Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 AFAX Part 3: Shops & Activities around AFAX

Part 3 of AFAX! Halo pple, ren here... Today's post will be abt some of the stalls and activities that's held during AFAX.. This year has a little more activities compared to last year.. so hopefully goers have enjoyed themselves... Let's go! ^^


This stall sells mostly nendoroids and figures.. but those you see in the display cupboards are not for sale.. some of them are quite rare..

Some close-ups..

Correct me if im wrong, but these 2 are the most expensive nendoroids so far. i think their prices are in the SGD$500 region. probably becos you need to get all their DVDs before you can buy them.

One piece Figures!

i think these are the deluxe versions... really looks good when you have a bunch of them. =)

This is the Gashapon stall! they have tons of blind box gashapon for sale here..

Salute! Life sized Sgt. Keroro on display! no, you cant get him from the gashapon.

Some of the products on sale here.. heh.

Owning the Keroro ones are kinda cool.. ^^

The capsule-type gashapons are also available at this corner if you wanna try your luck at it.

Wacky stuffs sold at a local dealer stall. there's are chinese Kung Fu secret manual POUCH! tako says she could use it to put some feminine stuffs. O.o There's also another stall selling real sized swords made of wood, which i forgotten to take photo of. And thus you see many many pple carrying swords walking ard. its like some pugilist's meeting.

The Bandai's Tamashii Nations stall.

-Itasha-  痛車!

A Mirai Suenaga itasha was specially prepared for AFAX.

i think its the similar design that Danny Choo had of his car in Japan. ^^ Driving it in Singapore can prove to be quite a challenge. i've already heard a few whispering, 'sure to get scratch.....'. LOLX.

AFA Car.



You CANNOT have any other cars that can beat this... GUNDAM 00 CAR!!!! or rather, this is the Ptolemaios in a car form. LOLX. haha. Other than the PG Strike Freedom that i saw, this was the only other thing that lit my eyes up.. EPIC design! XD Tako has allowed me to drive this if we ever get a car in the future. hahahaha. i think i'll get insurance for it while we're at it.


Goers can have a go at Project DIVA Arcade with Hatsune Miku. the queue is #$@^# long.... and there's only 2 terminals, times the duration of each song 2-3mins, waiting is an understatement.

There's a HIFI system setup for goers to sing their favourite anime song's. KARAOKE in the open! yes, you CAN hear them when they're singing. XD

Here's the Dollfie corner, where you can take photos of all of them!

Danny's dolls are present too..

Relatively big competing area for players of Weiss Schwarz to fight their card battles..

Large posters are available for participants to take photos with. i took this becos tako loves the anime, Inuyasha.

Look at the amount of money people here! XD

There's also a mini-stage for small performances, can you recognise who's on stage? anime characters i mean..

a closer look.. blurred pic..

its the K-On girls, if you really tried to recognise them.. haha. they're up to perform some songs from K-On, which was not bad i find.

Last year, AFA had a Maid's Cafe. This year they brought in the Butler's Cafe too! Look at all the girls queuing! XD

there's no photography allowed inside. i wonder wad they're doing. XD so i'm trying to take a peek.

The queue is LONG.

Of cos, there's the Maid's Cafe too.. look at the hungry guys.. XD

At the back of the cafe, the K-On girls jus finished their day job at the mini stage and rushing back to work in the cafe. CHILD LABOR! XD

Yui really looks blur.. lolx.

Soon photographers starts swarming the area..

Special guest cosplayers Kaname & Aira spotted at Maid's Cafe.

i feel like a paparazzi. XD

Alrights! That's the coverage of Part 3: Shops & Activites! Hope you liked it.. Its an experience i would like to share with you readers who can't participate in this event.. =D Hopefully you'll be able to come Singapore someday, and i'll be glad to bring you ard in AFA! Now, i'll be back to prepare the next post.. Part 4: Regional Cosplay Championship '10! thanks for reading! see you!

(^^)"     レンです!    じゃね!


  1. They were selling much exclusive stuff, were they? Maybe if the Tamashii nations booth had some exclusive, I would consider going down there... Hehehe....

  2. hmmm....... lots of figurines this time, i juz hope the entry fee is free lol XD

  3. i see Mesousa nendo in the display! taunting customers with rares T_T ...sweet OO Itasha, a seat for each gundam pilot!

    so you got to see dollfies up close, what did you think of em? and Lol @ k-on child labor.

    good job paparazzi spy! thanks for showing all the events, as im one of those who will be unable to go afax.

  4. @Marzz: yeah.. quite a number. the tamashii nations booth DID have some exclusives.. the Mazingar Z Night Ver., Super Saint Seiya.. i also saw the first edition Robot Damashii Strike Freedom with the Super Dragoon joints!

    @gunpla: hahaha. its not as much as last year's. perhaps you could work as a volunteer? start working parttime at KKNM i guess. XD

    @rockleelotus: yesh. very taunting. luckily they're not for sale.. XD if not tako and i will be cold turkey.


    Dollfies? they looked really nice.. somewad baby-like skin! i dint know they're THAT tall! All beauties i would say.. unfortunately tako is quite scared of dolls. ha. so ill jus appreciate them from afar.. =)

    haha.. sure no problem! glad you enjoy it.. you din have to pay the USD$12 entrance fee too! XD

    ren ^^

  5. Wow... seems to be fun... I hope I can go to the next AFA (I said the same thing last year...sigh)

  6. Nice detail coverage. I find that the Gundam 00 car over deco.

  7. They should bring a 1:1 scale gundam next year :D

  8. this year AFA is disappoint me
    not only it's shrink in size, the entry ticket is so expensive especially "i love your money" concert

    but but but

    instead i managed to get nagato yuki nendo shousitu version because i didnt go to that otaku money milking concert^^

    sad, this is maybe the last year i'm coming to this event asa the price is getting unreachable

  9. @David John Shewsbury: haha... well it was more camera frenly this year.. so it sure be fun for you! especially the cosplayers kinda levelled up recently.. lolx. hope to see you in AFA! =D

    @LEon: haha.. thanks! =D heh.. its alright for it as long as i can drive it!!! im the mothership!!! XD

    @h4msterworld: haha. i really wish they'd brought it to singapore too. no chance to see for myself. well, someone build a fake hand of gundam during Gundam Fiesta tho. but its nth like the real thing in Shizuoka... =)

    @Anonymous: hi there! thanks for dropping by! yups.. this year's really kinda disappointing.. LOL. 'i love your money' concert!!! XD hahaha.. thats good! you got a nice catch there.. maybe they'll lower the price since everyone is complaining on their FB page. XP

    ren. ^^