Monday, December 20, 2010

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03D Completed! ^^

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03 Dendrobium
Modelled by Ren

Finished this kit a few days back.. i've already started on another kit! XD muahaha. hopefully i'll not be too lazy to post up the WIP. hallo pple, ren's back. =)

Honestly, i've never watched a single episode of Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. BUT, having seen how epic the HGUC kit was is, i've ALWAYS wanted to build a Dendrobium.. and by chance, me and tako found this kit on sale at our local shopping centre. tako says that its kinda cute, so we grabbed it without a second tot. i still waiting for a HGUC Dendrobium to crash thru my room window someday. XD

Other than doing some handpainting and panel lining to make it SD accurate, i've also tried some shadowing on this kit. though it subtle, i loved the effects! the only sticker i've used its for the eyes cos there's no grooves for me to paint on.. ^^ Finished with matt-coating. here are the photos.. enjoy! =D

Dendrobium Orchis

Taste my uBER bEAm CANNON!! pew pew...

Up for mOre??!  BLACK HOLE EMITTING MISSILESSS.... boom boom boom..

For the grey parts, its also the first time i've tried painting using the gundam marker straight onto the surface. the results were so-so, i get a few lumps here and there due to the large surface and paint drying up too fast. so i hafta fix it by painting over and over until it smooths out. usually i would have dispensed it on a paint tray and paint it on with a brush.

Some shadowing on the cannon..

Metallic red for its thruster..

and some shadowing for the top too! love the effects.. ^^

RX-78 GP03 Stamen

i would say this is a smaller den usual SD kit, partly due to the fact that it has to fit in to the Dendrobium and its transformation would expand it in a 90 degree angle. quite a easy kit to paint.. but not the panel lining part...

i like how extravagant its backpack is... with the thrusters and fins everywhere.

the weapons provided are kinda blend tho.. Hyper bazookaaa...

Two beam sabers are given.. one for Stamen, one for Dendrobium..

There, the completed kit! =D

Gundam RX-78 GP03 Dendrobium

Bring it on, Neue Ziel.

Overall, i did enjoy building this simple kit.. its actually my first painted SD kit after sooooo many years! it does look plain at first, but after some paint and shadowing, BAM! its gonna rule the Universe your desktop, like how it sits in front of my computer now.. XD now, i may start to hunt down the SD Neue Ziel.. muahahahhaha. hope you enjoy this post... thanks for reading! =)

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. what a cutie now that's its done! did u tone ur saber? or it's just the camera angles?
    you should take some finished shots with those large beam sabers used in the previous post. It'll look menacing! LOL

  2. Aaaaaa, so sweet so sweet, it's such an eye candy :D. The Dendrobium's color and shadow is so excellent, definitely better than the manuals. Hey Ren, do you also paint the yellow parts on the chest?
    Btw, may I add your link to mine? :D :D

  3. Heheh. Kinda cute when he's snuggled up into the Dendrobium unit. Quite you managed to do them smallish areas...

  4. @sl619: heh. yeah.. a real cutie! haha.. no, i din.. its jus camera angle with glossy finish. ^^ HAHAHA.. okay.. i'll do it when there's a chance!

    @C.R.: hey welcome backs! thank thanks... ^^

    @canopy: haha.. eye candy! its patrolling my desktop now. XD ha.. thanks. im also referring to the manual for details. yups.. painted them using gundam yellow marker.. was testing out all the markers. sure! i'll add you to my list too! cheers! =D

    @bd77: hahaha.. yah.. its quite a tight fit for GP03. he really knows yoga. XD heh thanks! jus practicing on a SD kit.. ^^

    ren. =)

  5. I love it! It's a clean built, but the shadows makes it look realistic! nicely done :D

  6. Really cool!! loves the Dendrobium! Excellent idea for the pink saber :D

  7. haha cute little guy packs a punch! i wouldnt have known you painted using gundam markers with that finish, and the colors blend great after the matte coat.. nice job ren.

  8. @h4msterworld: thank you thank you! XD its nth compared to any of the military kits you've built.. real DIRTY and freaking realistic. =D

    @Multiseven: haha.. thanks! XD yeah. jus wanted something to try my fluorescent pink marker on.. keke. beam saber is the best candidate!

    @gunpla: thank youss... =)

    @rockleelotus: haha. he's quite a big SD definitely.. you're right on the matte coat.. everything jus falls into place after tt.. im real surprised myself too! =D heh.. thanks!

    ren ^^

  9. The paintjob on SD GP03D is very well done. I wouldn't it was handpainted unless you said so youself. I don't really see any marks on the paintjob, it's look very uniform and even. By the way, is the pink on the beam saber also done with Gundam Marker too?

    The shading/shading makes it more realistc and less of a toy.

  10. @Jacques: hey jacques! welcome backs! =) thanks for your compliment.. yeah. i did abit of cleaning up for the paints.. due the size of SD marks are very obvious if not handled well. so i would run the paint over a few times to get a even coat everywhere.

    oh yes! i used the florescent pink gundam marker straight on.. =D heh.. yups. its my first time using the weathering kit.. so i chose to do some testing on this SD kit.. turned out great!! ^^

    ren. ^^