Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas feast! ^^

Last post of the year!! but we're still in the Christmas mood... keke.

When we think Christmas Eve dinner, what will come to your mind? Turkey? Yes! Roasted turkey on a long table and getting the most senior to do the honours of cutting the turkey. 

As both Ren and I can't possibly finish a roasted turkey by ourselves, we decided to bumb into KFC to get the feel of Christmas turkey! Like how most Japanese would too.. KFC wants you to eat them for Xmas. xD

And we have got Saber Lion with us. She will do the honours of making the first bite!

Three piece chicken meal !!!
Saber lion at a loss on where to start..... 
Ren forgotten to bring her other faces thus.... oh wells, thats the biggest drumstick saber lion would get to eat! o nom nom momom ononmom..
Family photo? Saber lion fits the photo nicely! no, she's not a chicky meal toy.

Alrites! this is our very short post on our Christmas feast! We here at renntako wishes all our readers a very Happy New Year 2011!!! ^^

('O')v  Tako


  1. @Marzz: Thank you! Happy New Year to you too !!

    Tako ('o')v

  2. Happy new year Ren & Tako!! Wishing a wonderful new year for both of you :)

  3. Happy New Year Ren and Tako!! May u guys bring us more funny and unforgettable posts in 2011!! Cheers!

  4. om nom nom! what a huge first bite, she will be stuffed for weeks lol

    Happy New Year! :D

  5. I am hungry now lol

  6. Saber lion is kawaiii..... makes me cry T_T.
    Have a happy new year for both of you!! :)

  7. Happy New Year ^^ KFC rocks, nothing can go wrong with it LoL

  8. @Multiseven: thank you! Happy new tear to you too. All the best for Yr 2011!!

    @sl619: thank you!! Wishing you happy new year! Will work tgt and bring more fun and laughter to all our readers!

    @rockleelotus: yes, she's totally stuffed now.. Can start hibernating for months.. Happy happy new year!!

    @gunpla4ever: yesh, even when I was looking back at the photos.. Makes me want to look for food in the kitchen.. Wishing you a great yr ahead!

    @canopy: Happy New Year to you too! Saber lion is totally a ton of sweetness and cuteness!! (^з^)-☆

    @playevolution: Happy neeeew year!!!!!!!

    @h4msterworld: it's yummy!!! Happy New Year!

    Tako ('o')v

  9. Happy new year to you both!!! Haha better not place saber lion with the KFC...I might eat her by accident!

  10. @chubbybots: Thank you! Happy New Year to you and your family too!!! yah, saber lion looked well camouflaged..

    Tako ('O')v

  11. Very late of me but happy 2011 to the both of you :)

    Urghh! I'm getting hungry looking at those photos! KFC over there looks soo much better and less oily than the nauseating stuff we get in the states D:.

    With that kind of face, Saber doesn't look too thrilled about the chicken xD

  12. @Z: it's never too late for well wishes! We wish you a great year ahead filled with happiness!!

    Oh dear, it sounds quite bad eh. For us, whenever we pass by KFC, we will always be tempted to jump in and pounce on the feast! Haha!

    The chicky drumstick is bigger to her.. So she's getting spaced out.. Hee. :P

    Tako ('o')v