Thursday, September 2, 2010

A minor update and kick to our blog... ^^

hey pple.. Ren here! just a short post to update you guys on wad im up to recently. can you hear the footsteps?? its drawing near... wad am i referring to? its Ren n Tako's blog's 1 year anniversary!

YEAHHHHH!!!!!! woooo.... AHHHHHHH!!!~~~

i'm planning something relatively BIG, not new but BIG for this anniversary, but i'm afraid i might not be able to meet the deadline, which is THIS SUNDAY due to unforeseen circumstances. i'll try the best as i can.. keep a lookout on this spot! im quite psyche abt it. =D

anyway.. pls forgive me for my long overdue MG Unicorn Gundam photos.. i'm on a gunpla frenzy now.. -Casts Frenzy- (attack speeds ups 50%) Don't really wanna pause until i finish this upcoming project.. so there's a lack of gundam photos... but i'll try to show you guys wad i was up to these past few weeks... it will be my photos/pictures frenzy mode.. haha..

some outlook of wad's coming and so after two short nights of masking....

 yups.. i've decided to paint MEGA SCALE RX-78-2 ANA VER.

this photo was taken last sunday.. lolx. tako is working hard on her gunpla too! =D she's handpainting it.. its her first paintjob! can you tell wad model she's doing?

Yups.. so this is my small update on our status now.. gotta rush to meet tako now..! ciaos~

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. ohhh one year anni coming up! i missed my blog anni post so dont you miss yours lol looking forward to the Big plans :D

    someone get ren a few buckets of paint for that mega rx78!! and keep it up Tako-chan, beautify that rx78 :P

  2. lol same here man, I just missed my own anniversary post :P

    Can't wait to see tako and your work!

  3. @rockleelotus: Thank you for the encouragement, will work hard towards beautifying rx78. With the very patient Ren guiding me on the colour scheme.

    @chubbybots: Thankksss. FIGHTO-ONZ! I will continue with the painting progress, though it's really slow. Ren had to put aside his own project to guide me, so i caused his work to be in slow progresssss.

    @every one in the gunpla community: I shall hereby salute to all of you out there in the community! Tough work guys, but keep it up! LOL. PAINT!!!!!!!!! LOL.

    Tako ('O')x

  4. wow, those masking must have taken quite a long time, salute ^^
    modeling really needs patience.

    let me guess, you guys doing a double rx 78 project?

  5. @heathorn: well surprisingly, the masking din take as long as i thot.. XD thanks thanks! yups.. ALOT OF PATIENCE. im quite convinced everyone that do a proper gunpla have alot of patience!

    haha.. maybe! cos tako's getting really busy these days.. so her progress can be quite slow.. =)