Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heritage tour to Malaysia

Why is it a heritage tour back to Malaysia?

(photo courtesy of Tako's Phone with my shaky tentacles)

Well, it is a long long story since my paternal granddad days.. My paternal granddad was a primary school principal in a village in Malaysia when my dad is still a toddler. SO lots of my dad's friends were in Malaysia, while my dad came back to serve his NS. So you can imagine, the heart-break he felt when he had to leave his friends. So this is a TOUR back to Malaysia to FIND all the old friends.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There is a whole lot of reasons why I seem to be down in spirits.. Now it had spread from workplace to some butter-finger issues that i recalled.. I called it - The SWORD Snapping!


Can you spot something different in my Saber Lily Nendo below??

Sigh.. Nope nothing wrong with her. Just that... Her sword snapped!! And Tako is the one who snapped it! Using my tentacles, i snapped it!

My heart sank. It sank all the way to 6 feet under.

I was upset. Sorry Saber Lily, I snapped the sword.

I had made a little confession here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lunch Time Post ~~~

Hello Everyone! Lunch Time Post is back today with Saber Lion!!

Recently, had been really "upset" with work. Nope, I have not done anything wrong at work or anything, it's just a feeling of "upset-ness". There are times when I told Ren that I don't feel like going for work. So I have got Saber Lion to accompany me to work. Yesterday, she was around to root me on, but was too busy with work to share with all of you how sweet she was.

Now, it's time to show our bonding.

This is how my working station look like. Piles of paper. Wished it will ignite by itself..

How small Saber Lion looks when posing in front of the papers.

Saber Lion: Isn't it time for your lunch now?? *sobs*
*Tako still scribbling at work..*

Saber Lion: Tako, i am hungry. *sobs*

Tako: I am so sorry, didn't hear you earlier... Here's your food..
Saber Lion: Tako, what about yours?? *sobs* why are you not eating?
Tako: Nahh, no appetite..

Saber Lion: Do you want some doughnut? I know, it's your favourite.
Tako: awww~ no my dear, thank you. i know u need your "doughnut". I will grab a bite soon k.. 
(i won't want to get a scolding from Ren too, for skipping lunch..)

Yes, I am whining about work.
I am really "exhausted" mentally.
Please don't mind me. LOL. I have Saber Lion with me.

Tako (x.x)..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

HG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios Completed! ^^

Bandai 1/144 HG GN-003 Gundam Kyrios
Modeled By Ren.

its been 2 weeks since i've posted anything abt gundams.. its time for some gundam love! =D halo everybody.. ren here. this time its e completion of my Gundam Kyrios. 

Thinking back, wad struck me the most while making this kit... wasn't how cool its claws were.. wasn't how streamlined the fighter form was.. and how badass it looks completed. it was the amount of PAINTING this kit needs. almost all the armor needed some other colors. T.T 80% of the time spent on this kit was it's painting. everything was handpainted except the wings on the knees. me no likes stickers. tt's why i took ard 2 weeks to complete. *sigh of relieve..* but i'm not satisfied with some of the parts tt i've painted... i'll get more on to that lata...

Granted, this kit looks really nice when it first appeared on Gundam 00, i liked how it transformed to a jet, the killer GN claws and dual-personality adds up to a nice touch.. but i didn't know that there was so much work to be done on this kit. XD anyway.. as the photo goes.. i'll show you guys where i've painted and some minor panel scribing i've added to make it more accurate to the anime... i gave it a matt super clear finish.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Safarii - Hero

Ren here. Jus finished watching JDorama セレブと貧乏太郎 (Celeb & Poor Taro). its a very light-hearted drama that involves the lives of ultra rich billionaire heiress, Alice and an uber poor part-time worker Taro with 3 kids.. much comedy and some romantic sparks here and there.. i'd recommend if you like JDorama.. =) Tako likes Alice-san's lip gloss.. >.>

And this song is an insert in it.. its neither an opening nor closing theme but it fits the story very well.. and sometimes, i myself reflect upon it too. that's why i like it very much. pretty much shows wad i'm feeling now. jus wanna share it with you guys.. hope you like it too.

here's the lyrics.. in Japanese,
太陽が眩し過ぎて 顔上げて真っすぐ歩けない
いつになればなれるだろう 強くて優しいあなたのように
どんなに強がってみても 胸に残る虚しさが

※本当は自信なんてないし 情けないほど弱虫
泣きそうなくらい また今日が辛い 作り笑いの下でI cry…
強くなくていい 素顔のままに もう自分にウソつかなくていい

本当の気持ちを言えないまま 鏡に映った嘘の自分
周りと同じが楽だった 一人ぼっちが怖かった
逆境に負けず 立ち向かうHero あなたが遠く霞んで見えた


変わらないものなんてきっとない 答え探し続ける一生涯
今日よりも明日 明日よりも日月後日って先走って気付けば自分勝手
いっぱい人を傷付けて 結局は自分自身傷付けて
まずは認める所から始めよう 心に掛かった雲を掻き消そう
僕の物語僕がHero 君の物語君がHero 誰しもがきっと

本当は自信なんてないし 情けないほど弱虫
泣きそうなくらい また今日が辛い 作り笑いの下でI cry…
他の誰かを救えるほど カッコよくなんてないけど



in Romaji and...

Taiyou ga mabushisugite kao agete massugu arukenai
Waraigoe hibiku machinami ga nazeka kodoku ni kanjiru yo
Itsu ni nareba nareru darou tsuyokute yasashii anata no you ni
Donna ni tsuyogatte mitemo
Mune ni nokoru munashisa ga

※Hontou wa jishin nante nai shi
Nasakenai hodo yowamushi
Nakisou na kurai mata kyou ga tsurai
Tsukuriwarai no shita de I cry...
Tsuyokunakute ii sugao no mama ni
Mou jibun ni uso tsukanakute ii
Kono monogatari no hero wa jibun dakara※

Dareka ni awasete waratte mitari
Yorokonde mitari
Hontou no kimochi wo ienai mama
Kagami ni utsutta uso no jibun
Mawari to onaji ga raku datta
Hitoribocchi ga kowakatta
Gyakkyou ni makezu tachimukau hero
Anata ga tooku kasunde mieta
Dakedo sonna boku ni mo tatta hitotsu dake
Wakatta koto ga arun da


Kawaranai mono nante kitto nai
Kotae sagashi tsuzukeru isshougai
Kyou yori mo asu asu yori mo asatte sakibashitte
Kizukeba jibun gatte
Hontou no tsuyosa ga nan na no ka sura
Wakarazu ni tsuyogaru no ga seiippai de
Ippai hito wo kizutsukete
Kekkyoku wa jibun jishin kizutsukete
Okubyou datte kakko warukutatte
Toki ni wagamama datte ii ja nai
Mazu wa mitomeru tokoro kara hajimeyou
Kokoro ni kakatta kumo wo kaki kesou
Boku no monogatari boku ga hero kimi no monogatari kimi ga hero
Dare shimo ga kitto
Hora sou omoeba
Sukoshi raku ni nareru




The sun is so bright that I can’t look up and walk straight
Laughter echoes through the town but somehow it feels lonely
When will I be able to be as strong and gentle as you?
No matter how much I try to pretend to be strong
An emptiness remains in my heart

※The truth is, I have no confidence
And I’m such a wimp it’s pathetic
Another day so hard that I feel like crying
Underneath my fake smile, I cry...
I don’t need to pretend to be strong, I can show my true face
I don’t need to lie to myself anymore
Because the hero of this story is me※

Trying to laugh with someone
Trying to be happy
Unable to say how I really felt
The girl in the mirror was a fake version of myself
It was easier to be like everyone else
I was afraid of being alone
You, a hero who faces adversity without giving in
Seemed to be a blur in the distance
But there’s just one thing
That I learned


There’s surely nothing that won’t change
We spent our lives searching for answers
We overlook today in favour of tomorrow, tomorrow in favour of the next day
And now I think about it, we’re selfish
We’re hell-bent on pretending to be strong
When we don’t even know what real strength is
We hurt so many people
And in the end we hurt ourselves
Isn’t it OK to be cowardly and clumsy
And even selfish sometimes?
Let’s start by admitting it to ourselves
Let’s get rid of the clouds in our hearts
The hero of my story is me
The hero of your story is you
If everyone can think that
Then surely we’ll all feel a little better



(^^")    レンです!    じゃね!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tako is Home Alone.

Had been sick for a week. Medicine is not really working well and the "weak" feeling is lousy.

Took time off from work and is home alone now. 

Well, I am glad that Saber Lion is by my side now. 

Saber Lion: Tako, you are not feeling well.. is there anything i can help?
Tako: My dear little Saber Lion, I am quite ok, just need a rest k.. Oh do you want a drink??
  Saber Lion: But Tako, this is..... not..
Tako: Sorry, poking fun of you again.. sorry Saber Lion.... 

People!! I am bullying Saber Lion again! Haha. I am sorry. As i am really bored in front of my computer, and trying to play around with my new digital camera, then i found that i like this effect a lot. I love taking black and white photos. So decided to bring Saber Lion out.
Digital Camera + Saber Lion + a bottle of milk tea + drowsy Tako 
some silly post on Ren & Tako's blog
HAHAHA. I guess, Ren will give the (-.-"') look when he sees this one. 

and i guess some of you will have this same (=.="') look too as you scroll down this blog.
This is Tako's RANDOMNESS!
What do you all normally do when you are sick? and trapped at home?
I am happy to have this blog and I can blog about anything everything! 

Tako (x.X)9

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tako's phone!

Everyone! Please meet "Tako's phone". Dozou yorushiku oneigaishimasu!

I took a MEGA step and jumped into the wagon of getting iphone 4. Am not really a Tech savvy person, i took some time to get used to blogging actually. I am generally lazy, as all of you know, so Tech-ky stuff seems to kill off a lot of my brain cells, so i tend to swerve away from tech-ky stuff.

Name: Tako's phone
Age: 8 days old

Next moment, I start to fuss about the wallpaper, the ringtones, and LOTS more.

So i guess, i will be snapping lots of photos JUST to find that one wallpaper for "Tako's phone".

When you think that this post is about Tako's Phone, well, here's the digress...

Tako: hello-ya Saber Lion, can you pose beside Tako's Phone, so that i can take a nice picture for our blog? I will give you your favourite drink later k. *trying to bribe Saber Lion*
Saber Lion: ....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting some boxes for nendoroids.. ^^;

Ren here.. Tako and I are now at tampines giant shopping for some
boxes to keep our numerous nendos' faces! Thanks to chubbybots who
told us where to get it. I couldn't find these boxes at other giants.
So we swept the stocks clean. ^^ It's kinda crazy for us to travel
this far but since we have quite an amt of nendos, this seems pretty
normal. Its also a feat for tako. Cos she is allergic to long distance
travelling. XD she gets edgy when shes tired. Somehow i survived. ^^

how do you keep ur nendos' faces? Or all the extra parts and
accessories? Do share with us! :)

Ren n Tako!