Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 4: Cosplayers in AFA =)

Alrites.. today AFA's coverage is abt the cosplayers! its a short post compared to my other AFA reports.. most of the animes i watched are the mainstreams ones.. bleach, gundams, naruto etc.. so i can't really tell you exactly who's cosplaying who.. heh. sorry abt that. Abt those that appeared in my photos.. i jus happened to meet them whilst moving ard AFA.. they're jus the tip of the iceberg. im glad that there's alot more cosplayers this year compared to last.. jap culture is spreading!! =D for those who's more interested in cosplayers, i think chubbybots has covered more cosplayers at the event den me.. so feel free to visit his blog at the my blogroll. =) For 00 Raiser Gundam and Mirai's cosplay, i've allocated a post each for them on Day Two of AFA.. so they'll be up soon. ^^

ps: i have a surprise for rockleelotus and bd77.. XD

Cosplayers at AFA 2009

The other Black Rock Shooter cosplayer i met.. ^^

Tako says this gal is cute.. XD

The gal in pink even has wings!

Some dollfie parents' gathering! =D

when first saw these two.. i tot i was seeing double. XD

lolx! Naruto with splitting image skill... i still like domo the most. XP

And for the surprise........

look who's busy buying gachapon??

a closer look.... yes you know... ^^

It's YOKO!!!!!!!!! complete with her rifle!!!!! me and tako was like: 'rocklee will love this!!!' ^^

lolx. she stopped rampaging thru the sale to let us take photo of her.. =)

okays!! this is all i've taken for random cosplayers for AFA 2009.. i mus admit the standards this year has risen by quite a margin.. you see more better and better cosplayers!! kudos to you cosplayers!!! i do enjoy cosplay.. especially when its good. its like standing next to your favourite heroes or stars! maybe Tako can pick up cosplaying some time soon too.. lolx! i've always think that she looked like Hell girl, Enma Ai. and i'll be Hellboy. XDDDDDD Hell Girl x Hell Boy. hahahhaha... okays.. catch you pple ard..!! ^^

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃね!


  1. Wahh...Yoko!!!! She is hot ^^ (better not let my gf hear this lol)

  2. just my though I didn't see any good cosplayer >_<
    so far or maybe I am not interested ON 3D anymore?????^^;

  3. YOKO!!! so awesome to see a lovely cosplay of her there! her rifle looks top notch too... i want to takes her home :3

    good job! i am smiling lol and i like the idea of you two doing Hell Girl x Hell Boy, nice match!

  4. @chubbybots: yoohooo!! chubbs gf!!! lolx......

    @moemoekyun: well.. maybe i've bumped into them becos they're NOT preparing for the competition?? lolx. you can always refer to the cosplay competition post.. XD they're the finalists for a reason.. hahaha. BUT. try not to discount their effort.. =D i myself wouldn't even dare to walk ard in a costume.. they are brave. =)

    @rockleelotus: haha.. surprise!! lolx. i give you SPECIAL PERMISSION to COPY and SAVE the photos.. LOL XD jus joking..

    lolx.. you serious?? Tako can be Hell girl.. i'll be the straw figures.. LOLX.


  5. just my though I thinkt the cosplayer of yoko is male ???? ^^;

  6. @ Rockleelotus no ren can be the other 'hellboy' the one with that huge red fist lol ^^. Time to gets some cigars!!

  7. @moemoekyun: ehh.. no. its a female... =)

    @chubbybots.. yes.. i noe.. i was alr referring to the hollywood hellboy.. XDDD


  8. @ Ren, Rockleelotus & Chubbybots: ohhh? hur-hur... straw doll vs Hellboy.. which one will i prefer???? hmm, hellboy, a little over-red??? straw dolls, erm, so poke-y how to walk beside you?? lolx.

    @ moemoekyun: i can attest to the truth that Yoko is a female. i was beside her, till i know Ren is going to take a pic then i jumped out of the camera frame. (i will fare poorly beside this Yoko, she's not bad.. LOL.)