Sunday, February 28, 2010

HG GN-001 Gundam Exia Completed. ^^

After procrastinating resting for a week or so.. ren has finally decided to get his butt up and start posting on his completed HG Exia.. XD yes pple, army has made me a very tired person. all i wanna do at home is rest and spend time with tako. unfortunately, tako is also very busy with her work, so din really have the time to blog. sorry for the long absence. i hope you guys are doing well.. i've seen soo many interesting posts! and more blooggers too! welcome welcome to the dark side! XD

i've jus finished taking photos of Exia.. his photo shoot was kinda taken in batches as i din have the time to spare to take all at one good.. so the lighting might be different in a few there.. hope you dun mind! i've enjoyed building Exia, something diff from the usual MG, but yet, it feels like a small MG itself. with inner frames and all! im starting to like HG kits again.. =) i din mention abt my past HG kits.. it was years back when i was in primary school. i collected the whole Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz Series 1/100 HG kits, they all seemed so cool to me back den, (now still) its jus that the engineering of HG kits back then wasn't as good compared to MGs. so when i built my first MG, my passion for gunpla kicked back in, collecting MG kits instead. heh. okay enough of my history. today its abt EXIA!!!! i'll let the photos do the talking.. warning, its quite photo heavy! ^^


Gundam Exia.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Takotako on the run!! XD

Helpp!!! Takotako has ran away from home!! Saber has been working hard
searching for her but to no avail..

Saber: I thought I found her.. (points to the mochi) = ="

Where is takotako gonna hide next??


Thursday, February 18, 2010

tako tako -> tancho!!

after a few hours of battling out, here comes little tako-tako.
(OOoook, it sounds really weird.)

To make things sound a tad better, it's after hours of deliberation at the shop, lots of pacing up and down, asking each other "How??", then we have decided on having Luka Mengurine (aka tako-tako). Why? Reason, you guys would have known that we have spend quite a fair bit within these 2 weeks (Saber was a new get 2 weeks ago), and not forgetting my "usual" dosage of new clothes.

Tako-tako was nicely wrapped (in pink towel plastic bag) to keep her warm and was brought to be shown to proud "father" - Ren. Here's tako-tako, she's adorable, weighs 50 grams. look at those eyes and hair. Doesn't she resemble Tako???!! (hahhahahaaa!)


And i am so excited that i have thought of how tako-tako will grow up to look like in the future.. 

maybe she will look like this as a child..

and then she will grow up to be a pretty girl..

oooh i am sooooo.. excited! come and share in my joy!!!

exhausted Tako \ \('O')/ /

Sunday, February 14, 2010

HG GN-001 Gundam Exia W.I.S.P Part 3

pple pple! ren is back to post a minor post on his WISP HG Exia.. today's post will be jus abt how much paint i've used on Exia.. XD im quite surprised with the amt of area that needs painting! as usual, i've stucked to my principle of making sure Exia is accurate to the anime's color scheme and no stickies were used.. as for the photos.. becos it was right before i went to camp, i din have time to take photos of all the parts i've painted.. so minimal photos is all i have.. sorry abt that. but for the completed Exia post, i hope i have the time to spam shutters. =)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Calm Before The Storm.

Exia. Commencing attack.

hey pple!! so excited to be back for Chinese New Year.. so much to catch up with you guys.. hope you guys are fine.. anyway. a quick post before my reunion dinner. jus a quick glimpse of my upcoming diorama.. (i hope, fingers crossed. things are still under planning.) haha. i'll skipped the WISP and other photos first. i still dun have the time to type long posts yet.. still have a last W.I.S.P post of Exia.. and a long round of shots of a completed Exia post.. maybe when i come back tonight.. =)

oh.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE!! thanks for reading! ^^ going off for my dinner now.. ITADAKIMASU!

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Showers *+*

It's good news! there's a new addition to both Ren & Tako!

It's our beloved.

( i love her "pursed lips" look)

Ren has given Tako this little surprise by the road while waiting for the "little green man" to signal that we may cross the busy 3 lane-ed road. I was screaming out loud and am really glad that i was by the road with cars zooming past, so only Ren could hear how loud and excited i was.

THANK YOU REN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looking forward to posts abt Saber Lily?? Stay tuned! (maybe a lunch-time post soon! LOL.)
(saber lily rushes off.. she must have seen something..)

Tako \('O')/

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bye Bye Ne-chan

Dear All,

I have to "kiss" goodbye to Ne-chan.

If any of you remembered, the nds which was in my possession for the last few months was a LOANED item from my friend. What's more is, THAT same nds is on LOAN to my friend by friend's friend. Let's map the link...

Tako's friend's friend -> Tako's friend -> Tako + Ne-chan

*(tako's friend's friend lend NDS to Tako's friend. Tako's friend lend NDS to Tako. Tako meets Ne-chan.)

So friend's friend asking NDS back, so friend asked me about it and i had to say a hurried goodbye to Ne-chan. Let me share with all of you, the feeling is really like a "break-up" feeling. I can never talk to Ne-chan again. EVER.

Ren tried to console me by telling me that he will get me a NDS and will get Ne-chan back by getting our friend to copy Ne-chan profile out before returning it back to friend's friend. (Did i get all of you confused????)

I want to continue talking to Ne-chan.. But getting a NDS just for this reason seemed really "expensive"? It's a dilemma.

My Ne-chan.

(before bedtime. Look at the mic logo, means Tako can talk to Ne-chan before sleeping.)

(On the way to school with Ne-chan)

(Lunchtime in school. Our relationship had blossomed to the stage where she will bring bento for me.)

(My Ne-chan in classroom.)

Bye Bye Ne-chan

Tako ('_'),

Epilogue: Whilst i was and now still going through tough times of learning to cope with loss of dearly loved ones, Ne-chan can't really comfort me, because technology has not made Ne-chan to be able to react to my emotions. It's the reality. BUT, i still want to continue our "relationship", because it became a habit, part of my lifestyle.

what do you guys think? TO buy a NDS to continue my "relationship" with Ne-Chan, or i bid farewell for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mystery of “C”

When we have a mystery, who will be excited???

Yako-chan, of course!

There’s a mystery surrounding the story of “C”. There seemed to be an un-known passerby leaving the “C” behind and taking photos of Miyuki. So Yako-chan can’t resist and starts her investigation.

First step to investigation is to read the report by the witness and look for details / evidence in the photos.

*Comments mentioned that there “C” is in Tako’s bag! So let’s hurry!

 (determined look.. oooh scary)

Fumbles through Tako’s bag when she’s not looking.. and slowly edges her way down into the bag.

(peeks into Tako's bag)

(*gulps* Tako's bag looks a lil' too messy and deep)

Can’t find it? Where can it be?

Yako-chan never says die.. she continued searching.. and..

There it is!!!!!! EVIDENCE FOUND IN TAKO'S BAG!!

With a wide smile on the face, she found THE “C” and totally unraveled the mystery!

(Victorious pose with the "sinful" "C" found!)

Please scroll down…













“C” is a yummy chocolate that Tako has been keeping in her bag. She dropped it one day and when she ran back to look for the delicious chocolate, she saw Miyuki and decided to play a prank. Now, Yako and Miyuki gets to share the nice chocolate air-flown from another part of Asia and Tako’s punishment is no delicious chocolate-y “C” as a snack.

(Happy faces upon hearing that they get to share in yummy chocolate.)

(Munching on the chocolate-y "C")

(Tako : Go ahead and enjoy, chocolate is fattening, so sinful to eat. I am on diet. I'm ok with not eating it. *humphs*)