Saturday, September 12, 2009

JUMP! 2009

Yesterday, Ren and Tako went to watch JUMP! Its a comic martial arts performance from Korea.. For those who have watched before, i'm sure you guys had enjoyed it tremendously like we had.. ^^ The show is abt an 'average' korean family, each of their member with an 'unaverage' set martial art skills, some quirks in their daily lives and the plot thickens when two burglars broke into their house. In reality, all of them are martial arts experts, possessing championship level Tae-Kwon Do, Tae Kyun and gymnastic skills. So you can imagine the action-packed, comic filled performance they brought to us is something that's gonna last for quite some time. The comic they remind me of is actually very japanese manga-types.. with alot of manzai involved.. maybe tt's why we liked it..

In fact, this is the second time Ren & Tako watched a Jump! production.. Earlier this year, we watched 'Breakout!'.. Also, a Jump! production.. by the same Founder and producer, Kim Kyung-Hun. Maybe i can try to explain abit here.. although we watched 'Breakout!' first, 'Jump!' is actually the first performance by the production. so... in simpler terms.. Jump! came out first, followed by Breakout!

The differences between these two are, other den the storyline is totally unrelated, Jump focuses more on martial arts, whereas Breakout, focuses alot abt dance, especially, break dancing. So, for those who are still pondering whether to watch, i would say.. WAD ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? you will not regret it.

For Breakout, Me and Tako had to buy a more expensive ticket AND seated apart frm each other due to the cheaper tix being sold out when we decided to watch it last min. At first i was thinking.. was it realli worth the money..? We ended with a closer seat to the stage and i totally forgot abt the money spent after the show.. haha. So much so.. we bought the same priced tix this time for Jump.. you can tell how much confidence we had for the show.

Okays.. after all these blabbering.. so photos we took.. and autograph session we queued up for...

Tako chan says tt this is her tako hands... >('O')<
Tako : Yes! Behold, my tentacles.
actually im jus trying to adjust the exposure.. haha.

The Stage..
Full house!!! The inside of Singapore's Esplanade, if you have not seen it before.. =)
Our tickets.. you can try to print it out.. admits one.
Of course, the show will not be filmed down... hahaha. i know i know. my apologies..

After the show.. the autograph session..
The cast that brought us so much laughter.. THANK YOUUUU.
Still alot of people taking photos after we finished... and we bought the programme guido for them to sign on...
All in all.. it was a very enjoyable show.. highly recommended to anybody who like comical action and drama.. =) すべてをとてもたのしがっただ!

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!

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