Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ren's next project... something to go with the festive season.. ^^

A sneak peek:

The pilot.

i've already started on this kit after SD Dendrobium.. so look out for its WIP after X'mas!

Well, everybody's getting into the festive season.. me and tako are no exceptions.. we've jus finished our x'mas shopping.. and getting ready for gift exchange! getting real busy with all the running ard and present wrappings.. we've also prepared a very special post for X'mas.. so watch out!

i hope you guys are enjoying this season's greeting too.. =) catch ya ard! ^^

(^^)"     れんです!     じゃね!


  1. MG Wing Zero Custom is coming to townnn~~~~

  2. you better not shout, you better not cry, you better not run I am telling you why, Heero gonna blast you out of town!!!

    Haha nice nice!! Have a merry Christmas too to both Ren & Tako!!

  3. perfect timing for this kit :D and there you go painting those tiny pilots so nicely lol

    happy holidays to you and yours!

  4. perfect hiro for christmas! merry christmas to you both! :)

  5. merry christmas yo both of you!

  6. @sl619: ^^ yeahh.. haha.. any closer and he'll self-destruct. xD

    @chubbybots: hahaha.. Merry Xmas to you too CHUBBS!! enjoy your xmas with your loved ones!

    @rockleelotus: yEps! an angel with the xmas tree! haha. hope i can finish it before this year ends.. ^^

    @Marzz: Merry Xmas to you too! =)

    @Multiseven: =D Merry Christmas to you too! good luck with your house moving!

    @gunpla: Thanks!! Merry Xmas to you too gunpla! XD

    ren. hohoho.