Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tako : "My new TOY!"

After 2 days of work, Ren had built up my new doll toy! I had so much fun with my new toy~!


my toy!


wheeeh! High up in the air!

let's go walk walk..
RX-78-2 is so tough, can handle all the rough handling.. it is really sturdy.

Puss Toy RX-78-2 in boots!
RX-78-2 : What is Tako thinking of?

Displaying the strength of RX-78-2. Carrying BearBear!

awwww~~~ looks so sweet..

i can handle the weight! (ren: tada.. SD GP03D is done! its gonna be awhile more before he's painted.. so many WIPS in progess.. heh.)

Oh my oh my, isn't he just popular?? RX-78-2 saved damsel in distress due to lack of coffee..

mini-danbo : "Oh, why are you so tall?? I want to grow up to be as tall as you!"

 Look at how cool RX-78-2 is, with the bended knee.
Very good articulation at joints, makes all the posing so fun!!

Chibi-Kero: What's this gaint thing sitting beside me?? *slowly turns his head*

Chibi-Kero: ahhhhhhh! when did RX-78 become THIS BIG?! mutation?
RX-78-2 : Where's the noise coming from? Hello? Is there somebody out there? Can't see you~~
*Chibi-Kero's too small*

Ohhhh~~ what's this that i found lying on the floor? Toothpick???

GP03: Hey you! It's my beam saber!! what toothpick? I am going to blast your hand off!!
Chibi-Kero: Nooooo~~ don't step on my RX-78!!

GP03: Fine, you said that my beam saber is like toothpick. Well yours is like a chopstick!!

It's late, it's time to put RX-78-2 to bed. Nicely tucked in blanket.

Tako *singing* : Time to sleep now, close your eyes and the birds will stop chirping.. lalalalalaaaa~

This is my new toy! and he is undergoing some upgrade at the moment. Stay tuned folks! Till then..

Excited Tako \\('O')//
loving my new toy!!


  1. Huge mecha-teddy is huge~!

    Is that SD GP03 is angry with Mega-Sized RX-78. XD

  2. omg this post made my day! so cute and funny XD plus we get to see the infamous tako-tentacles~~ i laughed so hard at the 4th and last pic and poor keroro ^^;

    your new dolli.. i mean toy-ie? is very articulate with his articulation :P weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. @bd77: yeah~! huge!! haha. yes.. he's being bullied by RX-78..

    @rockleelotus: heh. glad you liked it.. tako and i had lotsa fun taking photos of RX-78.. yups. its quite articulated for such a big piece.. =D


  4. hahah that's awesome...

    That Gundam really is huge. I like the colors too... that should be the default Gundam color! Why the yellow and red?! >_<

  5. Nice! Very nice! Is that the largest so far in your collection?

  6. Wow...the ana RX78 is sure having a ball of a time lol!!! Just don't crush the little ones in your room!

  7. woah, so it's definitely really big, and it looks like pretty fun to be played too.. wonder if it could use keyboard hahaha..

  8. Did you bring the gundam out for a walk? It is as big as a little kid! :D

    Is the one in the 1st photo Ren?

  9. @flawlessexa: haha.. sure is! =D

    @Z: looks like you're on your blog-athon.. lolx. yeah.. this colour kinda grew on me too.. some surprises coming up!

    @Marzz: thanks! Yups! its the biggest.. YET. haha. its 1/48.. you cant get any bigger than this for a plamo.. even perfect grade is only 1/60! =D

    @chubbybots: haha.. tako was taking good care of it when he's ard. heh.. now he's in bits.. shhhhhh.

    @MaftyNavue: hey dude! long time no see! haha.. yups. its so playable!! really like a big doll.. heh. hmmm i think its possible for him to pose with it tho. ^^

    @B-Mecha: ha. tako wans to.. maybe one day.. we'll really bring it out for a walk. =D yes. its as big as a 1yrs old baby!! haha. you better dun let tako see this. the person in the first photo is TAKO. TAKO = Lady.. Ren = Gentleman. XD

    cheers! ren.

  10. @Syful: hey welcomes! yups.. its 1/48! =D