Friday, November 13, 2009

タコの最初ガンプラ! Tako's first gunpla!

Remb our loot at Singapore's Gundam Fiesta 2009? yups.. not mine exactly, but tako's!  tako chan bought her first model kit there.. ^^.

Tako's loot! ^^
Its the HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th! she decided to give it a shot after seeing me working on my MG RX-78-2... XD Well, i did encourage her saying HG kits are definitely not as hard.. and she took it a step higher..

Tako wants to paint the kit.

WAHHHH. KUDOS. lolx. im as even more excited as her.. ^^. while tako is very resistant towards spray paint.. (she thinks tt it is too complicated for her, how far, how long, how fast etc etc.) so.. we've decided to handpaint the kit.. maybe not the whole kit, but some parts and some panel lining... Coincidentally, this kit has provided 2 different paint schemes! One for the Odaiba Big G, the other, the classic RX-78-2 anime scheme.. (thanks for the scans)


2 different schemes.. good for more ideas! ^^

So.. slowly tako will paint her first kit.. after we decide which parts to paint.. Right now, Tako has completed the first part.. she has finished the kit!! =D here it is!

'RX-78-2 without make-up.'      - tako

It looks nice as it is.. =D Not bad for the first time rite?? ^^
there will be no stickies after the paint job!! XD

Being unaccustomed to gunpla.. Tako followed the instructions and build up her kit.. well done! Tako says that this RX-78-2 is currently without 'make-up'. lolx. We're gonna put some make up soon!

So.. the kit is with me now as i help her with cleaning up the nubs in preparation for the paint job. she did tried sanding with sandpaper.. but i wasn't ard to guide her, so she decided it was quicker with some penknife. ^^ so smart! Right now.. i'm jus making the nubs less visible.. scraping and some post-cleaning up procedures.. and unbuilding the kit to make the painting and panel lining easier. My first time unbuilding a kit. XD

Some small little nubs to clean up.. Tako did a very good job alr!! =)

That's all for today's introduction to Tako's first gunpla kit! its jus to let you guys noe wad's going on... and wad to expect in time to come.. haha. no promises as im having my test soon.. but we'll definitely paint it.. little by little.. Tako is tempted by the 7-11 scheme. XP

And also.. please show some enouragements to tako!!! she's alr discouraged abt how few ladies are reading our blog. (judging by the crowd here.) lolx.. who knows.. maybe one day she might be the next BAKUC Women Champion!! XD 頑張るよ!

Do you know any female friends that has done up a Gundam kit tooo? Share with us!! Tako would surely be delighted!
See you ard!! =)

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. wowow amazing job Tako-chwan! yes he still looks good without "make-up" lol but cant wait till you add a little on him. nice work cleaning up the nubs too, you made a smexy Gundam ^^ going for the 7-11 color scheme is an interesting idea, actually why is 7-11 so popular there? i see a lot of 7-11 theme items XD

    hmmm i know two females that build gunpla before, first is Kanochu; she made a few gunpla but lately she has been busy with school!
    then there is Haru; she has lots of gundam and ever airbrushed a few! i have asked her to take pics of her kits but she has been really busy too ^^; both havent built any recently but im looking forward to the day they start again!

    dont be discouraged Tako!

  2. wanna take that big rx-78 to home !!
    why not try SD gundam or FG or 1/144 scale for the first time ?

  3. @rockleelotus I dont ever know who females and male in our blogroll >_<

  4. Dank, thats one sweet build coming ^^. Talking about ladies building gunpla haha, HAG ladyboss is a modeler herself :D There are quite a lot of lady modellers just to name a few here :D

    Mech Aion (A Pinoy builder ^^)

    JoannaKing (Hongkong :D)

    And this Japanese lady

    Man come to think of it this makes for one great posting as an article itself. Well I do see more and more ladies getting into the scene so you are not alone Tako chan ^^


  5. The classic RX 78-2, the HGUC ver is now very close to the MG 1.5 (in terms of detailing and proportions). Its a good kit, can lots (and I mean A LOT) of poses, which IMO, a good 4koma material :D.

    Congratulations on your first Gunpla, Tako.

    p.s. I never done any MG kits, but I went straight to the PG from HG (which involves some sandpapering and cursing and few drops of blood).

  6. Yay, can't wait to see the finished model. \o/

    Go for the 7-11 colour scheme, Tako!! XD Make your first gunpla extra special. And this makes me want to buy a RX-78-2 too.

    Female modelers? I'm one myself, though I'm more of a snapbuilder than a real modeler. xD; I have a couple of female friends who're always interested in the hobby.

  7. *also

    Whoops, typos. D:

  8. Hello everybody! Thank you so so soooo much for all the encouragement! Am very touched. I will work hard on my gunpla.

    i will reply to all your comments individually to show my sincerity.

    tako \('O')/

  9. @ rockleelotus: Thank you thank you. Am not so sure about the popularity of 7-11 but I guess it’s good marketing strategies!! After flipping the manual inside out, i was thinking of either the Big G scheme or classic anime scheme. I am really afraid of spoiling RX-78-2.

    Airbrushing! That’s my dream too, to be able to work a model using airbrush. But I will wait till Ren get his hands on his dream airbrush set, then I will try my hands on it. maybe airbrushing myself first. Hahahaaaa.

    Thanks for sharing on the lady modelers, I will pop by at their blogs and learn more!

    Tako ('O')9

  10. @ moemoekyun: Yes, I wanted to fly there and camp at Big G's leg, (don't have to book hotel).

    Thank you for your suggestion, actually during my younger days have tried my hands on SD before, just one model. And it’s still sitting on my bookshelf now. But I thought it look good enough with any paint. But after I build this RX-78-2, I just find something missing. Just one thing, and I thought it must be the paint.

    I do not know who’s female or male too, I just make a wild guess. And using lady’s sixth sense.. I guess. Lol.

    Tako ('O')9

  11. @ chubbybots: Yes, I have heard from Ren before, that HAG ladyboss is quite an expert. When I first saw her, I was like, “whoah, this is the legendary ladyboss that I heard from Ren who knows and builds Gunpla..”
    So many lady modelers!! Good, me pop pop over at the blogs!!

    Thank you for the encouragement!! I am not alone! And I am happy abt it! i will share the pics once i complete my project RX-78-2. (^O^)9

    Tako ('O')9

  12. @ bd77: Thank you!!

    whoah a jump from HG to PG! tat's a huge jump. how you do it??? i have a PG too, but i started on the leg and i concluded tat no, i need some paint and a lot more patience. so i stopped working on it and decide to build up my skills first, am so lousy at technical stuff.

    And your PG is done with blood, that’s the spirit man! I need to learn that when I (ever) start on my PG model. *fingers crossed* no blood spilling please. LOL.

    Tako ('O')9

  13. @ evangelisque: so cool, finally i found another lady modeler.. \('O')/ kudos!

    personally, i am quite a snapbuilder too. far from the Pros. (Yes, pple u know who u are!!) have always been in awe of those nice-looking model kits. much i have to learn. especially when i really really really want my PG model to be done up.

    Let's work hard together! *gives a pat on shoulder*

    Tako ('O')9

  14. @Tako- I had too, as there's only one PG Wing Zero left at the shop that time.
    How did I do it? By the book, persistance, patience, caffiene, knife and sandpaper. I skipped the wiring part as I never intended to make it light up (it's a kit, not a desklight!).
    Now its standing proud on my table, and sometimes Yoko likes to "borrow" his rifle(s).

  15. Ah, I know what you mean. I used to be satisfied with simply building stuff out of the box with no panel lining or nub removal whatsoever, but when one of my friends posted pics of her panel-lined Nadleeh, it inspired me enough to finally become as serious about this hobby as I can afford. XD

    And after that, I started taking note of the work of pro modelers. In the past, I used to think "Oh this looks great, that looks beautiful" when it comes to admiring kits, but now that I know more about the work that goes into each piece of work, my appreciation of the works have grown, along with my respect for these modelers. XDDD

    Yeah, we can do it!! ^^/ And out of curiosity, which PG did you get? :D

  16. Nice! I personally don't paint the kits as i am damn lazy, and i am not really a modeller, just like to collect and build them. Hope to see the finished product soon^^

    None of my female friends does modelling... hell, only 1 or 2 of my male friends are into gunpla! Man,quite sad for me :(

  17. @evangelisque: oh my PG is Wing Custom Zero Gundam.. Yups. I agree with you that it's difficult to do all the panel lining and stuffs. It take alot of effort x10.. Looking at the pros with all the technical stuffs.. I can only open my mouth and woah. Haha. I hope my passion wun die out too fast. Haha.

    ('O')9 Tako desu!

  18. @bd77: Oh we have the same PG model! It's actually my favourite model too! But it's a tough job doing it up. Haha. Only made a leg and stop becos I felt that my skills are not up yet.. Haha.

    Maybe one day Yako can borrow my WZC's rifle too. Haha.

    ('O')9 tako desu!

  19. @Marzz: I can understand the inertia to paint the model.. Ha. Thanks marzz.. I will share the photos when it's ready..

    Well, it is tough to be 'alone' in this hobby. Ren has no friends into gunpla too. That's why me and ren started this blog to share with pple out there abt our passion. =) hang in there.. Ha.

    ('O')9 Tako desu

  20. @Tako- If you're continuing your PG Wing, make sure to sand paper the peg that goes in the shoulder armour hole-piece, else the hole-piece break if not careful.
    Also, skip the wiring. It's not as elegant as the PG Gundam MK2 wiring.

  21. Wing Custom Zero!! *_* I love its design so much that I went to buy a MG despite having never seen it in action aha. Build gunpla, gain experience and when you're ready to start on the PG, I look forward to the WIPs! :)

    >>It take alot of effort x10
    Yeah, I agree with you. After starting on panel lining and nub removal, I take longer to finish one HG model. But I also get a bigger sense of achievement in the end. I'm sure Ren will help keep your passion burning! Sharing your progress on the blog also helps to keep you going. o/

  22. @bd77: oh thanks a lot for the warning, i will take extra care. Thank you thank you.

    @Evangelisque: Yes, it looks SOOOO good, cannot control myself. the PG standard is really high, i need more skills and more (tentacles) hands, and Ren to help me.. LOLx. i will work hard, thanks a lot.