Monday, November 23, 2009

AFAの分捕り品!! レンの最初限定版のガンプラ!!! やった! ^^ AFA's loots!! Ren's first limited edition gunpla!!! wooo. =D

Okays.. a quick post before i start on my post on today's AFA's report.. =) many of you readers seemed to be very interested in wad i've bought from AFA.. XD URGING me to reveal my loots, me decided to take the time to snap up a few photos of them and post it up.. its really nth much compared to many others that i've seen; BAGS of Nendoroids.. figures.. goodness. and alot alot ALOT of guys carrying wooden swords which are replicas from the animes.. bleach, naruto etc.. apparently they were going cheap on AFA...

So.. this is wad i've bought from AFA 2009... =D

My first limited-ed gunpla!! RX-78-2, a sparkle base stand for my O Gundam, Otacool book and a black handphone strap of AFA! =)

Other den the neko ears ^^, tako bought a red AFA handphone strap and a limited edition AFA t-shirt with the names of all the singers performing at this year's AFA concert. though we din buy the tix for the concert.. its nice to have a AFA t-shirt rite? XD also, we loved to get a nendoroid at AFA, but there isn't one uber cute such as saber lion for us to buy.. awww T.T

Anyways.. my first limited edition gunpla!! ^^ ren is very excited.

Master Grade RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver 2.0 Mechanical Smoked Clear Version

Box cover! its an atlas in the background!

     Sides of the box.. ^^

Top of the box.. the complete view.

Yes.. this is wad i woke up so early to queue for... first launched in Asia.. limited to 100 pieces a day, for two days. so i tot it would be grabbed up quickly.. but was quite dishearted after still seeing it available on the 2nd day.. oh wells.. im happy to have gotten it alr. =D This kits doesn't need me to paint it.. and it has water decals included too!!! omg. loving it alr. ^^.

Next is my Otacool book! i figured that i needed some reference since im gonna renovate my room.. XD so.. gonna use this book to find some inspiration.. =)

Of course!! it has to be signed by Danny choo.. ^^. had a short chat with him and his wife..

Back of the book..

This is for my O Gundam.. to have a stand and display the GN particle piece.. =)

My last loot.. the handphone strap.. =D smthing to remind me of AFA.

That's all i've gotten from AFA 2009! there's sooooo many things i wanna buy there.. like the new revoltechs.. but am really short on dough. lolx. so hafta wait till i save up enough. anyway the prices there are still on a steeper side.. i can find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.. tt's wad i told myself. =D okays.. thanks for reading again.. have a good day. =)

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. WOW... Smoked mechanicial......... *jealous*~.

  2. woahh nice limited ed gunpla! Otacool signed by Danny is limited ed also :P

    we all need more dough, lets raid a bread factory!

  3. Smoked mechanical sweet....

    Otacool book signed by Danny....awesome

    Dough in my pocket....priceless lol!!!

    Wah must keep that box in a nice condition. You plan to build that up. And by the way where is that picture of you with Danny! lol

  4. O_O!!! You got the smoked clear!! My biggest congratulations!! *____* And you even got the Otacool book autographed by Danny. ;___;!! I feel a mixture of envy and happiness for you!! XDDD

    And I agree with chubbybots, must keep the box in good condition. XD For someone like me who cut up my box covers for easy storage, I won't think twice about keeping it the way. it is ;-;

  5. want to know who is danny's wife and she looks like ?????? ^__^ she has a amazing husband

  6. @Marzz: heehee.. yups. its semi-clear i guess. love this loot alot. =D

    @rockleelotus: thanks!! heh. yups.. hope he'll come again soon. or me and tako can go visit him. XD alrite let's go!!! lolx

    @chubbybots: For everything else, you have Master Grade. XD everyone needs some dough... ohh okays!! will listen to your advise.. but why is the box condition very impt? hehheh.. abt my picture with danny... im still thinking whether to put it up or not.. might affect my blog's reputation.. LOLX!! hahaha. dun worry, i'll consider it. =P

    @Evangelisque: Thanks you!!! =DD im very happy too.. heh. stil quite excited over it.. over those two items. ^^. soon i'll feel the same for you when you get your PG 00 RAISER!!! XDDD

    orh okays.. will keep it!! =DD thankss!!

    @moemoekyun: haha.. you'll get to see her at my day two's post.. =) dun worry.. got it covered. ^.' haha.. and after i've seen her with danny ard AFA, i would say.. danny has an amazing wife. tako would agreed too =)

    ren. ^^

  7. If you don't plan to build it ^^ it is good to wrap up the box to retain its value. Just in case if you have plans to sell it again as it is limited :D

    I have a friend who wraps up all his old transformers in their boxes but maintains them in very good he is laughing all the way to the bank reselling them....(damn it I threw away my scorponok!!!)

    Of course the best choice is to just build the kit lol ^^

  8. Oh heh Ren or Tako Chan, you know where to get Nendoriods at good price ^^ Any good place to recommend, might want to get one:D

  9. @chubbybots: ohhh okays.. cool. i'll take note of that.. =D thanks!

    heh.. for good price and latest nendoroids.. i would say its at china square central, shop. they have the newest nendoroids but not the old ones.. cos they sell out quite fast. but service wise, four words: 'i sell, you pay' attitude. not really frenly pple. so jus look for ur nendoroids, pay and go. its more of a business than a collection. maybe you can tell us wad you looking for.. den we help you see whether its available there? so you dun waste a trip there..

    as for wider range.. i think you can try latendo at kallang leisure park.. they have quite alot of nendoroids during AFA.. jus more ex.. $62 compared to $55 dollars.. but they're more frenly i guess. i called them up before. =) but nv been there personally.. you can check their website.. ask google sensei! =D

    hope this helps..

    ren ^^

  10. Re: La Tendo!

    I go there pretty frequently - it's my first stop for anime goods. XD Service...well, I guess it's so-so. There's a guy there who's pretty friendly and will chat with you, otherwise most are new-ish workers whom I've never interacted with ahaha. xDD;

    La Tendo takes pre-orders for upcoming stuff. If you sign up for their mailing list, they email you their pre-order list every week. They also give you an option to pre-order online. Since I can't do bank transfers [which online preorders require], I can't use it, but it's probably useful since you don't have to go all the way down to Kallang Leisure Park [which is pretty cumbersome to reach, let me tell you >_< Kinda wish the Circle Line will become operational already...]

    Err, price-wise, I think it's as Ren said, $62 for non-members. XD

  11. Thanks for all the info Evangelisque ^^ will check up on latendo! Come to Nendodroids I completely don't have a clue haha! Your advice is really useful!!

    And yes if the circle line was operational, you will find me roaming there already!!

    PS : As for that Nendo I want I found it!!!

  12. @ Evangelisque: ooooh, La Tendo sounds not bad, it's like a must go for anime goods. but Kallang Leisure Park, hmmm, i must have teleporting skills first. muwahaha.

    @ chubbybots: CONGRATS! am looking forward to the lovely fotos of "nendo-chan"..

    awww... where's the nendo tat i wan??????
    can't find it around. sad. *sob* *sob*
    the one tat i wanted can only be found online and it's like a tidy sum to ship it over from japan.

    tako ('O')9

  13. She is up already ^^ and making a big entrance haha!

  14. gorgeous! i've seen it alr!! hahaha... nendoroid FTW!! =D