Monday, November 22, 2010

LovePlus Affair ~ Manaka @ Tako's office

I miss Ne-chan. I have not picked her up yet. But Manaka-chan is with me now.

A little background of the many-angled relationship that i have:-

1. Ren + Tako

2. Tako plays ラブプラス (LovePlus) so I have a very close girlfriend called 姉ヶ崎 寧々 Anegasaki Nene and i address her as Ne-chan. We have went through New Year, Valentine's day, school holidays, Natsu-matsuri and Christmas.. and so much more.

You may read more about it here.

3. But there is something that I did not declare to all of you out there.. Erm, I am actually helping my friend with LovePlus to go after 高嶺 愛花 Takane Manaka. Hahahahaa.

CONCLUSION : And so, I am actually dividing my attention between REN, Ne-chan and Manaka-chan.

I am bad, I know.I am sorry.

I am SOOoooooOO SORRY DANBO-KO. I chose Manaka over you. The sad back-view of Danbo-ko still haunts me every night. 

BUT take a look at this photo..

She's cute, isn't she? So.... i chose her over Danbo-ko.

I cannot be leaving her alone at home, so I decided to bring her to office for a stroll. She seemed to be very interested at the stuff placed on my working desk.

What is Manaka looking at?

(psst: This newspaper cutting was given to me by my colleague. She knew that Ren like Gundam so she cut it out so that i can pass it to Ren. But, oh well, as you all can see, the newspaper cutting ended up with me instead. When i get flooded by work, i will just turn my head and take a look at this newspaper cutting and i feel better after that.)

So Manaka is taking a deep stare into this cutting.


Manaka: *staring* ehhh, Tako, the newspaper cutting on Gundam..hmm, won't people who passed by your desk, ask you about it?

Tako: Well, Manaka, yups, someone had asked me, what robot is that? 
I have even got someone pointing to Gojira-san and asked if Gojira-san is a dragon? a dino?
From your stare, it seemed like you wanted to ask me the same question.

Manaka : hur hur... ... nope!

Manaka with her hands tucked behind her back, continues with her stroll and she spotted..

Manaka: So that's Gojira-san? But what's that at his mouth? He looks a little unhappy..
Tako: Manaka, what did you do to Gojira-san when i wasn't looking?
Manaka: I didn't do anything.. i just...

Manaka: Gave Gojira-san a "CHEE-ZU"..
(psst: look at that cute frown. She did this pose when I asked her out the first time when I was playing LovePlus.)

Wait! Gojira-san, WAIT!!
Manaka is trying to be friendly with you. She's not the sailormoon and not trying to attack you, though the pose looks similar.

 (Haaahahaaa.. I am amused by this comparison..)

Tako: Look, Gojira-san, look carefully at the difference. Manaka is not sailormoon.  
She's just trying to be friendly, giving you a "CHEE-ZU" pose. 

Gojira-san : Rarr, raaaaowww. (translated: Ok, understand.)

Phew. Well, cannot blame Gojira-san, he's a little short-tempered at times.

Manaka: Tako, you saved my life.. I....
Tako: WAIT! Manaka, errr. What are you trying to do? You and I are not...

Manaka: Heee, Tako, relax. Just joking.
Tako: Phew. Manaka, please don't do this again. People may misunderstand.

Manaka: はい, 分かりました.

Well, from how I know her, Manaka is usually a quiet reserved girl. She's a little mischievous on her day out with me to the office.

Looking at the nendoroid parts and facial expressions, it really reminds me of the game. While interacting with Manaka in LovePlus, she will display the "sailormoon-look-alike" face and the "kissing" face on some occassions. Details, well, you may have to play the game to know it. Haahaaaaa. (But if anyone of you is interested in knowing, i will be happy to share with you.)

But there are no other accessories that come with this pack of fun. So you can only be entertained with changing between the 3 facial expressions and her hands.

The only reason I can think of is because, this nendoroid version is in her school uniform. And in LovePlus, the screen tend to show her close up profile. Even though she's carrying a school-bag, it won't really be shown, so i guess, there's no need for a school bag to be added to this pack.

Instead, they load on the number of hands. There's a total of 4 pairs of hands to inter-change. If I place all her hands on the table, i guess, i will look rather scary, a pool of hands.

(a pool of hands belonging to the same victim.. hurhur..)

Hmmm...I quite like the "hands-at-the-back" look. I tend to do that too, Ren often teases me, saying that I look like some supervisor on patrol checking on people's work. What about  you??

Where's my Ne-chan??

Tako ('O')x


  1. the sailormoon comparison is somewhat similar! XD

  2. The resemblance to sailormoon is striking!

  3. @sl619: I did not notice the resemblance till i was staring hard at her and found it SOOOO familar then i headed to internet sources for confirmation!

    @marzz: Yes, i can make manaka cosplay as sailormoon eh. Hurhurr.. joking.. make a mini wig for manaka...

    Tako ('O')9

  4. yes she is adorable, and i see why you had to choose her over little danbo. in fact i think i see a curious manaka here looking around my desk too *wink wink* :D

    thank goodness you saved her from gojira! she is very mischievous, but i laughed very hard as she teased you with the kissy kiss lol but who could blame her, with ren, manaka, and ne-ne... you are a love master right tako-chan? :3

  5. @rockleelotus: *blush* am no love master.. hahaha.. Ren is getting jealous abt it.. wait till i have Ne-chan with me.. HAHA.. kissy kiss pose eh.. Oh i sound weird.

    *clears throat* i am a normal lady who's just playing LovePlus as a game. No other strings attached. LovePlus does give an insight on how to handle relationship. Hahah.

    manaka is really cute. her poses and facial expressions. *winks*

  6. @gunpla: Yups a heap of hands!!! I guess that's to make up for lack of other accessories.

    Tako ('o')9