Thursday, October 14, 2010

HG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios Completed! ^^

Bandai 1/144 HG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios
Modeled By Ren.

its been 2 weeks since i've posted anything abt gundams.. its time for some gundam love! =D halo everybody.. ren here. this time its e completion of my Gundam Kyrios. 

Thinking back, wad struck me the most while making this kit... wasn't how cool its claws were.. wasn't how streamlined the fighter form was.. and how badass it looks completed. it was the amount of PAINTING this kit needs. almost all the armor needed some other colors. T.T 80% of the time spent on this kit was it's painting. everything was handpainted except the wings on the knees. me no likes stickers. tt's why i took ard 2 weeks to complete. *sigh of relieve..* but i'm not satisfied with some of the parts tt i've painted... i'll get more on to that lata...

Granted, this kit looks really nice when it first appeared on Gundam 00, i liked how it transformed to a jet, the killer GN claws and dual-personality adds up to a nice touch.. but i didn't know that there was so much work to be done on this kit. XD anyway.. as the photo goes.. i'll show you guys where i've painted and some minor panel scribing i've added to make it more accurate to the anime... i gave it a matt super clear finish.

[Front View]

[Back View]

[Side View]

this kit is actually quite back-heavy due to the plane's cockpit situated at the back. you have to lean the legs quite forward to get a proper stance.


this kit that bandai molded only came in 4 major colors.. white, black, orange and yellow fins. a good example of wad's needed to be painted here.. the reds on the face, yellow on the vents and grey parts on the shoulders. even the white parts that holds the fins and below the GN core were painted too. T.T

Other than painting the clear parts clear green, the core of the GN drive was also painted silver to reflect some light cos it was molded grey. now i have a nicer looking GN drive. ^^

the red and GN cables were painted too. cos they were all grey!! i think you can start to get the picture, that kyrios was too colorful to be produced in 1/144. XD

i've also gotten alot of headaches jus becos of the array of colors kyrios posessed.

some tiny details on the knees.. you need yellow....... and the wings were masked, spray-painted. i've also added the 2 lines at the front of the shin, beneath the knees. it was present in the manual's model photo but not of the actual kit itself.

ALL the grey parts you see here are painted. GN condensers on the side of the shin were also painted. i dun understand how bandai can't make a small yellow piece condenser like Gundam Virtue and Dynames.. there isn't any grey parts too.

this, the backskirt you see here would be the worst color separation i've seen on this kit. it was all white. and my level of handpainting skill isn't good enough to cover such a large piece. by handpainting, its not easy to create a smooth surface like spray-painting does. you will get uneven surfaces due to the brush strokes.. i was very worried on how i can go abt getting this done. but i still dug deep to paint this back skirt, hoping that it will turn out okay. and it did. *phew*

lalala.. ren is ranting.. ren is ranting again... 

some minor paints on the weapons.. piuuu piuu piuuu...

yellow.. grey... and purple.. yeah..  you don't need me to start again.. XD i've also deepened the lines at the crotch area so that the panel line wash would stay.

the GN beam sabers were nicely tucked at the back.. yes. you need to paint the back too!

Cockpit of the Flight Position.. it did not turn out well.. i'm still very disappointed. you can see it close up when its transformed. initially, i wanted to paint it jus metallic green. but the anime's version was some dark green colour.. so i decided to paint a clear green over the metallic green paint. the end result was quite bad. some base metallic green wore off as i painted the clear green. i can't do any repaint cos i'll need to remove both layers of paint to start over again. and the side grey vulcans were jus right beside it.. making a repair job really hard.. =(


Kyrios' body is quite flexible due to its transformation gimmick.

an extra right opened palm is included as well. ^^

 GN shield mode.

badass GN claws..

close up.


having some fun with another 00 kit.. ^^

you don't mess ard with Kyrios..

[Flight Position]

transformation is achieved with one part swapping at the pelvis area. forgot to take its photo. basically it positions the legs sideways, so you see its knees on the sides. im quite fond of this design as a plane. yes, i did hold it by the end and flew it thru the air a few times. XD oh ya, all the fins were sharpened..

close up of the cockpit. you can see wad i was talking abt how bad the paintjob turned out. its quite blotchy. still quite sad. (T.T)

some parts that was only shown in flight position like vents were painted too..

underside of the plane. you can see kyrios in quite an awkward positions.. ^^"

remote controlled GN beam submachine gun..

[HG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios]

Overall, i would say this kit is not for someone that handpaints.. XD or rather, its for someone who's looking for a challenge to make it anime acccurate. becos there are really alot of places to be painted and its not easy to get the smooth surface with such a big area to paint, i.e. backskirt, cockpit, waist. unless you have a airbrush of cos! 

having said that, i would like to jus list out my pros and cons i found for this kit.. for an overview.

- sharp design.
- quite colorful (if you paint it or used up their stickers)
- badass GN claws
- transformable to a jet, (compatible with Gundam Harute's missile pods)
- flexible joints. (except the limited ankle joint)

- very minimal parts color separation. (too many parts to paint, some could have been molded in right colors but were not)
- some panel lines missing
- for mine, its wrist joints was very loose. the hands pops out regularly
- GN beam saber hilts was provided, but beam clear parts were not
- backheavy

that's abt it.. so now i'm 3 down.. 1 more to go to my completed season 1 Celestial Being set! ahh.. wanna finished it as soon as possible so i can start studying for my JLPT.. im so far behind in terms of tuition homework. a bad student. XD hope i can do well. gonna burn midnight oil.

welll, thanks for viewing! any questions or comments are always welcomed! i'll try to answer them to the best of my limited knowledge! =) see you guys again!

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. nice kyrios! although colour separation is pretty bad but i think kyrios is still the coolest transformable gundam so far (sorry zeta fans~ =p). and gotta admire ur skills in painting clear paint. how do you even make it so even? spray can paint?

  2. nice painting!! i wish was as gd painter as u

  3. From what you said, it really sounds like a painting nightmare.... I am disappointed. The Kyrios didn't come with the shield blade/sword thing?!

  4. Another fantastic work from you ren!! Gambatte on your JLPT stuff!!!

  5. Wow... excellent job on the painting ^^. I took a look at a straight built version of this kyrios... and it was shocking o_o. The difference between it and yours is like night and day.

    I really wish Arios have that claw in MS form TToTT...

  6. @sl619: thanks! the clear green is handpainted on.. its not exactly clear green. jus follow the mixing in the manual. i usually paint, let dry, do this a few times to make sure it has covered all parts. if i wan it to cover more area, i'll add more thinner. if i wan it to stay on one spot, i'll use less thinner. =)

    @gunpla4ever: ha thanks.. well. im not that good.. still practicing. its more of experience.. im sure you can paint this well if you paint more! ^^

    @Marzz: yeah. real nitemare. abt the shield blade/sword.. it did! its included.. you jus have to look closely on a few photos.. its there! haha.

    @chubbybots: thanks chubbs! i will try.. haha. =D

    @Z: thank you thank you... im still learning how to control the paint.. hard as hell. yeah. there's really smthing very wrong with the color separation.. haha. well, you could jus use the shoulders or Arios or steal it from Kyrios and attach it somewhere.. XD


  7. thanks for the advice! will try it the next time i colour a new colour. =D

  8. the color separation you made really good.
    and your washing is far better than mine, I still kinda confused if the line is thick like my gp03's legs

  9. @sl619: sure! no problems.. =D looking forward to your works! =)

    @divinelight: thanks! nah.. i used copic 0.02 marker to draw lines when washing seems impossible. i.e. shallow lines and painted areas. only deep lines were washed, so as to keep the job clean. ^^

    @Tsukinari: thank yous! =)


  10. very nice work. i thought it is 1/100 one at first glance ><

  11. This is a really nice build! And the action shot is also cool! great job :D

  12. Still trying to get myself a 1/100 Kyrios!

    Great job on yours. I am sure that it took alot of effort. ^ ^;

  13. woohoo great build ren! you know what i noticed about your builds? you make all kits look one step above what they are Lol

    your HG looks like MG, and MG look like PG ^_^b keep it up and best of luck on your JLPT

  14. @Blacksun88: haha.. thanks! i would have gotten 1/100 if not for their prices and not-so-good inner frames, due to their size.. and with 1/144 for me its easier to keep too! XD spaces are at a premium!

    @h4msterworld: thanks! welcome back h4mster!! heh.. looking forward to your works too! ^^

    @flawlessexa: haha.. getting a 1/100 to accompany your MG Exia? ^^ good luck getting it! =D thanks.. yeah. i kinda died painting it. XD

    @rockleelotus: dude!! welcome backs... thank thankss!! too much compliments i cant get back to earth. im floating now.. XD hmmm wad will happen if i build a PG... i wonder. lolx. i guess it'll really still stay at PG. haha. i cant improve it further cos its alr perfect..

    im waiting for your awesome scratch build RX-78 RIDER too!!!!!! thanks!! =D