Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HG GN-005 Gundam Virtue Completed! ^^

Bandai 1/144 HG GN-005 Gundam Virtue
Modeled By Ren.

Alrites! ren here.. this is the last addition to the recent completed backlog gundams.. HG Gundam Virtue!! and thus ends my photography spree... i started this kit after MG Unicorn gundam, looking for something easier to do. =) unfortuately, this gundam, like Exia.. has tons of places to paint!! ahhhhh... so day by day, i painted parts by parts.. XD finally finished it in wad, 3 weeks? yups. thats my standard. my gunpla speed is snail-pace slow due to work..

i've enjoyed taking the photos becos this kit is so nice to look at.. haha. i love the end product.. looks like 1/100 if i din tell you the size right?? XD alrites.. here's the photos.. enjoy! ^^

[Front View]

[Back View]



 GN Cannon

GN Bazooka

 GN Field

 GN Beam Sabers

[Burst Mode]

[HG GN-005 Gundam Virtue]


There you have it.. my most recent completed kit. ^^ me and tako jus recently watched the Gundam 00 movie.. its making me so pumped up to do a 00 movie kit.. heh. but i think i'll hold that thot, i still have my hands full with a few WIPs in progress. =D hope you enjoyed the photos.. my goal of making a complete set of season 1's Celestial Beings Gundam is reaching soon! comments and questions are always welcomed! see ya ard! =)

(^^)    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. woah awesome paint, it's really like a 1/100 scale..

  2. I, too, thought it was the 1/100. It's sooo detailed and it looks so big o_o. Macro-photos FTW? ^^

    Really awesome paint job too.. it's serious-business matte :D

  3. it's a long time haven't seen Virtue.
    woah a real good finish, and awesome photography.

  4. @MaftyNavue: hey! long time no see mafty! glad you're back! ^^ thanks! i prefer a 1/100 to be a MG.. tt's why i nv buy a 1/100 NG kit.. haha..

    @Z: yo Z! haha. yeah.. MACRO PHOTOS FTW! i guess jus using a normal digicam in macro mode does the job well enuff.. ^^ thanks!! it really took alot of time to get the painting job done.. but its well worth the effort to me.. =D

    @divinelight: hah. is it? i tot the new seravee II somewhat looks like a virtue in pure grey.. XD thanks! i'm still a noob at photography.. heh. ^^"


  5. wow looks pretty nice so the whole kit painted ?

  6. @Aya: thanks for dropping by! ^^ nope.. its not fully painted.. jus parts tt are not accurate to the anime were painted.. so i could only hand paint those parts.. =)


  7. Wow painting skill levelled up man!! Very very nice work! Haha i got all the main characters from the movie liao :P

  8. I only straight build this kit, and I'm actually impressed how much better HG kits have become (because i seldom buy HGs now), compared to older HGs and HG Seed.

  9. @chubbybots: haha.. not really lvl up la.. i jus screwed up my kyrios. very disheartening. T.T haha.. thanks tho! hahaha.. me too! muahaha. but i still hafta build thru the season 2's gundams before i start on the movie ones.. *oops* XD my limited for old HG with lousy parts separation is reaching its limit.. ^^

    @EXkurogane: oh i see! dun think i remb seeing it in your blog.. heh. yups.. i'm impressed too.. tt's why i started buying HG kits.. starting from the 00 era.. =D cheers!


  10. I love your close up shots. I used this extensively for panel lining references. Thanks!

  11. AMAZING JOB SIR!!!! I working on this kit right now. How the hell did you get the eyes??? Did you paint them or use the stickers???