Monday, November 30, 2009

Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA Test Type-01 New Movie Edition  初号機 =DD

It has been a few days after EVA-01 has been unleashed.. its batteries are down, i've checked. XD i've took some photos of it.. and ready to show it to you guys.. it's our first revoltech that we've purchased, and i think i'm loving it at the moment.. you'll see why lata on.. ^^ this set comes with plenty of extra parts for swapping.. different hands and weapons.. even a box to keep those parts!!! Good Smile could learn smthing from this.. =D so far.. ren's adopting it for the moment for photo taking.. i'll return it to tako tml to increase the security at her office. =P

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day Two Part 2 - 00 Raiser Gundam

Ren is back after a day of wrestling with my comp whose gotten swine flu.. lolx. H1N1. terrible terrible... couldn't even start my comp! for 12 hours.. it jus keeps hanging at the window's loading screen, and the worst part was.. system restore HANGS too. T.T i was ready for the worst scenario, restoring to factory settings. losing every PHOTO. haha. somehow it heard my inner scream and revived. XD

ALRITES. enough of this ordeal. lets start with today's AFA's post... one of the last lonnggg post of AFA.. its 00 Raiser Gundam cosplay!!! i wun describe much since i've done it before.. this cosplayer is Clive.. one of the leading Gundam cosplayer in singapore and maybe the world after winning both awards at Regional Cosplay Competition!! congrats! okays.. today's photos will mainly be on how he dresses up.. and some pose after gearing up.. Enjoy! =)

00 Raiser Gundam Cosplay

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day Two Part 1 - Danny Choo X Mirai ^^

We're now in Day Two of AFA!! finally.. XD still have so many photos to post.. omg. today's focus will be on Danny Choo and Mirai's cosplay by Alodia. The rest of the stuffs are more or less the same. so.. im not going thru it again. haha.. some of the photos are blurred.. becos there's too many pple crowding ard.. so i could only point, shoot and go.. blurring some of the photos in the process... gomennasai! okays.. On to the photos now! =)

Danny Choo x Mirai

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 4: Cosplayers in AFA =)

Alrites.. today AFA's coverage is abt the cosplayers! its a short post compared to my other AFA reports.. most of the animes i watched are the mainstreams ones.. bleach, gundams, naruto etc.. so i can't really tell you exactly who's cosplaying who.. heh. sorry abt that. Abt those that appeared in my photos.. i jus happened to meet them whilst moving ard AFA.. they're jus the tip of the iceberg. im glad that there's alot more cosplayers this year compared to last.. jap culture is spreading!! =D for those who's more interested in cosplayers, i think chubbybots has covered more cosplayers at the event den me.. so feel free to visit his blog at the my blogroll. =) For 00 Raiser Gundam and Mirai's cosplay, i've allocated a post each for them on Day Two of AFA.. so they'll be up soon. ^^

ps: i have a surprise for rockleelotus and bd77.. XD

Cosplayers at AFA 2009

EVA Test Type-01 terrorizing china square!!

XDDD we jus opened EVA 01.. And it's unleashed on the public.. 5 mins
before the batteries run out!! Lolx. Very surprised how sturdy
revoltech joint is! Okays.. Short post.. having some fun with EVA 01..
will post more next time.. ^^

昼休みの分捕り品… 最初リボルテックヤマグチ!! =D エヴァンゲリヲン初号機 GET!! Lunchtime Loot!! First Revoltech GET !!! =D

muahahahhahaha.. yesterday, ren and tako went to watch Evangelion 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance. the movie was sensational. Tho its very dark at times, its a mus watch for all Evangelion fans!! =D the graphics are all new.. unlike Evangelion 1.0 where they cut scenes from the anime and combine them together. 2.0 has more 3D effects and whole new designs of EVAs and Angels.. its superb. the storyline is much compressed but not discounted, very suitable for a movie's length. and new forms of EVAs are all introduced.. the fight scenes are BREATHTAKING. accompanied by very nice soundtrack. ^^

not to mention.. we were both 'bitten' by EVA and got heavily poisoned. lolx. the first thing we said to each other after the show was.. Revoltech. XD True enough.. during our lunchtime today.. we rushed to get our first Revoltech EVA Test Type-01 New Movie Edition!! woooo!!
=DD im very excited becos at Revoltech's website.. its stated at this figure has stopped production alr. so its kinda limited now.. glad to be able to own one.. =D

Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 067 EVA Test Type-01 New Movie Edition

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 3 - AFA Regional Cosplay Championship '09 X.X


that's right.. ren couldn't take very clear photos of the competition.. my apologies... T.T  even though its blurred.. and not much from each team.. i'll jus post it up becos its part of AFA and it wouldn't be complete without it.. so pls bear with the photos.. ^^. The teams are judged based on the following.. (from AFA website)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From youtube.. Danny Choo, the Tokyo Dance Trooper... in SINGAPORE!!! ^^

Ren saw this video off danny choo's website....  and went to search for more.. haha. i really liked the background music.. 'singing in the rain' and part two beginning was plain hilarious!!  enjoy!!

danny's got a confession to make....  super funny. XDDDD

Part One

Part Two

kudos danny..! ^^

(^^)"    レンです!  じゃね!

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 2: Bandai - Dreams & Creations =)

Ren is back for Day One Part 2 of AFA 2009!! =D gonna be another long post.. heh. this post will mainly focus on Bandai's products: Gunpla and Tamashii Nation. its the biggest booth in AFA, there's jus too many things to take photos of.. not to mention crowds and crowds of pple! 

Dreams and Creations is the theme of these collections. =) i'll start with Gunpla and the main highlight of the exhibition.. 


Perfect Grade 00 Raiser Gundam

Monday, November 23, 2009

今晩の晩ごはんは... チャーハン!!〜 Tonight's dinner.. Fried rice!! ^^

Had some rice leftover from last nite's family dinner, so decided to
let them air dry overnight, making them perfect ingredient for some
chaahan!! Japanese fried rice that is.. And some fishcakes to go with.
=D おいしいぃぃ!!〜
this is wad happens when you're out of dough.. XD
Ren ^^

AFAの分捕り品!! レンの最初限定版のガンプラ!!! やった! ^^ AFA's loots!! Ren's first limited edition gunpla!!! wooo. =D

Okays.. a quick post before i start on my post on today's AFA's report.. =) many of you readers seemed to be very interested in wad i've bought from AFA.. XD URGING me to reveal my loots, me decided to take the time to snap up a few photos of them and post it up.. its really nth much compared to many others that i've seen; BAGS of Nendoroids.. figures.. goodness. and alot alot ALOT of guys carrying wooden swords which are replicas from the animes.. bleach, naruto etc.. apparently they were going cheap on AFA...

So.. this is wad i've bought from AFA 2009... =D

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 1: Danny Choo & Tokyo Figure Show Singapore =)

Hey pple.. ren's back to post his report on AFA 2009 held in Singapore! ^^ well.. there's so many things in my mind i wanna say before i start.. firstly, i din expect pple to pay attention to my live blogs! Initially, i tot of it as jus a normal post.. jus touch and go, saying i've been to AFA.. blah blah blah.. but den when i checked my inbox, it starts to fill with comments, and there's requests to be fulfilled too!! XD quite surprise to see so many comments after i posted. so.. not wanting to let my dear readers down.. i decided to cover this event as much as possible. =) secondly.. i would like to thank those pple that's been following my live blogs.. without you.. i have no motivation to take those photos. lolx. =D

Alrites.. i'll split my coverage into different days & parts.

Day One:
Part 1 - Danny Choo & Tokyo Figure Show Singapore
Part 2 - Bandai: Dreams & Creations
Part 3 - AFA Regional Cosplay Championship '09
Part 4 - Cosplayers in AFA

Day Two:
Part 1 - Danny Choo X Mirai
Part 2 - 00 Raiser Gundam
Part 3 - Stores in AFA

Most of it is in chronological order, how i whisked in and out of crowds. you'll see the reports as i go part by part.. and some interesting misc stuffs in between as the day passed. =) okays! let's cut to the chase.. letting the photos do the talking. ^^

Sunday, November 22, 2009

AFA 2009: Year of 00 Raiser!!!

That's right. This cosplayer (forgot his name) is preparing to cosplay
00 Raiser right now.. He jus won the regional cosplay competiton in
AFA 2009 ytd. The Grand Champion!! Some history of him is that he will
turn up at every anime/cosplay related event cosplay a gundam. It's
different every year!! I'm very impressed. =D I'll stay awhile more
to take photos of him. ^^

AFA 第二日!!〜 AFA second day!!~

Well well.. Ren's back at AFA 2009.. Looking out for anything special.
^^. I guess the only thing I found interesting till now is seeing
Mirai-chan and Danny choo together!! wooo.. I think its a
'commissioned' cosplay cos she has all the official stuffs, logo etc..
They're now signing autographs for fans.. Haha. I jus took a few
photos. Hope to see more things interesting.. =)
Ren ^^

Saturday, November 21, 2009

タコちゃんの耳!ふわふわ〜 Tako's ears! *giddy*

These are tako's new ears!! Yups.. She got them at AFA.. little pricey
tho.. But it's very cute! ^^ will be wearing them at any anime related
events to make it more worth. XD even tho tako has very small head,
(unlike real normal takosss) the size is still a little small for her.
So she developed some giddiness. Lolx =P well, I tried to expand it by
wearing it too.. ^^ din work out as well. Haha.
Okays.. Last live post of the day alr.. Thank you pple who has been
following closely! どうもありがとう!
Ren ^^

終わった!! レンは休んでいる。 Finished!! Ren is resting..

Yesh. Finally.. Ren's camera's battery has died. Lolx. So sorry pple..
Can't take anymore photos. Thus I'm knocking off.. XD gonna take my
lunch now.. I'm legless, can't feel my legs. Ha. Okays.. Thanks for
following on my live blog. I'll see wad I can take with my iPhone den.

Black Rock Shooter cosplayer.. >.>

Haha.. No I'm not saying that she's bad. XD it's becos.. Ren is
resting happily at a corner after taking alot of photos for YOU GUYS..
^^ THEN she pops up.. And everybody jus swarms ard and starts taking
photos. Of cos, being surrounded, I mite jus well join them and took
her photo.
Legs are getting tired alr.. Oh. And the cosplay competition is
starting soon..hafta stand.. T.T but I caught a glimpse of Kaname, the
famous jap cosplayer, who protrays Cloud of FF7 the best. Jus ask
google sensei! =)

Look! It's Danny!

Yups.. Caught Danny at AFA.. attracting lots of crowd! Now he's
waiting to be interview by Animax.. And I've got my loots! ^^

朝9:45午前、AFAで 9.45am at AFA!!

Yups.. Ren is at AFA.. Anime Festival Asia 2009 held in Singapore!
Queuing up for his loots.. XD this is my first time waking up so early
for anime related stuffs.. Will report more lata I hope. Was talking
to some of the pple in front.. Some came as early as 6.30am!! When it
opens at 10am.. Heh.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

最小ガンプラを色取った!!! Painted my smallest gunpla!!! ^^

yupsyups.. this is the next update to chibikero's tiny gunpla!! previously, i din had the time to finish it.. cos i was rushing it out for tako to play.. lolx. so.. finally got the time to sit down and paint.. while its thunderstorms outside.. cosy nite to slp paint the kit. =) so i guess.. finally the keropla kit is completed! yay..

i managed to finished the tiny Zaku-II and the RX-78-2 runner after buying some paint from the local hobby shop.. din have green paint back den.. heh. okays.. for RX-78-2 i used the leftover spray cans from my MG RX-78-2 build. NO, its impossible to use spray can on it. XD i de-canned the paint on my metal paint trays. its surprisely very well controlled. no stray paint going ard... here's the results...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ガチャポン ガンタンク GET!!  Gachapon Guntank Get!!

Ren is trying to squeeze a post out before sleeping.. lolx. jus came back from my jap lesson.. super tired, zzz. but jus wanna post smthing that we got on sunday.. i have reports of my keropla poison spreading ard.. xD dun worry pple. its not keropla poison k!! heh. yups.. you can see from the title that me and tako got ourselves a Guntank figure!! wooo.. we dropped by toys'r'us at vivocity after our lunch, cos tako's younger cousins -little 'takos'- wanna look at some gunpla kits.. XD yes.. we're poisoning everybody ard us.. muahahaaha. ^^ thereafter.. we saw rows of gachapon machines at the entrance.. and saw a particular one with Gundam-related figures inside. i shld explain that tako is starting to like the original gundam series' mechs.. ^^ mechs like guntank and char's zaku II.. she finds MG guntank cute.. and a char's zaku to 'fight' with her RX-78-2 would be nice.. haha. you get wad i mean ya... so naturally we were elated to find a 'cheaper' alternative to model kits...gachapons! and its more value for money! its originally cost 300yen which roughly translate to $4.50sgd... but it only cost $4sgd for us! hee.. yeah we're cheapskates. =P

The Gachapon!

After emptying the contents... heh. 2 cannons, 2 arms, upper and lower body and a sign plate.. =)

Fully assembled! piuuu piuuu!

Side view.. i like the details..

Top half.. you can see its quite nicely painted.. =D

Bottom half.. details on the tracks.. wooo..

Sexy back view.. lolx. its actually elevated on a platform hidden beneath.

This is the signboard included.. its the name of the gachapon series.. with the name of the designer who designed these mobile armor and suits. 大河原邦男さん。

The banner included.. there's 4 types in total!! wanna get the Zaku II too! ^^

RX-75 ガンタンク

yeahh.. so this is jus a small post on our little loot.. =) man.. jus can't stop collecting these things... ^^. and it has spurred me to get the MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0 with clear parts.. and MG Guntank for tako... she sounded quite excited when i explained all its gimmicks to her.. haha. hopefully her fondness for it dun die out.. yes.. she's still playing Love Plus.. BLATANTLY dating gals in front of me.. lolx!

Do you have any interesting gachapon items?? feel free to share with us! =D

alrites... tt's all for today.. gonna tuck in soon.. goodnite pple. =) 

(z.z)"  レンです!   じゃね!

Monday, November 16, 2009

ちびケロ誕生! Chibi Kero Completed!! ^^ 超可愛いぃぃぃ~!!!

hey pple.. well, as i've mentioned.. i rushed out chibikero yesterday morning for tako to play with.. so was too tired to post it.. slpt the whole nite. zzzz. lolx. sorry pple. so noww... ren is gonna publish this post for you pple to see...!! i like how simple the kit is.. good for destressing.. XD

i went with the same mindset i did with Enact.. that is, some paint to make things more accurate.. and try to use as little stickies as possible.. but i din topcoat it. haha.. im not tt extreme as to topcoat anything i build. ^^. here it is...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

今日の分捕り品!!! 私たちの最初ケロプラ! Today's loot!!! Our first Keropla! =DD

YESS!!! ^^ today, ren & tako went to singapore's orchard road to walk around and admire some christmas lightings.. she went to have her haircut too.. =) Thereafter, we decided to go Takoshimaya Takashimaya to look at this year's Singapore's BAKUC challenge entries.. it has been held there yearly for the past few years as far as i could remember.. Unfortunately, the 'smart' organizers have decided to showcase them with a brightly lit up background making it impossible to take photos. some examples can be seen at Marzz's blog.. its ridiculously bright!! and so.. im sorrie pple.. can't provide you with photos of the entries. maybe i'll drop by another time to see if they've changed it.

But then... we chanced upon an unexpected sale!! Other than the normal gunpla model kits at a 20% discount, making them very buy-able, we also saw Keropla!! which is keroro's plastic models!! haahaa.. XD

Heaps of Keroplas!

These are mainly the older stocks.. at a 50% discount.. ^^

Yups.. and the ultra excited pair of us, me and tako GRABBED, yes we GRABBED and HUGGED like a bunch of the boxes very close to us. and promised to bite anyone that tried to near us. XD becos the kits are SOOOO CHEAPP.. so we calmed ourselves.. and chose which ones we wanted.. at one point, we really hope chubbybots was around to tell us which ones to buy.. lolx. we were thinking of calling chubbybots, but realised we din have his number. XD honestly, i did tried calling out 'chubbybots' at random, hoping that he's one of those ard rampaging thru the boxes. XDD tako stopped me. >.<

And soooo... i'll present you with our Loots of the DAYYYYY!!!! (LOTD) lolx. tako really liked keroplas more.. cos they're cuter.. ^^

We bought a total of 5 kits!! muahahaha. ^^

4 of which are the MK-IIs!!! Unfortunately we couldn't find the last Keroro Robo MK-II to complete the set. Anyone noes where to get??

Tamama Robo MK-II!!

Kururu Robo MK-II!!

Giroro Robo MK-II!!

Dororo Robo MK-II!!

And our last kit... cos we couldn't find keroro robo and tako found this super cute..

Chibi-Kero!!! its baby Keroro!! look at wad's in his hands???? =DDD

 Our reasons for such a splurging...

Yups!! we decided on these kits for a few reasons.. other than it being CHEAP. you can see the price differences on the boxes itself.. *nods* =D

As for the MK-IIs, you can see that it has two different modes.. a Mech-Mode and a Machine-mode.. each MK-II transforms differently.. but that's not the main reason.. The main reason is the "Secret Mode!" -FINAL FORM- 'God-Kero MK-II mode' that you see at the right side of the MK-II box!! wooo! ^^ and so we concluded that if we ever buy one MK-II kit.. we should complete the set.. XD Right?? isn't it soo?? Goood marketing there Bandai...

For Chibi-Kero, the reason is very obvious. the tiny gunpla kit and Zaku that baby keroro is holding, is simply irresistible!! it even has a tiny NIPPER!!!! omg. TOO CUTE to pass up on!! haha.. even i find it too cute.. you can imagine the look on tako's tentacles face! XP

So we ended up with 5 kits... xD

Alrites... that's all for today pple! im gonna rush out the Chibi Kero now for tako to play with it tml..  ^^ so hope you guys enjoyed reading.. and do look into some keropla for stress relieve when you're panted up inside.. whether its stressful workload/studies or MG modeling/paint job.. its good to have simple kits to work with time to time.. =)

thanks for reading again! feel free to comment! see you guys ard!

-Ever stumble upon an irresistible kit too cheap to pass up on? share with us!-

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!

Friday, November 13, 2009

タコの最初ガンプラ! Tako's first gunpla!

Remb our loot at Singapore's Gundam Fiesta 2009? yups.. not mine exactly, but tako's!  tako chan bought her first model kit there.. ^^.

Tako's loot! ^^

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

テースト テースト テースト…  test test test..

Less than a month to JLPT test... ren's preparing for the dreaded date.. yups.. i'll be taking this year's JLPT level 4.. for those who doesn't know or not sure.. Wikipedia says..
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験, Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken), or JLPT, is a standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify the Japanese language proficiency of non-native speakers. It is held twice a year in East Asia and once a year in other regions. The JLPT has four levels, with Level 4 the most basic and Level 1 the most difficult. The Japan Foundation estimates that approximately 150 hours of study are necessary to pass the Level 4 exam and 900 hours of study are required to pass the Level 1 test, although the figures may be significantly higher for native English speakers. In 2008, the Japanese government announced a plan under consideration to use the JLPT to screen applicants for long-term and permanent resident visas. The test is held on the first Sunday of December each year.
Wiki is very useful eh? lolx.. saves me from all the explanation.. that basically sums up the whole JLPT thing.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Under the Influence

Have any of you experienced studying/working under the influence of medicine?

Eyes will be puffy, weak voice, pale face and will feel as if “am walking on air” (coined after my favourite dunk move by Michael Jordon). For ladies, one additional whoah factor is, make-up may not help. What's more, when poor me have developed an allergic reaction to the medication that i am taking?? I look like a polka-dot-ed TAKO! and it's on my arms, so it's really tentacles-look-alike. yucks.

I have been sick all these while from a bad case of flu to sinusitis. My face, has been free from chemicals as I went almost everywhere without make-up. I have forsaken the use of pencil and brushes to conjure a "make-up", so i do look different, i think.. hopefully not haggard.haha.
(The heap of medicine that i have taken is like a little mountain, i have tablets in white, blue, orange, brown, dark pink, capsules, etc and even chinese medicine.)

Ren is really naggy and makes sure i take all my medicine. And Yako-chan is helping me with it. shhh.. don't tell Ren, that Yako helped me with this one capsule very willingly. 

As I know Ren & Tako’s blog is mainly read by guys.. so why am i destroying the blog with this post? hmm, i may regret and decide to delete this post; let it vanish from the surface of earth.

Hmm, so with make-up or without, i guess it's skin-deep. have to look beyond, it's the person living inside. and also it's a personal preference.

Errr, it's something like painting of models. Compare a Gundam Model not painted, and after painting. BE it painted or not painted, IT'S the MODEL that counts.
(*Inner voice : OH no! am i crapping too much??)

Tako is posting under the influence of medicine now. LOL. Thanks for bearing with me.

Tako (*O*)9

psst : So, should i paint my RX-78-2 Ver.30th? guess it will be hand-painted, as i am poor at spray painting.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Legend has arrived. *Rwarrr* ゴジラ来た!!

That's right! Gojira has arrived... *finally* After finishing Enact and PG Exia.. XD i've moved on to Gojira san! He's been on my waiting list for too long.. sorrie chubbybots.. lolx. So.. im finally able to 'shoot' Gojira with her 'food' Enact.. and oso a last min idea/DIY i did for Gojira san to amp up her POWAAA.. more on that later.. ^^.

Gojira san was bought by Tako when we were at Tokyo this Oct.. its very hard to find such figures here in singapore.. especially prices are so high here! i saw a similar one in singapore at 4x times the price! >.< gasps. so we were thrilled to see it so cheap in Tokyo and decided to get one... out of soooo many versions.. According to Tako.. this Gojira is the 1998 version. i have no idea how diff year's looked like.. maybe chubbybots can shed some light abt it.. XD i jus like my Gojira strong and fierce. When we were at Tokyo, at some shops (i.e figure shops, ramen shops etc), they had a HUGE Gojira by their door! its like a good luck symbol! ward off evil?? very cool. lolx. The only regret Tako has is that she din buy a bigger one. xD

Tako, We will hug one huge Gojira back the next time we return from Tokyo okay?

Godzilla   ゴジラ Ver.1998

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ren is up to something.. wait, A PG Exia?!?

is this really a PG Exia? OMG!

Yes people!! The next PG has come way before PG Raiser 00. it IS a PG Exia.. just that it isn't wad you think, a Perfect Grade Exia.

But a Paper Grade Exia!! XD
That's right.. i found me-self a papercraft Exia while i was surfing ard moemoekyun's blog.. which led me to this site called it houses many famous characters in cube forms.. heh. all you have to do is search for ur characters, download the image, print, cut and fold! there's Exia, Unicorn and even Sinanju!! You can see and download it by clicking on the respective name. All designed by Bryan Lie. thanks moemoekyun for the info. =)

i love the cute Exia displayed and immediately saved the image down. ^^.

The Exia Image:

Although i couldn't find any real sample to look at, i was determined to make it.. wad's more, its only paper.. couldn't be that hard rite.. =D

The work in progress..

Printed the image out..

i din have a color printer at home.. so i went to a local printing shop to get the best print on the paper. Oh, smthing to note is i bought a thicker kind of paper for this project. Its A4 sized paper, 220 gsm. Gsm means the gram weight of one square meter of paper. This means that the higher the gsm, the thicker and heavier the paper will be. So the model will be more stable. =)

I couldn't help but cut the GN Sword out first.. XD so cute!! ^^.

i've used a modeling knife to do all the cutting.. the printing turns out very well. i would say the ink stays quite well on the paper even my hands are abit oily when cutting. no ink runs.

Finally, after 2 nites.. i cut out all the pieces. its quite tedious actually. phew.

There's no instructions given for this 'build' or rather 'fold' XD. But it generally quite straight forward. Before i cut out the pieces, i'll plan forward  how this piece would turn out.. after folding.. planning is impt. and discovered a small flaw. a minor change i did to the image is the top cap of the helmet you see in the above picture at the lower right corner. i added two extra flaps you see shaded for additional support for the top. without the flaps, i think the cap would expose it hollowness inside when the folding is loose. ^^

The image looks a little too 2D so i decided to add a simple touch to it.. i ran the 'panel lines' and folding line with a pointed wooden stick.. to accentuate the lines and make folding easy.

This is after i ran the lines over with the wooden stick.. ^^. i like the effect.

Starting to fold and the shape is beginning to come up.. Some glue is oso needed to secure the structure. and the flaps in box-shaped pieces sometimes hinder other parts from being connected properly. Bigger 'slots' for parts to connect is recommended, followed by glue.

As i fold and put them together, you can see that there's some 'wear & tear' and 'cracks' appearing.. but its nothing that can't be fix. -.^ I used a black marker to go over all the white parts.. =)

The 'PG' Exia completed! XD


SD Exia? lolx.

Side view. I'm glad that it turned out very stable. Give its head size. XD

GN sword! can be taken out and reversed..

Big head!

Indeed it has a very flat face.. but the wooden stick did help a little.

Back view. Doesn't it look like a lost boy..?

Cutest GN drive ever!

Overall, i'm very happy with this cubecraft.. haha. its actually a surprise gift for Tako.. ssshhh. Gonna give it to Tako tml let her to put it at her office.. maybe she'll be reminded of me.. i have a big head too. ( T.T ) lolx. Hope you guys like this.. its jus a random build i did in between my free time. its oso slightly related to my diorama build.. *hint hint* ^^.

thank you for reading my boring post! when you have the time.. feel free to make one urself! its a good experience. ^^ and do share it with us! see you ard. =)

 (^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!

Now, it's me Tako! First time, we blogged on the same post together. LOL.

I have just received my very FIRST PG Exia. PaperGrade Exia. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Ren!
Somehow i am always able to guess what Ren has up his sleeves, when i saw that he's building some PG model, i just knew that it had something to do with me. HAHAHA, have got a big ego.

Frankly speaking, i saw this cubecraft on moemoekyun's blog too, and i had been harbouring a secret plan to build one for Ren, but wel, he caught me on this one. I am a lil' lazy, so i expected myself to do this cubecraft like one month later, before Christmas?? From the moment i saw this cubecraft, to planning when to start printing, and when to start cutting, then when to start folding.. hahaha.. i think i will take me a month or so. HAHAhaha.. yes, i am lazy.

I JUST LOVE PG Exia. To me, it's prettier than a Perfect Grade, because of the thoughts behind this. I feel your thoughts. Ren! you have really finally managed to surprise me this time!. I am totally clueless about it! Thank you!!!

I will bring PG Exia for a photo shoot with Yako and no, Gojira, dont you stomp your feet on PG Exia.

Hey sorry people that i am like posting / announcing to the whole world about my thoughts now. But i cannot help it. The excitement of having PG Exia looking at me now, as i type this post.

\('O')/ Tako.