Monday, November 16, 2009

ちびケロ誕生! Chibi Kero Completed!! ^^ 超可愛いぃぃぃ~!!!

hey pple.. well, as i've mentioned.. i rushed out chibikero yesterday morning for tako to play with.. so was too tired to post it.. slpt the whole nite. zzzz. lolx. sorry pple. so noww... ren is gonna publish this post for you pple to see...!! i like how simple the kit is.. good for destressing.. XD

i went with the same mindset i did with Enact.. that is, some paint to make things more accurate.. and try to use as little stickies as possible.. but i din topcoat it. haha.. im not tt extreme as to topcoat anything i build. ^^. here it is...

The box packaging..

The contents... 4 runners, 2 manual (one for the tiny gunpla, yes it has a manual!!!) and 1 stickies..

First time i see a runner within a runner.. BEAT THAT. XD

But smthing to note here is... the pieces are molded very very very close to the runner. Making cutting it out a tough chore, cos it causes alot of white nubs.. post treatment needed. and the zaku is moulded in a single.. requires some paint!~ ha.

ちびケロ Chibi Kero!!

This is the complete set.. a gunpla set, standing base and extra pairs of hands and legs are included! ^^

Chibi Kero! i used stickies for the eyes only.. cos its hard to paint the eyes completely round.. and more on that lata.. Painted the face, painted the star gold at its belly instead of a bright yellow stickie and the tail white! yes.. chibi kero is still a tapole now.. lolx! =)

Accessories included.. with a tiny gunpla manual!! wooo..

Chibikero's hat is movable.. Good for showing excitment!! ^^

Back view with its tapole tail!..(white is still very hard to paint. T.T) see the two caps at the bottom? those are the connectors for Chibikero's head to be combine with diff SD Gundams!! so you'll get a Chibikero head and a Gundam body!! there's also the gimmick at the back... which allows Chibikero to......

CHANGE THE EYES!!! lolx! 超ぅ可愛いぃ!!! Chibikero is up to some mischief... ^^

Going to build some gunpla! heh..

After settling down.. time for Gunpla!! lolx.. ahhhh.. soo cutee...

Tiny ZAKU!! so cutee.. i din paint the dark green parts cos i dun have any green paints.. so couldn't paint it at this time of posting.. but i jus bought some green paint today.. will complete it!!!

Another gunpla kit! im soooo impressed. i believe this is the smallest BUILD-ABLE gunpla kit bandai has designed.. yes.. you can cut it out and make urself a RX-78-2!!! not with the nipper provided tho. XD i may have the urge to paint this kit in its runner. muahahaha.

Front and back cover..

 Instructions inside!!
Real Tiny gunpla manual!!! you can see how the pieces form up... piece by piece.. uber cool.

Running ard with its undone Zaku-II !! cute cute cute.. Chibikero can balance on a leg too!

hahaha.. Chibikero meets Yako-chan! they're ard the same size... same build.. small bodies with huge head!! haha.. and you know wad that means..................

KIT BASHING!!! XDDDD maybe you can say Yako-chan is cosplaying Chibikero.. XP
Unfortunately Yako-chan's head can't fit into Chibikero's body.. ^^"

Alrites! that's all! Thank you pple for reading.. Salute!! <'(^^)

That's all i have for Chibikero!! *phew* i mus say.. Chibikero is quite fragile becos its still in its infant age? due to its joints.. most of them are ball joints that is jus snapped into holes in the body.. so extra care is taken while handling him.. and some kids were playing with him ytd didn't make him any tougher. lolx. yups.. i took him out to tako for her to play. oh wells.. Chibikero is still fine other den some paint chipping.. so i'll jus touch up and finish painting Tiny Grade ZAKU-II.. haha. but before that... ren is going back to study for his JLPT exams.. so wun be too active in his blog these few days ya.. inertia always makes me do my homework the day before the class.. XD thanks for understanding! =D

So i hope you guys have enjoy this post as much as i have.. haha.. looking forward to marzz's brother and evanglisque's build.. lolx.. they bought Chibikero too!!! muahahahahhaa.. =P sorrie to pple that i've poisoned-ed. heh. its jus too adorable to ignore rite.. doesn't take up too much space oso.. *winks* hahaha.

okays! thanks for reading again!.. see you guys ard...  勉強しなければならない! \(^^)"/

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. Actually my brother has already built the keroro, but he has not uploaded pics yet.

  2. now you need a SD gundam to put your keroro head ^^;

  3. haha im loving this kit with the runner with in runner, changeable expression, mini zaku, build-able mini gunpla!! sooo cool!

    KeroxYako XD im shopping around for this kit now, chibi kero is too cute to resist lol ren be good and study, unlike adult Keroro ^_^

  4. This makes me want to build the Keropla even more and paint whatever I can without using stickers. xDD

    Thanks for the heads up re: fragile joints. I'm usually unintentionally rough with my kits, and suffered an accident once. Don't want to repeat that again. +_+

    Looking forward to the painted Zaku [and runner if you're going to paint it] XDDD

  5. @ Ren, i feel so bad now. Thanks for chibi kero, i love it. totally cute. I REALLY REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT.
    despite the fact that i have been playing LovePlus for the past 2 days, i still LOVE chibi Kero. and thanks for your understanding.. LOLx.

  6. @ moemoekyun: Yes, am considering getting a SD gundam now. Hahahaha.. must get it during the sales.

    @ rockleelotus: It's almost a must-get! love the mini gunpla inside. so hard to resist!!
    good luck to finding it!

    @ Evangelisque: the joints are quite loose, the little gal is quite careful with it alr, though she's only 4yrs old. and she looks so upset when she's holding on to kero's head and body on different hands. and next moment, kero's hand is on the floor. so do take care of the joints.

  7. don't waste the mini gunpla >_<
    just buy this

  8. Oh man more kero poison!!! I do have a pururu medic haha ^^ You should see her big injection needle. I build that for my GF to cheer her up :D

    Omg didn't know it can fit into a Nendo's body...I did that for my Zaku but for Nendo...that is a first XD.

  9. @marzz: oh really! will wait for him to upload then.. =D

    @moemoekyun: lolx! me and tako do have a old SD gundam to play with.. but we're happy with how chibikero is now.. normal as it is.. ^^. haha. the link you provided.. is a 1/288 figure.. still so much bigger.. maybe we'll buy another set since its so cheap!! muahahah.

    @rockleelotus: yaaa.. all those things are so cool! i think im gonna paint the runners! ^^.

    lolx. yes!! pls shop for it.. haha. if you can't find.. maybe we can help you buy it if you really wan ya. =) yes.. i'll be nice and study.. =D

    @evanglisque: haha. jiayou! you can do it! its quite simple i guess. heh. you're welcome.. its really f-r-a-g-i-l-e.

    sure! i'll post it up after im done.. =)

    @tako: lolx.. yes.. its okays. dun feel bad. play play play. XD

    @chubbybots: lolx. *poison poison* yups! i saw it at isetan too.. the pururu medic! so cute.. can get for tako too.. heh.

    yes.. Nendoroid x Keropla! haha.. lolx! a Zaku!! so funny.. =D


  10. Haha, looking forward to you building the mini RX-78, if you wanted to. ^^

  11. Hi Chris! the mini RX-78 is totally tempting. Really considering on getting another kit, so tat can try my hands on the real mini gunpla. LOLx.

    Tako ('O')9