Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look! It's Danny!

Yups.. Caught Danny at AFA.. attracting lots of crowd! Now he's
waiting to be interview by Animax.. And I've got my loots! ^^


  1. Danny!!! 8DDD

    And congrats on getting loot!! Can't wait for your full report later. XDD

  2. get his signature !!!!! do want do want

  3. and mirai namecard !!

  4. awesome you caught Danny! is he your loot? take him home, he comes with a stargate that spits out free stuff :P

  5. Holy, he's.. here (in Singapore)? O_o
    Definately a crowd puller. Get his SIG~! STAT~! +_+

  6. Ready to take danny autograph in a mirai card!! LUCKY ^|||^

  7. @Evangelisque: =D thank you!! haha.. its slowly coming.. =X

    @moemoekyun: haha.. i did!! will show you pple in my loots post. =) but not a namecard tho. heh. i dun have any to exchange with..

    @rockleelotus: hahaha, ya!! he's right beside me now spitting out factories samples. XD

    @bd77: yups.. he brought along the moemoekyun maid cafe (not to be mixed up with user moemoekyun, lolx), Tokyo Figure Show, and Bandai gunpla competition! its amazing.. =D will show you guys lata! =)

    @jowy: haha.. i got it at an even bette place. =X haha.. stay tuned!

    @Shazz: hey hallo! welcome! sure! i will.. all in my loots post coming up! =)