Saturday, September 19, 2009

MG RX-78-2 Ver.OYW W.I.S.P Part 3

im back to post a minor update... minor in a sense tt i can cover it in one sentence.. ^^

i have painted the main bulk of armor.

THERE! DONE! haha.. but we all noe tt its very troublesome to paint all the armor.. base coat.. making sure there's no dust.. no chipping.. wait.. long wait.. and full coat on.. the lists goes on.. sooo... some photos on the update.. =)

the bits and pieces of RX.. i've placed those armor with colours in the front for a nicer photo. haha. the rest are jus white..

did some detailing on the backpack too.. quite similar to the thrusters.. and oso tried dry brushing some gunmetal on the backpack.. since its gonna be covered by a cover.. so i dun mind if anything bad happens.. =)

my happiest piece.. which is the HYPER BAZOOKA! first time masking and its goood!! looks wicked. with the smooth gloss white and matt gunship gray.. it feels nice.. tho i mite need to touch it up abit.

some accident.. i cried the whole morning. the plug on the air vent broke in the chest piece. the only way was to drill the chest piece on the other end to push the plug out.. but i din had the tools. so.. i went to a HAG (a hobby shop i recently discovered, felt like a pilgrimage. haha) to buy the tools.. but uncle sam was VERY VERY NICE to fix it for me.. he's like the head surgeon there. i could kiss him. he pushed out the plug.. and made a tiny hole in the main piece and the plug.. put a wire thru and super glued them tgt.. he mentioned tt cement is not strong enuff.. and there have it.. it still can move abit on the chest.. cant thank him enuff..

So... all is fine for the RX-78-2... He's doing well so far..

well well... the next to-do list is gonna be 'minor' too.. haha. some more detailing, glossing the armor.. panel line washing.. adding decals.. topcoat... and MAYBE weathering... cos my RX is toooo WHITE.. *nods*.. so any comments? any suggestions? do let me know ya! i hope there's no problem posting comments... i dunno how to solve blogspot problems.. so sorrie. thanks for reading my blog again! =)

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃね!

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