Friday, September 17, 2010

MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka Completed!! ^^ Part 2 (Destroy Mode).

Bandai 1/100 MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver.KA (Destroy Mode)
Modeled By Ren.

Here's the second part of my MG Unicorn build.. DESTROY MODE!!! somehow the yellow fins din turn out right in the photos.. its actually slightly more orange than wad you see here..

a few things i've done to NT-D mode...

- panel lined the Destroy Mode's parts with clear red. but the effect doesn't seems obvious.. =(
- paint a few parts that's only visible in NT-D mode..

alrites! here's the rest of the photos.. enjoy!

[click to enlarge]

Frontal View

Back View










 i love the gatling cannons.. ^^ glad that i got it..


As most of you know.. MG Unicorn Ver. Ka lacks severely in the articulations department.. due to its transforming gimmick.. however, the new MG Unicorn doesn't lack as much. so if you're getting one, the new edition would be nice. while doing these posing shots.. i've stretched Unicorn to its maximum.. and using some angled shots to make it look nicer.

 the left knee is the maximum that this kit can bend.

 Display Base

This is the 1/48 Unicorn Head display base for 1/144 kit that came Dengki Hobby Mag.. Other then painting and panel lining it, i've also applied the stickers that came with it on the next issue. ^^. Din use all the stickers as i din wanna 'clog up' the head.. some din really look nice either.. finally finished with a Pearl Clear & topcoat. 

and after some minor surgery.....

MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka NT-D Mode

i've managed to attached the MG kit onto it! ^^ yay.. so this is my completed model.. still pondering on which mode to display....

my thoughts on this kit...

- White brilliance. i set to make this kit to really shine in the light.. giving it a knight in shining armor look. so i've made this kit really glossy.. i'm glad how it shines.. =)

- Ver. Ka decals. its my first time applying water decals.. and wad a way to start! i wouldn't advise anyone to learn water transfer decals using Ver. Ka kits. they are TINY and not easy to handle. adjusting the angle etc.. and if you drop any.. you might lose it for good.

- Transformations. parts like the body to expose the chest are hard to transform, although its a very solid build in the chest when in Unicorn mode, you might break some parts if you apply too much force while transforming. the kit do feels more fragile after transforming too.

So here you go.. i'm still on my photo taking spree.. hope to bring you a few more kits as to expand my collections page too.. ^^ see ya ard.. thanks for reading! =)

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃね!


  1. I love the waterslide decals on your Unicorn! If I had the money I'd buy another ver.ka and apply waterslides instead of using the stickers.

  2. @playevolution: thanks! yups.. water slides decals are worth every penny.. i seldom use stickers cos its jus simply too thick and the edges too obvious on the model kit itself.. =)


  3. sweet you got the display base to work with the MG kit :D

    hes looking good in destroy mode, i was wondering about the gloss coat but it works well in contrast to the psycho frame. this is also the first time i seen the cockpit open on this kit lol great job again and nice photos.

  4. @rockleelotus: yups! IS WORKS! lolx. yeah. this is the first time i've transformed him after i built it.. shocked right? ha. din know why i din transformed it either.. but it does looks better in destroy mode. thanks! ^^ glad you liked it.. =)


  5. i hate water transfer decals for me they never do what they suppose to and rip and tear and i just always just get mad i use to put model cars together but when it came time to put the decals on i would trash them cause even beck when i was a kid and the only anime shows i had seen was voltron sailor moon and zoids i was no good with them i wish they make those decals into stickers instead of decals fore people that suck at water slide decals in all my life(28) i could never do them but my dad(62)can. the numbers refer to age