Monday, November 30, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day Two Part 2 - 00 Raiser Gundam

Ren is back after a day of wrestling with my comp whose gotten swine flu.. lolx. H1N1. terrible terrible... couldn't even start my comp! for 12 hours.. it jus keeps hanging at the window's loading screen, and the worst part was.. system restore HANGS too. T.T i was ready for the worst scenario, restoring to factory settings. losing every PHOTO. haha. somehow it heard my inner scream and revived. XD

ALRITES. enough of this ordeal. lets start with today's AFA's post... one of the last lonnggg post of AFA.. its 00 Raiser Gundam cosplay!!! i wun describe much since i've done it before.. this cosplayer is Clive.. one of the leading Gundam cosplayer in singapore and maybe the world after winning both awards at Regional Cosplay Competition!! congrats! okays.. today's photos will mainly be on how he dresses up.. and some pose after gearing up.. Enjoy! =)

00 Raiser Gundam Cosplay

Clive arranging his gear for easy put on..

Stepping on his shoes.. he needs assistants to help him put on his suit cos he can't bend and reach.. >.<

wearing the backpack like a bag..

Backpack booster, On.

now, for the chest piece.

its so cool.. its like watching the Marines from Starcraft II gearing up in barracks. have you watch the trailer yet? its uber cool.

minor adjustment.

wearing the arm and leg units..

the gloves are fully movable too!! ^^ jus dun expect him to take photos using a camera. XD

Raiser wings are going on.. so cool. it rotates ard the pole you see before..

using the camera as a mirror for clive to adjust the details.. i think. or he maybe jus taking photos and im thinking too much. XD

00 RAISER IS HEREEEEE... up goes the helmet.

Everyone is so excited taking photos.. im so excited that i forgot to change the aspect ratio of the camera too.. T.T

Thanks to Tako.. yes she's with me the whole time supporting me... thanks tako! she managed to squeeze a place for me to take photos..

playing with the GN II sword alr eh?

trying to do some simple poses and final adjustments..

looking like he's about to kick some butts.

Repair mode 00 Raiser. XD

smthing is wrong?

the head is really very well made.

'step back guys.. he's about to take off...'

GN Sword II and III


Back view

Complete with Raiser behind.. an amazing feat of design.

Swinging his sword..

Raiser wings looks very nice as well.

closer look...

LEDs mimicking GN particles..

Front view

I'm a Gundam.

He's taking off.. ^^

love the GN Sword III. =)

00 Raiser Gundam

This is the real thing.. Right in front of my very eyes.. it is a very impressive suit. although he can only take small steps, its amazing he could even move!!! that's alot of hard work and patience.. VERY WELL DONE CLIVE. SALUTE!!! i think you'll be an idol to a lot of cosplayers out there.. okays.. as a response to clive's calling.. he's asking for pple to cosplay as ZAKU-IIs as a World Zaku March day all ard the world. i think he has the guide on how to make your own Zaku cosplay published somewhere in, im not sure where.. but sure to search for it.. Design and make ur own Zaku.. earliest by the end of next year 2010, and he'll arrange for a Zaku March.. Every country will have only One Red Comet that represents Char and unlimited amt of diff grunt Zaku IIs. so there mus be consensus between the players.. this meeting is so DAMN cool.. im alr itching to make my own Zaku suit... ^^ will bring in more updates if i see it.. i still cant find the zaku guide..

hope you enjoyed the photos... i still have one last part to cover to the end of AFA 2009 report! ^^ and exactly one more week to JLPT EXAM!!! YIKES!!!! im surprised i can still be here posting.. XD so.. take care everyone.. and dun like the comp virus bite! thanks for reading again! =)

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. I wish I had skill to make something like that >_<

  2. amazing, do you remember how long it took for him to henshin? lol this is very well done indeed, love the detail and weapons. is that really mostly cardboard? looks like it need to be very sturdy.

    the Zaku II march sound awesome... i think hes planning to take over the world, Zeon uprising! need too look for that guide too.

  3. @ moemoekyun: i wish i have such skills and patience too. man, it takes a lot.

    @ rockleelotus: he took about 30mins or more to henshin. i love the head. i wan to have one too. then i can wear it around! yay!

    zaku march. i told Ren, "Ren, you make the zaku to my size then i march for u. hahaha."

    you may try guessing wat type of response i got from Ren.. muwahaha.

  4. I wouldn't mind doing cosplay like that if my face is covered... skin not thick enough to show it off. Zaku II cosplay sounds like a great idea but making the suit would be a pain.