Wednesday, September 30, 2009

弥子ちゃんの初めて行楽! Yako-chan's first outingu! ^^

heyhey.. smthing abit more light hearted.. im sure tako chan will give a proper introduction to her first Nendoroid! - 桂木弥子 Katsuragi Tako Yako! - the next time.. and that's when i have time to take her photos.. haha. ahems. okays.. Last sunday we took yako chan out for lunch! yes.. you see it often on danny's website too.. but we realli think its very cute and nice to have it on our food blog too.. especially in Singapore where we have many kinds of food.. =) and moreover.. Tako chan realli likes how most nendoroids looks.. Big cute head and priceless expressions. Limited stocks makes it even more desirable for ladies. XD

We had a simple lunch... ate Spaghetti and a Chicken Cutlet.. the main point is not abt the food yet. This is jus a test lunch for us to see how Yako chan will star in our food posts in the future! =DD

mmm.. here comes the spaghetti! looks not bad.. ^^

priceless. love this look the most. XD

more food??? ^^.

Yups.. this is jus our first outing with yako chan.. will be looking for a pouch tt we can carry her in.. heh.. anyone noes where to get? online/offline? =)

Do you own a Nendoroid too? haha.. feel free to share it with us (as a link below)!! =)

(^^)"   れんです!   じゃね!

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