Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 AFAX Part 4: Regional Cosplay Championship '10

Hi, people! Ren here. Sorry for the delay in posting AFAX stuff.. had 2 mock papers for JLPT last week and the real deal is this coming sunday.. hafta pull my socks a lil.. XD Anyway, today's post will be on the Regional Cosplay Championship 2010 held at AFAX! As usual, i'm super far away from the actual stage. Altogether with low lights, action movements, i'll have many blurred photos.. pls bear with it. OTL If you're can't stand the blurred photos, the results are at the end of the post. XD The competition is judged by a few cosplayers.. Namely, special guests from Japan, Kaname & Aira, Philippines' Alodia and Singapore's Clyde. Let's start with the contestants!


-From Malaysia: Chris and Zoey-
Cosplay theme: Fairy Tail (Manga/Anime)

A fight between Erza Scarlet & Ikaruga =D

 Battle between the Titans.

 The villain defeated Erza at first...

 But Erza returned with a new armor! she actually changed costumes during the competition! so there's 3 costumes to be judged.

 Eventually Erza won..

-From Thailand: Daachen-
Cosplay theme: Monster Hunter (Game)

 An experienced hunter wearing Akantor Blademaster armor teaches the young female hunter wearing Beriolos Blademaster armor to hunt..

 Teaches her to cook too! did you see that BBQ pit? it really works! lolx. there's the classic bbq-ing song too. you would recognise if you've played Monster Hunter before.

 The experienced hunter left and let the young hunter to deal with her own monsters.. actions ensues. its actually a dragon i think.. cant really tell.

 After a tough battle, the monster is finally slain.

 This team had 3 costumes too! looks like the standard of competition is really going up..

-From Philippines: Team Bajina-
Cosplay theme: Xenosaga (Game)

 A clip from KOS MOS game.. it does most of the talking for them..

 A boss fight between KOS-MOS and T-elos

 Weapons with LEDs! looks like a trademark from Philippines. ^^

 Finally T-elos is defeated after a few 'stand offs'.

-From Singapore: The Defence Devils-
Cosplay theme: Defence Devils (Manga)

-From Indonesia: Komutoku-
Cosplay theme: Makai Kishi Garo (Live Action)

 The show started with Garo & Zero having a heated battle.

Throughout the skit was just fighting.. but their actions were good and fluid..

Their armors were nicely made! bling bling!

Kaname was standing when giving comments on their performance.. he is a very big fan of GARO.

Alodia was in a suit tat i recognised but jus could remember the name. she looks like a Batgirl of some sort.. still looks good tho.

After the actual competition, Alodia and Clyde were on stage giving a short talk abt cosplay.. while the rest tabulates the result..

Finally, the results.... (photos thanks to Mr. Toffee from Gameaxis)


-From Thailand: Daachen-
Cosplay theme: Monster Hunter (Game)



-From Indonesia: Komutoku-
Cosplay theme: Makai Kishi Garo (Live Action)


-From Singapore: The Defence Devils-
Cosplay theme: Defence Devils (Manga)

Yups! That's it for this coverage of AFAX Regional Cosplay Championship! Hope my photos din make you giddy.. XD For more CLEARER photos.. i've found a few sites covering this event too.. links are below, feel free to visit them! thanks.. im gonna go back to study now.. heh. The next coverage will be on the COSPLAYERS ard the event.. if you like to cosplay, stay tuned for it! thanks for reading! see you guys ard. =)

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  1. a well done coverage for ppl like us who couldnt attend. xD

  2. impressive cosplay! love the monster hunter ones, need more shots of that girl :P i cant make out what monster that is but Lol

  3. @sl619: thanks! haha.. but the photos din do you all justice.. i need a huge CANNON to shoot clear photos! lolx.

    @rockleelotus: yeah.. its good this year.. just tat there isn't more teams participating.. i oso cant make out wad was the guy cosplaying as despite watching there live.. i think its a very diff dragon. lolx.

    ren. ^^