Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2009! 第一回

hey pple! ren here.. some of you might know me as pOng.. after i left a few messages in your blogs too.. haha. Well, this will be my first post after setting up my blog.. =) and i'll be covering Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2009 in this post.. i think i'll make try to make this into a 2-part post cos i realized i didn't take some of the photos.. SD Gundam etc.. so i'll be going back on Monday to take more photos and register for some of the events.. which i will cover in this post.. As i only own a standard digital cam.. some of the photos mite not turn out as nice as it shld be.. Do let me noe wad you think!

And so the journey began..

The poster posted and printed in e mall and various newspapers
in Singapore.. As you can see, i went on 3rd Sept.. and e
event exclusive Sword Calamity is alr fully redeemed. TT.TT

Greeted by these two at e entrance..
Apparently, you can touch Zaku but not RX-78.. ^^.

A 1/35 scale RX-78-2 standing next to the video
of the 'Making of Big G' video at Odaiba. Its in japanese.

Beneath is this warning sign... and then...

The actual size of BIGGG G.....'s foot. i guess this is the closest
i can get to Big G since he its gonna be taken down alr.

Here is a very very very brief timeline of the past Gundam series, movies
and OVAs over the past 30 years.

RX-78-2 over the years...

Zaku over the years tooo...


  Some of the main Gundams of e different series.. i onli took
some of their photos.. maybe i'll get more when i return again.

 New 1/100 models that are gonna be released soon..
Regen Duel Gundam, Nix Providence Gundam.
 Hale Buster Gundam and Gale Strike Gundam is alr sold at e event.


The new upcoming MG Blue Astray 2nd.
Really looked nice up-close.. even without paint, but i feel that balance of the model is gonna be a problem when its sword is attached on its back.. hmmm.

New HG 1/144 models coming up.. O Gundam looks good...
'Is that God?'

MG Guntank... anyone getting it? The tracks looks
like a killer to clean up after..

The history of Bandai model making.. Production process.. i think that is current wad Bandai is using to produce our preciousesss.. haha.. Look! even e injection machine is made into a model kit.. cute.

Over here is ard FOUR shelves of MG models.. i think its most of Bandai's current MG lineup. i only managed to took full photos of the first 2 shelves.. too many pple blocking..
And now.. for some real modeling..

Some of the nicer works.. made me stared at it for so long.. Figuring how they made it.. Nothing short of amazing. More to come i hope..

Some SD Gundams photos that i took.. i forgot to take most of them.. cos.. i wasnt realli into SD.. ya know..

Z, you can click on the maps to enlarge it.. some smaller characters are not so clear.. sorrie abt that.. oh.. and ur SD gundams.. its under Five Dragon Warrior. =)
 Event Exclusive Products... some of them has alr been sold out.. i went on the 2nd day onli!! some of them are quite nice.. but some.. hmmm seems to me like 'Danbai' is milking consumers..

Metallic Coated MG Zaku II.. *drools.*

Metallic Coated HG 1/144 RX-78-2 with trailer.. TT.TT
Sold out too...

Some clear versions of HG 1/144.. Raiser OO, some SD (sorrie im not sure of the name), and Destiny Gundam. i think Destiny doesn't look too bad..

MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0 Clear Version!!!
Very very hot. Why isn't it sold out?? becos it will onli be sold next week.. hahaha.

Something noteworthy.. Bandai is recycling its used runner parts and making them into model kits again! so called Eco-pla.. as shown above.. FRET NOT! it doesn't onli come in black.. i've asked and they oso come in colours for other kits.. I noe of at least one MG Zaku is made frm recycled plastics.. it usually comes in a black/white box.
Some Event Misc and timetable for those interested.. =) i'll be registering for the activity caravan where they will teach pple new to gunpla how to build their own first kit!! of cos model kits will be provided!! its First Grade kit tho.. haha.. but its a good experience for Tako-chan to practice her kit building skills... Tako-chan has TWO.. NOT ONE BUT TWO Perfect Grade WZC at home unbuild. lol.. becos one of the kit has a WHOLE runner piece missing.. so she got another box.. and i have yet to touch a PG kit... T.T anyway.. another key event is.... KAWAGUCHI SENSEI!!! He'll be here next Sat and Sun for some talk on how to assemble, paint and diorama.. there will also be VS speed building against Kawaguchi sensei.. lol. He's also having a Q&A session... a consultation session (for those who have registered) to bring their own model down for a tutorial session.. its realli a very good learning experience for new modellers like me... Hope to see you guys there too!

well well.. this is all for my first blog post.. hope you guys like it.. and if there's any questions or comments.. feel free to leave them below!~ see you guys soon.. ^^.
(^^)"  レンです じゃね!

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