Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ren & Tako's FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case any one of you is mistaken about it..

IT's THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY of our BLOG! not Ren & Tako.

It's going to sound cheesy, but Ren and I will like to thank ALL OF YOU for staying with us for the past one year and it's been great fun! It has been a very nice and supporting community.


Next, it's going to sound silly. This is what one will get if there are 2 bloggers on one blog. As I, Tako, is typing on this post, I am bickering with Ren too. We had decided that a little cake for this celebration is a MUST! But, well,.. just this afternoon, I thought that, nahhh, we won't need a cake. ( I am trying to keep myself slim for a dinner party, shhhh.. don't tell Ren) But Ren thought that we should have one however he gave in. BUT now, here we are bickering about the CAKE. But well no worries, it's friendly bickering, happens all the time. LOL. 

BUT as we are all trained that there must always be a PLAN B! So here's what we decided on after a round of friendly BICKERING. 

BUT NO CANDLES????!! WHAT?! Now what? Ren felt helpless and Tako is laughing her head off.

 Tachikomas: Come on guys! We cannot allow Ren & Tako to bicker non-stop on this important day! We can definitely come up with something to help them. *brainstorming session*

 *discusses* we can use this chemical to start some fireworks... etc...

 Saber Lion: no cake?? no caaaake?? no... CAKE........

 Kuro : *texting on her phone* hey, where can i get a cake now??
Yoko: Are you asking me??? 
Kuro: Err.. nope. Am texting..

Danboard: Hurry, mini danboard, we are late for the discussion.
(there's some panorama activity over here.. and we can't say.. shhhh..)

 Mimi : Errrr, what about the tub of Ben & Jerry's in the fridge? It's both Ren & Tako's favourite flavour... 
Tako: Thank you so much Mimi-chan, we shall use ice-cream!!

Saber Lily: What about the candles? 

 Yoko: Candles??? 
Rin : I have got an idea!

In a far distance away, GP-03D is hovering around.

 Tachikomas: Rin suggested that we approach you to borrow your beam saber as a candle, can we??? PLEASE?
GP-03D : Sure! my pleasure. Rather it to be treated as a candle than a toothpick.. 

 Blue Tachikoma: Yups! we have gotten the candle!!

Gurren : Do you need a lighter??

 Chibi-Keroro: Errr, even i am a kid, knows that it is a drill not a lighter. 

 Laevatein: Need my help?
Ren : NOOOO! You want my room to be razed to the ground?! and my dear Saber Lion is still unconcious.. aww~~~

L : We can always borrow a flame, but who has a flame? I KNOW!..

Chibi-Keroro: okays lagann, here's the plan.... you'll follow L.... *whispers whispers*

*Black Rock Shooter strolling ard...*

L: Hi BRS! I know you are new here, but Ren & Tako needs a flame, can you lend your flame to us?
BRS: You need a flame??? No problem at all!
 L : Thank you. 
*some shuffling in the background* Lagann: Gimme your flame!!!!!
Mini danboard: Nooo! L onii-san has asked....
Mimi: Oh dear...

Flying KICK! HAI YAAAA~~~!!!!


L : Guys, i wanted to borrow her CANNON. i think we better run now. 
Lagann: I am soo sorry, BRS!
Tako : What happened to my dear BRS???

Meanwhile, back to HQ...

Lagann: I've brought back the FLAME from Olympic BRS!! ^^
Tachiblue: Alrites! let's light the candle!

 Saber Lion: Poor BRS... but altas! my ice-cream!! 

Chibi-Keroro: Owari de arimasu!!

 Lagann: Mission completed! 
Everyone: YAYYYY YEAHHHH... WOOOO!!!!!

Black Rock Shooter: my flame...... T.T

So now we officially celebrate the FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF RENNTAKO.BLOGSPOT.COM!

Happy Birthday to us
Happy Birthday to us
Happy Birthday to renntako
Happy Birthday to usssssssss!


So what's BIG about this celebration post?! It featured the most number of nendoroids as our cast! It's big task to get all the nendos, gundams and revoltechs! At least for me, the lazy Tako! As for Ren, he's the nice patient guy taking all the photos and bearing with all my bickering moments. We'll try our best to post a few more posts abt some celebrate-tary things that we would like to share with you guys throughout this week.. so keep a lookout! =D

And now, both Ren and I are happily eating ice-cream.. ^^

(^^)"  レンです!  &  ('O')v  タコです!    じゃね!


  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary!

  2. Still lol-ing at beam saber and BRS's flame as the candle and the light.

    Happy 1st Anniversary!

  3. Congratulations. *pops out some streamers*

    Kinda chaotic your figures there... And poor BRS... XD
    As always, Revoltechs are too hot-blooded for their own good.

    With that said, mine is also coming around in two weeks time. =D

    Marisa: Lemme handle the fireworks, da ze~!

    ps. Marisa is a master in destructive magic and called the walking flame...

  4. happy anniversary! keep doing what your doing, look forward to an even more crazier party next year :D

    that definitely is a huge cast to manage, great teamwork you two! Lol Lagann got a little too excited, cant believe he knocked out BRS XD

    i will celebrate with you over here and enjoy some nice ice cream :P

  5. @playevolution : Thank you for the well wishes!

    @Anonymous: Thank you for dropping by and thanks for the well wishes too. It's kinda silly idea, I am still LOL-ing whenever i see the pictures.

    @seven6398: Thank you!

    @bd77: Woot Hoooot! Thanks for helping to pop some streamers! It had been quite chaotic! quite crazy. But it's GREAT FUN! CONGRATS to your new addition next week! I wished Marisa is around to help. But well BRS has been nice to us too.

    @rockleelotus: THANK YOU THANK YOU! It's gonna be a crazier one next yr! Have got to feature more Gundams! You couldn't imagine how i rolled on the floor when Ren was talking photos for the scene. CRAZY! Cheers FOR ICE-CREAM!

    Tako ('O')9

  6. Congrats on the first anniversary for you two's blog ^^

    Lol....poor BRS....ouch!!!

  7. おめでとう!

  8. I have a really good laugh reading this post LoL
    Every party needs a sacrifice, and it looks like BRS is the lucky one :D
    happy anniversary for your blog!

  9. Happy anniversary! hope to see more blog post! :D

  10. Hahaha cute... congratulations on the anniversary :D *cheers!*
    This was certainly an entertaining scene with all the nendos and other figures ^^.

  11. @chubbybots: thanks! =D haha.. i love the faces that comes with her..

    @flawlessexa: ありがとう! =D

    @h4msterworld: hey! thanks for dropping by! =) glad you liked the post! well she's the only one with the flame.. heh. thanks again! ^^

    @LEon: thanks! hope tt i'll have more time.. blogging takes up alot of time for me.. XD

    @Z: hey Z! thanks! ya.. i'll only do this once in a blue moon.. haha. its tedious!! ^^"


  12. Happy anniversary! Bet you guys had fun doing this with lots of cast members?^^

  13. This is awesome.... the efforts to completed this with all those figures there is excellent... I believe you spent a lot of time for this... brilliant, absolutely brilliant....

  14. @ Marzz: Thanks thanks! It's loads of fun!! Ren did more of the planning.

    @ David John Shewsbury: Thanks for dropping a note. and another THANK YOU for the compliment. It's lots of laughter in the air while doing up the photo-shoots. It's an enjoyment. Do continue dropping by..

    Tako ('O')9