Monday, November 2, 2009

仮面ライダー カブト Kamen Rider Kabuto \('O')/


It’s a series recommended by Ren and I was skeptical as I watched the first episode (because I bumped into this series on a lazy evening on TV and it’s in ENGLISH?? Japanese drama always sounds weird in English.)
But guess what, I am a Kabuto fan now.

Am looking out for Kabuto figure and have raised my hopes high whilst in Tokyo. But i didnt come back with a Kabuto loot. Reason, i guess it's a little expensive for the really really nice figures. But when i saw Kabuto in the display cupboards, i am in awe. However my little house do not have a place for Kabuto, such that, he can stand tall and proud. So i guess, unless i can whip up a nice place for Kabuto to stand in my house, i will stop myself from getting it first. 

Ren: heh.. we're now waiting patiently for the S.I.C No.52 Kabuto to be release! its coming this January according to Ngee Khiong.. excited. ^^

Back to the series.. It is a mix of plot, humour, laughter and action.
It’s not what I thought it will be, a “lame” series only meant for kids. But no, i am wrong, this series comes with a plot. 

Gatack and Kabuto.

Kabuto Cast-off Form.

There are so many excerpts that make me blurt out not only my laughter but my lunch. I am actually watching Kamen Rider Kabuto during lunch-time using Ren’s iphone. Now, am at the second last episode, and we are deciding what to watch after we finish Kabuto. i will miss Kabuto.

Do you watch any 'kids' action heroes shows too? or other Kamen riders? Feel free to share with us! XD

Any suggesions on what to watch after this? =)

('O')9   タコです!  じゃね!


  1. wow long time since follow kamen rider the last one is ryuuki !! and watch a little bit of kiva,den O and decade (not finished)

  2. @moemoekyun: woah.. you watched alot of kamen riders! of the ones mentioned.. which do you think was the nicest? =)


  3. love Kamen Rider, as you can tell i made that little movie XD just started watching this year, finished with 555, Kabuto, Kiva, Decade. almost done with Black RX, im kinda watching backwards ^^; hard to choose a fav, maybe 555. Decade is cool also cuz you get a taste of all riders!

    oh and i have the S.H figuarts kabuto figures, very nice ^^

  4. Watch Den O...has one of the best cast in my opinion ^^ A wacky and awesome bunch lol :D You will love Momotaros and his bunch of imagin. If you want something darker you can try this show 'GARO'.


  5. @rockleelotus: haha yes! i can tell from ur DAII FIGMA RIDERS... XD wow you watched alot of kamen riders! haa.. i still cant get the order of the series right. No idea which one comes first... onli managed to roughly remb Gundam's series.. haha. oh i see.. ya. Decade has all the riders.. but his suit i din find it very nice. due to the cards.. haha.

    yay! cooll.. i'll wait for mine to come! ^^

    @chubbybots: is it? cool.. okays.. i'll download and see how is it.. thanks for your suggestion! Oh.. abt Garo, i've actually watched it before! hahaha.. it was on Starhub, but unfortunately it was subbed in chinese. and i swallowed the whole thing still. XD its not bad.. but can be better if i watched it in jap.. love those bling bling armor. there's oso a toy where you can swap the armor.. quite cool but i forgot from which company alr. ard 100 SGD.. X.x haha.

    ren. =)