Monday, November 23, 2009

今晩の晩ごはんは... チャーハン!!〜 Tonight's dinner.. Fried rice!! ^^

Had some rice leftover from last nite's family dinner, so decided to
let them air dry overnight, making them perfect ingredient for some
chaahan!! Japanese fried rice that is.. And some fishcakes to go with.
=D おいしいぃぃ!!〜
this is wad happens when you're out of dough.. XD
Ren ^^


  1. Eat and read otacool ??? ^_^

  2. lol thats okay ren, fried rice is gooood! now im getting hungry.

    dessert: Yako-chan :P

  3. Yako chan...yummy lol ^^

    Man better get some supper...(ah the waist line grows again...)

  4. i want to eat also. how come got family dinner? how come there's never family dinner when i'm ard.. haha

  5. @moemoekyun: haha.. yups. sort of..! getting some inspirations~! ^^

    @rockleelotus: hahaha. quick go have some food! =D
    lolx. you can have yoko-chan for dessert too!! XD

    @chubbybots: nooooo!!! stop eating yako-chan!! XD wahh! go and have a good rest ba... goodnite!

    @EL: yo sis!! lolx.. i'll make some for you when you return lo. jess is back to remove her stuffs from my room (finally) so mum prepared dinner. i'm sure we'll have one when you're back.. try making yourself free, den we can have family dinners. XD

    ren ^^

  6. hahahhaa... does that mean you're finally moving into your room? but u're going to go botak already leh.. anw pls make sure MY room is clear for me! hahahahah

  7. yesh. finally. will get it done before that. haha. sorry no. pls make sure jess clear the room for you. =) i've had enough jus trying to get her to remove her stuffs.. ^^