Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 2: Bandai - Dreams & Creations =)

Ren is back for Day One Part 2 of AFA 2009!! =D gonna be another long post.. heh. this post will mainly focus on Bandai's products: Gunpla and Tamashii Nation. its the biggest booth in AFA, there's jus too many things to take photos of.. not to mention crowds and crowds of pple! 

Dreams and Creations is the theme of these collections. =) i'll start with Gunpla and the main highlight of the exhibition.. 


Perfect Grade 00 Raiser Gundam

PG 00 Raiser Gundam

it gave me the same feeling when i first saw it at Tokyo's Plamo 2009 exhibition..
Filled with awe. *.*

This kit looks like its panel lined.. but the details are really intricate.

Side view..

Weapon and ammunitions..

00 Gundam and Raiser

Very nice.. ^^ im back in Tokyo.. XD

00 Gundam

Raiser with its weapon systems. sweeet.

PG 00 Raiser Clear parts! i think it'll look very cool with all the details inside.

Looking at PG 00 Raiser Gundam... i can only envy Evangelisque.. XD man!!! she's getting this awesome kit.. even tho there's some slight flaws.. BUT who's gonna play with it everyday?? the main point is to have it displayed somewhere in your house!! and pple who sees it will drop their jaws.. Btw, i did mentioned somewhere above that i saw this PG 00 Raiser Gundam in Tokyo's Plamo 2009 exhibition.. well i did take alot of photos for that event too.. jus that i din have time to sort out the photos and my tokyo trip's posts are moving very slowly.. lolx.. so many things to blog! so little time! i hope i can show you pple soon.. =)

okays.. more coming up.. new releases from Bandai Gunpla...

Collection of old and new MG Qubeleys.. family gathering! XD

MG Qubeley MK-II

MG Victory Gundam Ver.Ka

Bandai's MG clear parts campaign!! its confirmed coming to singapore! =)

SYUU Gundam

Well, this is awkward.. XD i've no knowledge of SD Gundams.. so all i can say is.. these kits are coming soon.. ^^!!

HCM Pro Unicorn Gundam, capable of switching between its different form via some part swapping. it's alr selling at AFA! nice.

The badass HGUC Kshatriya. i hope it will be MG-fied. ^^ so you get MG Unicorn, Sinanju and Kshatriya.

HGUC Unicorn Gundam.. why is there only one Unicorn but two Destroyers??

MG Unicorn Gundam

The Astrays series.. their poses are really bland. given the fact that they're designed for posing!!! >.>

Mr Regen Dual Gundam is the only one really trying i guess.

Gundam 00 Season Two series..

New HG Susanowo. looks nice with the samurai feeling. ^^

More SD Gundams love... =)

Perfect Grade Collections...

RX-78-2 Gundam. its the same RX-78-2 i saw at Gundam Fiesta 2009. the lighting here is too bright for my camera.. so you can have a better look here. somewhere in the middle. =)

Wing Gundam Zero Custom. Tako-chan has TWO of them!!! one has a whole runner missing. that's why she got another one. we hope to be able to buy the missing runner from Bandai Japan the next time. or ask some frens for help.. ^^

Zeta Gundam. looks like a VERY straight build. XD

Zaku II. love the eye... ^^

Char's Zaku II. The Red Comet. sorry its blurred..

Astray Red Frame Gundam. nice.. love to get it too..

BAKUC Singapore 2009 Champion!


The details on Unicorn Gundam is amazing.. i guess he put in alot of effort on the display base that's why he won the competition.. i say that becos.......

this Zaku-II entry is also as good and breathtaking. but the base was jus a normal mold or smthing.. man. its really a close fight.

Zaku II pilot.

Side view. don't you think its a close fight too??

Limited Edition Gunplas available at AFA 2009. *BLING BLING BLING* ouch. XD

SD Gundam World Set Chrome Color Coating Version

MG Impulse Gundam Chrome Color Coating Version

MG Zaku II Ver2.0 Chrome Color Coatin Version. this is the kit that's snapped up super fast.

MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver2.0 Mechanical Smoked Clear Version. ^^ i really liked the inner frames of ver2.0 more than its exterior. that's why i got this.. a transparent Core fighter too!! imagine you can combine it with Guntank and G-armor.. heh.

Close up..

Okays. that's the end for the Gunpla part of the post.. hope you liked the photos.. now we're moving on to the Tamashi Nation sections.. with ready-made figures on display... =) im not really sure abt the names of all the characters.. so i'll jus let the photos talk to you. XD here we go... *phew.*

Tamashii Nations 魂SPEC

Some Robot Tamashii products..

The Guren with Lancelot!! i like the 'wings' those wings are limited i think..

EVA-01 Evangelion: 2.0 More poisoning! XD

Verthal Knight Gundam and Superior Dragon Gundam. BLINGS!!! i like the dragon.. ^^

Chogokin Tamashii!

S.I.C Kamen Rider collections.. me and tako is waiting for Kabuto to be released! =D

Den-O Climax Form

Gundam Fix Figuration 1/35 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

The centerpiece of Tamashii Nation. RX-78-2.

it has so many fine details and hatches all ard!! the first RX-78-2 i saw with 4 Beam sabars.. 2 on his backpack, 2 in his shield. uber cool.

hatches hatches hatches..

Side view

Four boosters!! Salutes to Katoki-san. =)

Small Figures..

Gundam standarts and figures.. all these can be bought at AFA..

Gundam 00 Portraits..

Kamen Rider Figure collections.. Kabuto!! =D

Prop Plus Petit Collections  プロップ プラス プチ

Gundam History!

Some Full Metal Alchemist figures.. very cute! ^^

can you recognise some of them?? alot of familiar faces!

Limited Edition Tamashi Nation products..

Saint Seiya collectables.. Gemini Saga and Emblem Set

Tetsujin 28 Naked Version and BearBrick!
Tako really liked Tetsujin 28. but it was too expensive for her... and im out of dough. =(

OKAYS!!!! THAT'S IT!! Super long post..!! i think this is my longest post ever. This concludes Bandai: Dreams & Creations part of my AFA report. i sat for a few hours trying to type this post out... man, this is tiring. =X hope you pple enjoyed the photos... although some of them are abit blurred. my apologies! ^^. well, this is the least i could do for those not able to go for AFA 2009.. now, pls send your cheques directed to Renntako's bank acc 23985-64325869-435982574. lolx! XD okays.. becos its such a long post.. i think i'll rest tml to study for my JLPT.. since the main bulk of figures and gunpla photos are out.. thanks for your kind understanding! ^^ next part will be about the cosplayers i bumped into ard AFA.. stay tuned pple! =)

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. oh why did i have to get back into gunpla XD 00 Raiser, RX 78-2, Char's Zaku II, Kshtriya, Susanowo, Unicorn, i want you all XDDD ...btw im taking donations too! lol and im waiting for a SIC kiwami-damashii version of Decade and Kabuto. nice job ren, these are great pics! i like the theme, very fitting ^_^b

    ...but maybe i shouldnt keep up with future event coverage, too much poisoning lol

  2. Do want one of those shiny bling -bling GUNDAM >_<

  3. Nice photos.

    You got the MG RX-78-2 smoked clear version, I thought they are only exclusive to the upcoming Gundam Expo in Hong Kong, How much did you pay for it?

  4. Man nice! Being my other half you covered the stuff that I didn't take lol nice!

    Like rocklee we both need more dough!!!

  5. I am dizzy with happiness now. XDDDDD And yeah, I'm aware that the kit comes with flaws and is not very popular, but I'm still going to take it home, while keeping these flaws in mind. Nobody stands between me and my first PG!! Those clear parts are sweet - still undecided as to whether I should get them for completion sake since they're kind of expensive xDD Thank you for the pics - I almost feel as though I'm seeing the displays myself. And I look forward to your Tokyo Plamo Show pics. =DDD

    Also, what the...one entire missing runner for Wing Zero. :/ Sometimes I wish that it was easier to ask for extra parts from Bandai. Heard that HLJ used to do it, but then they stopped. One missing part is okay [putty to the rescue], but one missing runner is just... -_-

    Kind of amused at how clean Zeta is compared to the other PG displays. XDDD And woot!! Clear parts campaign is coming to Singapore!!

    Thank you for the report again, love the pics. *__* And good luck for your JLPT!!

  6. still can't see danny's wife >_<

  7. @rockleelotus: lolx. maybe you could stick to nendoroids eh?? XD dough funds!! ohhh.. you're getting kabuto too? cool! i'll see more of your figma x kamen riders den! thanks alot!! glad you like the photos too. =) haha yes. smtimes too much info is baad. ^^

    @moemoekyun: heh.. good for you! hopefully someone will sell online? =) haha.. danny's wife.. yoda: 'patience.. young padawan..' XD

    @anonymous: thank you =) oh.. i think that's the misconception alot of pple had.. cos Gundam Expo HK is heavily publicized and AFA is jus a South East Asia event and still a young body organising anime-related event. so not many pple know. if my memory serves me well, singapore AFA is the first to launch this kit in Asia. oh.. i think i paid close to $100 for it. jus a little more den the normal version. ^^

    @chubbybots: lolx! we can chogokin combine too alr. XD thanks thanks! yeah!! to more dough!!!

    @Evangelisque: hahaha.. im sure you are. im a little drunk myself from the happiness you're oozing out. XD are the clear parts expensive? cos i've seen some SG online gunpla shop.. the price diff isn't that much.. $20-40 more? you're more den welcomed.. bank acc 23985-64325869-435982574. thank you. lolx! XD i hope to post plamo's pic up soon after AFA.

    ya.. tt's quite a damper. oh.. HLJ dun collect runner lists anymore? i tot they'll still coagulate the list and send them.. hmm sad. one less option.

    heh! Zeta is really smooth rite... lolx!
    thanks! =)

    ren ^^

  8. Why is there 2 Destroys? Because destroy mode i s way much more awesome! lol!

  9. Wow... I stopped breathing when I scrolling down and admire the scenes. I imagine the MG Kshatriya (Kesatria or "warrior/knight") would be X-Box HUEG~!

    Must start breathing~! >_< *takes in breaths*

  10. @Marzz: lolx.. i see.. hmmmmm... XD

    @bd77: yeahhh!!! MG Kshatriya FTW!!! i think it'll look epic. ^^

    breath breath!