Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Legend has arrived. *Rwarrr* ゴジラ来た!!

That's right! Gojira has arrived... *finally* After finishing Enact and PG Exia.. XD i've moved on to Gojira san! He's been on my waiting list for too long.. sorrie chubbybots.. lolx. So.. im finally able to 'shoot' Gojira with her 'food' Enact.. and oso a last min idea/DIY i did for Gojira san to amp up her POWAAA.. more on that later.. ^^.

Gojira san was bought by Tako when we were at Tokyo this Oct.. its very hard to find such figures here in singapore.. especially prices are so high here! i saw a similar one in singapore at 4x times the price! >.< gasps. so we were thrilled to see it so cheap in Tokyo and decided to get one... out of soooo many versions.. According to Tako.. this Gojira is the 1998 version. i have no idea how diff year's looked like.. maybe chubbybots can shed some light abt it.. XD i jus like my Gojira strong and fierce. When we were at Tokyo, at some shops (i.e figure shops, ramen shops etc), they had a HUGE Gojira by their door! its like a good luck symbol! ward off evil?? very cool. lolx. The only regret Tako has is that she din buy a bigger one. xD

Tako, We will hug one huge Gojira back the next time we return from Tokyo okay?

Godzilla   ゴジラ Ver.1998

Fierce looking. i like.

Giant claws it has..

Full frontal view. The head, arms and legs are movable.. Unfortunately, the tail is not.. but its okay.. ^^.

The towering effect.. i like this photo. Classic Gojira feel..

Gojira has a neckline.. >.< but its okay! =)
Huge teeth tho!

Sexy long tail.. it feels very muscular..

The signature back of Gojira.. but a dead giveaway to enemies when she's abt to fire her ATOMIC BREATH.. XD cos they light up!

Some last min DIY for Gojira..

Oh! Yako-chan has a scene here! XD she was very bored so i used her to introduce the part...


This is the charging up part you see split second before the atomic breath.. XD
i did some referencing via youtube. lolx.


Wish i have a diorama to recreate this scene.. ^^. i need a tiny car and buildings..

Some photos and close up.. heh.


Hi Enact, meet Gojira san. Gojira, meet Food.
Patrick does a stupid thing again, and points the Linear rifle at Gojira san. = =

*rwar rwar rwar...* (pushes away the rifle away)
haha.. sorrie im bad at these comic strips. i'll let the photos do the talking..

G Kick! Gojira kick that is. XD

ahhhhhhh~ i'm PATRICK COLASOUR!!!


Arghhhhhh... *boom!*

mmmm~ food. ^^

You wanna piece of me boy? ^^
My favourite shot.

Yups.. Finally ren is able to complete his Gojira shoot.. haha. hope you like the photos.. Learnt some lesson from the DIY i did for Gojira.. i tried painting the atomic breath.. but din worked becos the paint is wet and will cause the cotton to be hard to manage. Din plan for this 'atomic breath' so i din go out to get any additional props for it. Jus use wad i can find ard my house. lolx. anyone knows how to paint cotton wool? well.. im glad how the atomic breathe turned out even tho i din paint it. looks good enuff for me with extra exposure to make it 'glow'. now i can return Gojira san back to Tako to guard her from lousy pple in the office. XD

thanks for read my boring post again.. do share with us wad famous japanese monsters you have!! =D see you ard!

PS, No Gojira, Gunpla Kit or Nendoroid were hurt during the production of this post.

(^^)"    レンです!  じゃね!


  1. hahaha
    nice how do you make the atomic breath btw ?

  2. definitely a superior and fierce looking Gojira! i have no clue the differences in models either lol it looks like Yako-chan was about to do an atomic breath of her own!

    haha the effect of charging and shooting his atomic breath is awesome!! great comic, Patrick got owned worse than with Exia. loved the G kick XD

  3. Nice! Cotton wool atomic breath.

  4. Lol ren! This is what I am talking about! the cotton wool effect is awesome! Hmm if i recall the 1998 version belongs to the heisei series. In fact this godizlla died due to a melt down of her nuclear powered heart. (Yes guys godzila is a she!!)

    The lastest one started from the show godzilla 2000 till godzilla final wars. The 1998 one has an overall rounder shaped face and fins. The latest one is very sharp looking!

    Nuff said nothing beats godzilla! (Sorry gundam 00, trans am just won't last against this dude ^^)

  5. @moemoekyun: haha.. thanks. like wad marzz suggested.. i used cotton wool.. with a wooden stick as the 'skeleton' ^^.

    @rockleelotus: lolx!! yako-chan to do a atomic breath? IDEA!! i'll see wad i can do. XD

    thanks!! well. its nth compared to urs.. haha. figma rider ftw! i cant do these comic strips for nuts. xD yeah.. patrick suffered. haha.. ^^

    @Marzz: thank you!! lolx.. cotton that kills.

    @chubbybots: haha.. thank you! its a special for you! haha.. well you're the one who asked for photos.. ^^.

    ahh.. i seee.. i've corrected my post alr.. thanks for the info! i mus watch the new version! sounds badass.. =)


  6. actually i am still very confused with the chronological flow of Gojira. I have another small Gojira too, sharper face. hmmm. now i am wondering whether it belongs to godzilla 2000..
    On-z, i will go and do some research on it!
    It will be best if i can hunt down some Gojira movies!

  7. Tako strikes yet again! xD pardon her.. if ren's name is not at the bottom of the post.. its tako's post. haha..


  8. The one where the old godzilla died was titled
    ' Godziila vs Oxygen Destroyah ' ^^. Its a must watch...very epic fight!

  9. okie, sorry people that i somehow tend to forget to sign off most of the times whilst posting my comments. SORRY!

    @chubbybots: oh the meltdown one! no!!! i will really cry when i watch it.. (T.T) the one with baby godzilla. and i agree with u, it's a must watch.

    tako ('O')9

  10. I like the way you use cotton to do the atomic blast. Very creative. I have a godzilla too but not 1998 version. However 1998 is one handsome figure.

  11. @LEon: hey there!! thanks! =D nah.. jus a last min DIY.. haha.. i've always liked to make addition props or diorama for my toys. =) give it a slightly more realistic feeling.. oohh.. you have a Gojira-san too! ^^ cool... Gojira-san now has a distant cousin!! feel free to share with us! =) Gojira is grinning now!