Wednesday, September 23, 2009


How many presents have you received in your lifetime?
What is the most memorable presents that you have received?
Do you like surprise present?

There is a story that i want to share:-

There is a young girl called Ami (for illustration purpose only) who chose a fairly expensive birthday present (which is a branded bag) for a friend's 21st birthday. This expensive present is shared amongst a big group of friends, so Ami had put in a lot of effort to find enough people to share in the present.
BUT, Ami didn't get a birthday card to list down all the names of the persons who shared in the birthday present. SO, when Birthday Girl opened the birthday present, she was unhappy, because the price of the bag was not expensive enough. IN THE END, Birthday Girl made very upsetting remarks to Ami and accused Ami that she didn't share in the present.
This created a huge misunderstanding between Ami and the rest of the group who shared in the present because they thought that Ami didn't fork out money to share in the present.
Poor Ami. 

Have people forgotten the meaning behind a present?
Is the present measured according to the price of it?

I have received a very precious persent today!
Ren's home-made bento.

Though simple setup in tubblewares and no nice elaborate cutlery or candle-light. It's simply wonderful. 完璧だ!(kan-peki da!) which means PERFECT
To me, this surpass all expensive bags and stuff. It's the thought! The time and effort!
Thank you so much, Ren!

I know Ren did up this bento is to cheer me up. Lots of unhappy events had happened to me for past weeks and had been down in the dumps. Ren wants to give me a little pat on my back and cheer me up with this though simple but simply GREAT lunch bento.

Tako can't really cook, so Ren is the one who can cook. So Tako gets to savour the nice bentos that Ren makes. But Tako can make onigiri!

So Ren is the Ren who knows how to paint Gundam model and cook! Tako totally appreciates it.

('O')9   タコです!   じゃね!


  1. Wow, ren makes good hubby material ^^. Its really a nice bento. I am lucky I haven't encounter what Ami went through but its a sad thing if ppl don't appreciate that for presents, its the thought that counts!

  2. haha.. thank you thank you.. ^^ adding points for me ah. i'll wait for your bento post too. hahaha.