Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gundam merchandise..

“What Gundam merchandise have you got?” asked Tako.
Ren replied with a smile, “More than 20 sets of Gundam mobile suits!?”
Tako grins, “Have you got a Gundam ring?”

What’s that??

It is a very cool ring that was given to me by my lovely sister. She saw this little “beheaded’ Gundam lying in the glass casket (display cupboard) and decided that this is THE present for me.

Ren: I having it now to take photo... wahaha. XD

Imoutou-chan, hontoni arigatou ne. Daisuki desuyo!

Psst : There are people walking into the shop thinking that it is a Transformer ring that they saw at the display cupboard. When my sister asked the shop owner about the Gundam ring, the shopowner was full of praises for my sister who pointed it out correctly! Kudos!

Ehhh, Gundam and Transformer look DIFFERENT!

What do you think?

Gundam ring の スペシャル!

変身! Henshin!

バイバイ! byebye! ^^.

('O')9    タコです!    じゃね!

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