Nene and i address her as Ne-chan. We have went through New Year, Valentine's day, school holidays, Natsu-matsuri and Christmas.. and so much more.

You may read more about it here.

3. But there is something that I did not declare to all of you out there.. Erm, I am actually helping my friend with LovePlus to go after 高嶺 愛花 Takane Manaka. Hahahahaa.

CONCLUSION : And so, I am actually dividing my attention between REN, Ne-chan and Manaka-chan.

I am bad, I know.I am sorry.

I am SOOoooooOO SORRY DANBO-KO. I chose Manaka over you. The sad back-view of Danbo-ko still haunts me every night. 

BUT take a look at this photo..

She's cute, isn't she? So.... i chose her over Danbo-ko.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 AFAX Part 3: Shops & Activities around AFAX

Part 3 of AFAX! Halo pple, ren here... Today's post will be abt some of the stalls and activities that's held during AFAX.. This year has a little more activities compared to last year.. so hopefully goers have enjoyed themselves... Let's go! ^^


This stall sells mostly nendoroids and figures.. but those you see in the display cupboards are not for sale.. some of them are quite rare..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 AFAX Part 2: GoodSmile Company

Ren is BACK to bring the 2nd post coverage of AFAX. this time is the figures and merchandises produced by Goodsmile Company, GSC. Figure collectors will have no doubt in the quality that GSC has produced these past few years.. unfortunately the rising Japanese Yen and licensing problem is slow plaguing its distribution across worldwide.

Enough about that, this year's exhibition is different from last's. This year, its the local distributor that's holding the exhibition and not by Mr. Danny Choo, so you wun get to see all the Goodsmile products and the president of GSC, Mr. Akira running ard. But there's still some things to see nonetheless. Let's start! =)


Nendoroid Petite! There's Fate/Stay Night, Vocaloids, and Death Note characters here. these cuties are extremely poisonous.. lolx. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 AFAX Part 1: Bandai

Halo pple.. ren here. Its time of the year again! tt's right, putting my JLPT studies aside.. Anime Festival Asia is back in Singapore again!!

3rd year running i presumed... it surely does draw alot alot of crowds from all over South East Asia. wooo. Before i give any of my own 'input' on this year's event, i'll give a brief introduction to AFA. As usual, AFA is 2days event, held 13-14 Nov, both saturday and sunday, where there's a relatively huge exhibition area and a single hall for live concert!

Exhibition area is where varies companies come together and show wad new products they have (actually singapore is real slow to see any 'new' products, usually 1-2mths after the news spread), and local distributors and hobby/anime merchandise shops gathered to sell merchandise to the public, usually having sale of 10% or more. There's also alot of activity areas for the goers to experience, i.e: Karaoke, Maid Cafe, Card Tournaments, Arcade etc...

The concert hall, on the other hand, holds a Pay-Per-View live concert each night featuring singers and bands from Japan, usually singing popular anime tunes. Its also used for talks given by special guests, topics could range from cosplay to blogging, business opportunities and so on.. and last but not least, the Regional Cosplay Championship is held in here too! Countries all over South East Asia sends their best cosplayers to AFA to compete, and the winners get to travel to Japan - all paid for!

Alrights, enough of introductions.. time for business. As before, like last year's AFA coverage, i'll break this event up in to several posts, mainly due to the fact that there's close to 300 photos.. it goes smthing like this..

Part 1: Bandai
Part 2: Goodsmile Company
Part 3: Shops & Activities around AFAX
Part 4: Regional Cosplay Championship '10
Part 5: Cosplayers around AFAX

Monday, November 8, 2010

Left behind.. *sob*

I'm sorry, danbo-ko!

I chose manaka over you.. I'll pick you up another day k!

Tako ('o').

Lunchtime post: Caught in a situation..

Hello people!

It's Tako here. Am so caught in a situation.

I wanted to make a post, but I didn't bring a nendo along with me to work.

I looked up and saw Godzilla looking at me and I thought to myself, well, it had been some time since Godzilla had appeared on our blog.

Then I was happy for a second and next was, I didn't bring my cable for "Tako's Phone", so how can i upload the photos?


I can email the photos! MUWAHAHHAA. AND my mood lighten up a little. It's the monday blues.

As I was typing on my desktop, i sensed something beside me.. and my monitor start flickering, there seemed to be something with high levels of radiation near me. 

 * music in background*

Tako: Oh my! Gojira-san! 
Gojira-san: raaooow, rra raooo roaaaar rooar rooooaw raa rrraaaaa raaw. ROOOOOAR raaw raooow! raaooow, rra roaaaa rawww~
(translated - Tako, I know you are suffering from Monday Blues Syndrome. And i think i have found the cause of it.
I will destroy it! Tako, I will protect you~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Beginning of Everything Gundam for me... ^^

Hi peeps! *waves* ren here.. sorry tt i was MIA these 2 weeks. right now i'm in mugging mode.. which explains why i'm not posting as often nowadays.. there's alot of chapters for me to catch up in japanese language if i wanna do well for my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). The exam is gonna be on the first week of December.. but enough abt that.. i'll try to make another post abt it another day. XD

Last week.. while tako was away in Malaysia for a week, i had the opportunity to do some cleaning up in my house and room.. and well-hidden in the highest level on a mounted shelf, i stumbled upon a treasure... my very own treasure.....

Recognized something familiar? a closer look...