Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Planning a proposal

Remember the three very expensive tachikoma nendos that we had bought? Well, they are out on Ren’s working desk now and Ren’s loving it.

(Blue Tachikoma is playing with Gundam's weapon..)
(I like the way i can make them grip or hang on to things.)

The moment I saw them standing on Ren's working desk, I couldn't help it but started a mental calculation of the actual cost of these 3 tachikomas cost and.. Whoah, in terms made easy for ladies to understand, it will mean a Coach / Kate Spade bag, a LV pouch, or a Tiffany bracelet etc. in more tech-savvy terms, it will mean a iPod touch?

(With 3 of these tachikoma fellas, one can buy a Tiffany bracelet and still get a change back.)

So i told Ren, he can consider doing the following:-

(Sample marketing gimmick:-
Ren: Look at the new tachikomas, Tako!
Tako: Oh Ren, what are they holding on to?? Not bad, their grip is quite good.
Ren: Look closer, it's a birthday/surprise/anniversary/WXYZ present for you.
Tako: Oh Ren, it's so sweet of you..)
[Tako has successfully forgetten that they are new additions to Ren's collection. Ren's proposal-SUCCESS]

Once the three tachikomas are holding on to the bracelet, they just look so different to me, Tako. They look.... adorable?? HAH. This is all about marketing gimmicks!

Awwww, they just look.. SOOOoo DIFFERENT?

*disclaimer: the above is just marketing techniques. None of the nendos' pride were hurt in any way.

Tako ('O')9  (just trying to help)


  1. the bracelet really tied the image of the tachikomas together lol sometimes you just need to throw expensive items together so when compared to each other they look very reasonable! it just makes perfect sense :P

    after i looked at the pics i think they should make a tiffany bracelet of the gundam hammer... now what lovely lady wouldnt want that?

  2. @rockleelotus: Hello!!!!! Yes, it's so easy to understand after we put it into gunpla / nendo / figures terms. and if there's a tiffany braclet of gundam hammer, i will definately own one of it!

  3. Price of iPod Touch??!! That's... expensive...