Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take a break from Gundam Fiesta, Have a cosplay.. ('O')9

hello people!

It's Tako~~
While Ren is covering Gundam Fiesta 2009. I guess i have no say in it, because he's the one with better photography skills, and definately more knowledge in the mechanics of Gundam model. HAHA! But i love the way i get updates without having to be LIVE at Gundam Fiesta.

I admire Gundam models from aesthetic point of view, so if anyone is to ask me to comment on technical details, I can only give you "errs, and ermss". Oh, i am a lover of Gundam Wing series and yes, like what Ren has mentioned few days back, Gundam Wing Custom Zero, I have 2 of it and I have only done up the left leg and arm only. But in any case, I will work hard on it!
I need to share on some stale news. Remember the STGCC 2009 which ended in August 2009, there's an awesome display of "modelling" skills by cosplayers and here's a Gundam model -- Strike Freedom Gundam.

This cosplayer managed to "model" himself into a Strike Freedom Gundam. Kudos!
(Strike Freedom was at Gundam Fiesta too..)

Look at the details of the Mobile Suit. It's real cool.

(The cosplayer moving towards the backstage.) 

The amazing part is that though the cosplayer is in the mobile suit, he's able to move around. Though slow, but what more do we want, it's good job done here for all the details and mechanics of it! Look at the eyes!

Do you guys remember the Odaiba RX-78? Have you guys managed to catch it with your eyes? Man! I wish i am impulsive enough to book myself a ticket to Tokyo. Though I didn't manage to catch a real glimpse of RX-78, I manage to see a Freedom Gundam.  


(Freedom, Cast Off.)

I need to digress from the topic "Gundam". At STGCC 2009, there is another one of my favourite. Kamen Rider Kabuto. Yes, I went screaming Kabuto when I saw him, Ren's totally embarassed with a little "kid" by his side.


(Kabuto is in Clock Up mode. That's why this photo is blurred..)
 Ren: (...)

Credit has to be given to the many other cosplayers, they are good but there are a little too many photographers. So I didn't have a chance to take a good picture of all the cosplayers. But I will be looking forward to AFA2009! See you there, all cosplayers! 

psst: all photos taken with iphone and with tons of excitement. hence the quality is not fantastic. But that's enough for my eyes, Gundam! Kabuto! i will work harder on my photography skills too.

('O')9 タコです    じゃね!


  1. Oh I was there too ^^. This year STGCC was much better than last year. Lots of cosplay and so many genre of toys. Strike freedom was also at the gundam fiesta too haha! I am also waiting for AFA2009.

  2. oh you went too! ^^ i din go STCC last year.. cos i din heard abt it.. cool.. good tt there's improvement.. i was quite surprised to see cosplay there too.. i tot its more of an 'angmoh' event.. tt's until i saw the cosplay competition.. haha. ya.. i noe Strike Freedom went for the fiesta.. they announced it last min rite? Saw him at STCC so i tot i would give it a pass.. =) BUT, did you see EXIA at AFA2008?? its super nice. i would say better becos exia doesnt have wings.. so it wun bent like Strike would..

  3. Yep ^^ I saw Exia very nice cos play! But strike freedom will win out cos of all the lights he put in his suit..lots of skill to do that haha. Of course Exia will be a more stable suit to play ^^. Nice pictures of the fiesta!

  4. ya.. true.. strike got more bling... haha.. we were worried if it'd rained.. hahaha. oh.. thanks! i still like your photos more.. more depth.. haha. waiting for your day 2! haha. no stress no stress..