Monday, September 27, 2010

ブラック★ロックシューター Black Rock Shooter @ Photo Shoota!


She is one month old! And this is a photo shoot specially for my little BRS!

Friends out there, you would have remembered how BRS had helped out during our One Month Anniversary celebration. So this is a photo shoota specially for BRS.

Oh!?? Have i told you how i got BRS into my cuddle? Nope, i think.

Ren presented it to me after a hard day’s work. It was a thursday about a month back. Knocking off from work at 9pm that day, i was mentally drained. I was an empty shell at that point in time.

When Ren reached out into his bag and conjured out little BRS, my eyes lit up! THANK YOU REN!

Here's the photo - shoota!!

The flame – the blue flame! Is so nice!!

The little canon!

The little sword!

Her facial expression!

The checkered base with a star is a MATCH!

Her hair!

(Let's make a guess, who's the one with the beam saber?)

Little BRS is a thrill!

There are two supporting stands, which allow me to make little BRS fly in the air with canon in her hands well supported!

She is highly posable, with two lower torsos that can interchange, from standing position to a sitting one. The details of the cloak is sweet, there's one for her when she's standing long and flow-y. And can change it to the shorter one when she sitting on the ground.

Love her little angry face! How can I not love her little smile?! No, definitely can’t stop loving that “cute” face.

This is really one cool pack of fun with enough accessories to keep us busy.

(Tako busy snapping photos of little BRS)
Tako: Keep it there, BRS, you are looking good in all the photos today.

Tako: Yes, good take, love the pose.
BRS: Thanks, Tako.

and when Tako is handling BRS, this happened..

BRS fell.. (T.T)

I AM SO SORRYY!!! i have butter fingers.. I AM SO SORRRYY.

I am always causing harm to my nendoroids.. ahhhh..

My FRIENDS! I shall admit! I broke Saber Lily's sword !!!!!!!
I caused BRS landing face down!!!
I... I.... no.. erm. nothing. that's all the casualties..

Ok, Chibi-Kero's eyes.. almost came out...
and Miyuki is always falling head-down whenever i handle her.
Kuro-chan had fallen off her chair twice.

really. no more casualties.
Tako (T.T)//


  1. The flame looks like a fish LOL.
    I'm still waiting for mine... The figma and nendo got delayed no thanks to the customs. The retailer i ordered from has ordered a huge load of them (150 units of nendo and figma each, around 120 of them has been preordered back then, and the some of the remaining are reserved).

    They kinda changed some rules and thus holding them at the customs and the retailer has to send a letter requesting for examption. =.= That's pathetic, and typical Malaysia.

  2. Nice!... and owned by keroro gunso!? >_<

  3. @Exkurogane: Now that you mentioned abt the flame, yes, it does resemble a FISH! OH man.. LOL. the process of waiting.. hate the waiting. HAHA. hang on there!!!

    @Tsukinari: Chibi-kero looks interested in BRS eh.. well, they are friendly neighbours all lying on Ren's working desk.

    Tako ('O')9

  4. I just got her today! along with another figma.. hehehe check it out!

  5. @Syful: Great to hear that! Have fun!!

    @Aya: Somehow BRS seems to be quite a phenomena eh!! i can't really explain too.. HAHAHaaa..

    Tako ('O')9

  6. Lol BRS is everywhere!! I also have a lot of butter fingers!! But luckily so far I managed to repair the damage with some modeling glue :P I broke some belonging to Maritan a couple of months back...

  7. @chubbybots: yeshh.. She's really everywhere!! HAHAH.. Ohhh.. wil be doing a little post about the damage i have done to Saber Lily's sword.. modelling knowledge really helps in restoring the damages.

    Tako ('O')9