Monday, November 29, 2010

Tako's going on vacation... so there's a new nanny in the house! T.T

I am going away for a week or two.. So Ren will be home alone. Don't miss me too much eh.. So in the meantime, will I be worried about Ren's well-being? Of course I am! So I am in a frantic search for someone who can take care of Ren. So who came to my mind? 

Midarezaki Kyouka.

She's an apt choice in my mind. 
I love her ears and tail. But too bad her tail can't move. Guess it is an earlier Nendoroid version, hence not much of articulation yet. 

How I got her? It's Ren the hunter again. We bumped into her at AFA X, but we contemplated hesitated and ended up empty handed. But thereafter, I kept mentioning her name and Ren concluded that Tako needs Kyouka by her side.

So whola! Here's Kyouka. Dishing out Kyouka amongst his collection. The next moment I started talking to Kyouka as if she's a living thing. 

Here she is standing in the living room. 
 Tako: Kyouka-sama, can you help to take care of Ren for me while I am away? 
Please please do not bully him okie? Because, the only one who can bully Ren is me, Tako only.

Kyouka: What?! You are commanding me, Kyouka-sama, to do something for you?!!! Telling me not to bully someone?!!!

 mini danbo fall off his chair.. >.<

Tako: (=.="') ehhh, I did say, please. Moreover, you are staying in the living room that i provide for you. So please be nice. If not, I can get GOJIRA-SAN to handle you. *STOMP STOMP*

 (Notice how tall is GOJIRA-SAN..)

Kyouka: What's the big deal?
Tako: Oh nothing's a big deal. Just that, I will not shower attention on you. Place you in the cold glass display cupboard as a form of banishment. 

GOJIRA-SAN will get to trample on you. That's all. 

Tako : I have been in bad mood for past 2 days, so anyone who steps on my tail now, will suffer its own consequences.
Ren: Ehh, Tako?? Are you alright? Don't be so harsh on Kyouka.
Yosh, yosh, Kyouka-chan, be nice too. *pats her head* 
Kyouka: Ehhh? Okie, I, Kyouka-sama will be nice and help to take care of Ren. 
Kyouka: Today, I, Kyouka-sama will be in charge of this house..
Will Kyouka be able to take care of this mess and Ren?? I wonder.... .... ......


 Big danbo wants to carry something on its head too.. <.<

Kyouka caught sneaking ard!! XD totally looks like a mug shot.

Tako ('O')9


  1. poor danbo... the fell in the midst of all that and no 1 cared to picked him up. XD

  2. LOL Kyouka vs Gojira! so funny seeing gojira trample on Kyouka XD you made a great choice, Kyouka is awesome. i regret not picking her up when i first got into nendos... now she is hard to find T_T

    btw where are you going Tako-chwan? hope ren will be okay :P

  3. @sl619: haha. he really did fell off his chair when we were arranging them.. but decided to leave him there cos it looks quite funny. lolx! oops. sorry danbo.

    @rockleelotus: yeah.. she's very hard to find now. regret tt i din get her when we first saw her. and paid the price for it. lolx! haha. tako is going (of all places) Korea now.. she flew yesterday.. so couldnt reply you all.. i'll take her place instead.. ha.. thanks rocklee! i'l be fine.. 4 more days to my JLPT! so i'll concentrate more when tako's not ard.. heh.

    ren. ^^

  4. LoL on Gojira stepping on Kyouka :D
    I've been wanting Kyouka so bad back must be really rare now

  5. @h4msterworld: haha. she needed someone to put out her ego.. XD yeah.. its kinda rare now. good luck finding! =)

    ren. ^^