Friday, November 6, 2009

Ren is up to something.. wait, A PG Exia?!?

is this really a PG Exia? OMG!

Yes people!! The next PG has come way before PG Raiser 00. it IS a PG Exia.. just that it isn't wad you think, a Perfect Grade Exia.

But a Paper Grade Exia!! XD
That's right.. i found me-self a papercraft Exia while i was surfing ard moemoekyun's blog.. which led me to this site called it houses many famous characters in cube forms.. heh. all you have to do is search for ur characters, download the image, print, cut and fold! there's Exia, Unicorn and even Sinanju!! You can see and download it by clicking on the respective name. All designed by Bryan Lie. thanks moemoekyun for the info. =)

i love the cute Exia displayed and immediately saved the image down. ^^.

The Exia Image:

Although i couldn't find any real sample to look at, i was determined to make it.. wad's more, its only paper.. couldn't be that hard rite.. =D

The work in progress..

Printed the image out..

i din have a color printer at home.. so i went to a local printing shop to get the best print on the paper. Oh, smthing to note is i bought a thicker kind of paper for this project. Its A4 sized paper, 220 gsm. Gsm means the gram weight of one square meter of paper. This means that the higher the gsm, the thicker and heavier the paper will be. So the model will be more stable. =)

I couldn't help but cut the GN Sword out first.. XD so cute!! ^^.

i've used a modeling knife to do all the cutting.. the printing turns out very well. i would say the ink stays quite well on the paper even my hands are abit oily when cutting. no ink runs.

Finally, after 2 nites.. i cut out all the pieces. its quite tedious actually. phew.

There's no instructions given for this 'build' or rather 'fold' XD. But it generally quite straight forward. Before i cut out the pieces, i'll plan forward  how this piece would turn out.. after folding.. planning is impt. and discovered a small flaw. a minor change i did to the image is the top cap of the helmet you see in the above picture at the lower right corner. i added two extra flaps you see shaded for additional support for the top. without the flaps, i think the cap would expose it hollowness inside when the folding is loose. ^^

The image looks a little too 2D so i decided to add a simple touch to it.. i ran the 'panel lines' and folding line with a pointed wooden stick.. to accentuate the lines and make folding easy.

This is after i ran the lines over with the wooden stick.. ^^. i like the effect.

Starting to fold and the shape is beginning to come up.. Some glue is oso needed to secure the structure. and the flaps in box-shaped pieces sometimes hinder other parts from being connected properly. Bigger 'slots' for parts to connect is recommended, followed by glue.

As i fold and put them together, you can see that there's some 'wear & tear' and 'cracks' appearing.. but its nothing that can't be fix. -.^ I used a black marker to go over all the white parts.. =)

The 'PG' Exia completed! XD


SD Exia? lolx.

Side view. I'm glad that it turned out very stable. Give its head size. XD

GN sword! can be taken out and reversed..

Big head!

Indeed it has a very flat face.. but the wooden stick did help a little.

Back view. Doesn't it look like a lost boy..?

Cutest GN drive ever!

Overall, i'm very happy with this cubecraft.. haha. its actually a surprise gift for Tako.. ssshhh. Gonna give it to Tako tml let her to put it at her office.. maybe she'll be reminded of me.. i have a big head too. ( T.T ) lolx. Hope you guys like this.. its jus a random build i did in between my free time. its oso slightly related to my diorama build.. *hint hint* ^^.

thank you for reading my boring post! when you have the time.. feel free to make one urself! its a good experience. ^^ and do share it with us! see you ard. =)

 (^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!

Now, it's me Tako! First time, we blogged on the same post together. LOL.

I have just received my very FIRST PG Exia. PaperGrade Exia. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Ren!
Somehow i am always able to guess what Ren has up his sleeves, when i saw that he's building some PG model, i just knew that it had something to do with me. HAHAHA, have got a big ego.

Frankly speaking, i saw this cubecraft on moemoekyun's blog too, and i had been harbouring a secret plan to build one for Ren, but wel, he caught me on this one. I am a lil' lazy, so i expected myself to do this cubecraft like one month later, before Christmas?? From the moment i saw this cubecraft, to planning when to start printing, and when to start cutting, then when to start folding.. hahaha.. i think i will take me a month or so. HAHAhaha.. yes, i am lazy.

I JUST LOVE PG Exia. To me, it's prettier than a Perfect Grade, because of the thoughts behind this. I feel your thoughts. Ren! you have really finally managed to surprise me this time!. I am totally clueless about it! Thank you!!!

I will bring PG Exia for a photo shoot with Yako and no, Gojira, dont you stomp your feet on PG Exia.

Hey sorry people that i am like posting / announcing to the whole world about my thoughts now. But i cannot help it. The excitement of having PG Exia looking at me now, as i type this post.

\('O')/ Tako.


  1. haha amazing worksmanship on this PG Exia Ren! and you did some modding too lol love the little GN Drive. what a super thoughtful and lovely gift for Tako-chwan

    yes Tako, make sure gojira dont step on your new PG Exia! maybe you can make Ren a PG Haro? should be super easy if there is one lol :P

  2. thanks rock! haha.. its PG!!! lolx! XD nth much really.. simple mod to make the structure more stable. yes.. i love the tiny GN Drive and sword too.. awww. ^^. thank you.. heh.


  3. Wait where are the LEDs!! Isn't this the perfect grade? And only 3 points of articulation!! lol just kidding :D Really awesome gift ^^. Hmm I am trying to figure out how all this will fit in for your diorama, I am sensing its probably the first episode of Gundam 00, exia vs patrick's enact...just my guess haha :)

  4. I made it 2 month ago and put led on the backpack!!just throw away the GN drive and put green LED

  5. @chubbs: hahaha.. honestly i did tot of adding LEDs to it.. and how to make paper GN effects.. haha. well.. you're close.. BUT its not this exia tt's participating. lolx. ^^. this exia and the diorama is jus SLIGHTLY related. XD

    @moemoekyun: cool! maybe you can take photos and show us! =D hahaha.. i think the structure will collapse if i added LEDs.. x.x


  6. @rockleelotus: yes, with one atomic breath from gojira, my poor PG exia will go up in flames.. (ToT) Gojira! Stay away!
    PG Haro is good idea, using table tennis ball with paper marche! haha.

    @chubbybots: LEDs, cool!

    @ moemoekyun: yes yes! can take photos of PG Exia with LEDs and share??

    Tako ('O')9