Saturday, November 21, 2009

タコちゃんの耳!ふわふわ〜 Tako's ears! *giddy*

These are tako's new ears!! Yups.. She got them at AFA.. little pricey
tho.. But it's very cute! ^^ will be wearing them at any anime related
events to make it more worth. XD even tho tako has very small head,
(unlike real normal takosss) the size is still a little small for her.
So she developed some giddiness. Lolx =P well, I tried to expand it by
wearing it too.. ^^ din work out as well. Haha.
Okays.. Last live post of the day alr.. Thank you pple who has been
following closely! どうもありがとう!
Ren ^^


  1. kawaii, giddy neko-tako! :3
    great job live blogging!

  2. Nyaaa!! ^owo^

    Very cute ears; and yeah, event stuff tend to be pretty expensive. xD To cover booth cost, I guess?? Wear it to many events and make it worth, Tako!!

    Once again, thanks for your hard work!! I had fun keeping track of the updates. xD

  3. How much do those cost? Waiting for your report, ren, and also your loot! XD

  4. It's gotta be hot wearing a hat like that in a hot weather. ^^;

  5. I am gonna call you Neko chan from now on lol :D There were so many things to buy...luckily resisted!!

  6. gonna call Tako-nyan !!! ^__^

  7. buy the yellow one I am gonna call you tako-pika-pikachu

  8. @rockleelotus: lolx. XD that rhymes! thanks you so much!! =)

    @Evangelisque: haha. tako's nyaa-ing too when she read it in our inbox. XD i guess so.. they are EXX and you can only find them there.. so.. haha. you're welcomed!! thanks for reading! =)

    @Marzz: haha.. they are $30 bucks.. yes i noe. but we can only find it there.. hard to find at other shops outside. so ya. ^^ sure! will come up with my loots post soon.. =) thanks for reading! =)

    @Chris: haha.. yeah.. i felt that it was quite warm when i wore it. lolx.. i did attracted a few attention unknowingly. XD tako told me. ^^

    @chubbybots: lolx.. tako did tot of changing to neko-chan too. haha. cos she likes cats too. wah.. you got the powa!! lolx. i could resist everything but ONEEE.. XD kudos!

    @moemoekyun: heh! nice mix! ^^ lolx.. there's a orange colored one.. but tako looks more fox-like in it den pikachu-ish.. =D


  9. hmm, Ren has really helped me reply alr..
    hur hur..

    hello pple *meows*! i am tako-chan who meows. HAHHA. yes, neko-tako, neko-chan, tako-nya! i am really love and interested in cats, who's always getting Ren to take photos of cats. haha.
    i need to do some slimming to my head, so tat i can fit it in and wear it for all the events so tat can make it worth (just like wat Evangelisque said).

    and yes, it's warm to be wearing it and it acts as a ear muffler too. i am hearing everything at reduced volume. Ren had to turn on his volume while talking to me in the neko-ears. LOL.

    loot at AFA09, how to stop? how to resist?? haha, i ended up buying the "i (heart) anisong" tee. Ren, his loot. hahaha. it's amazing, equally excited abt it.