Sunday, August 22, 2010

限定発売の『ANAオリジナルカラーVer.ガンプラ』- Limited Edition ANA's original colour ver. gunpla

Mega Size Model 1/48 Gundam RX-78-2 ANA Ver.

Whenever we talk about ANA 1/48 scale, both Ren and I will burst out in laughter. It’s a silly joke about the way I talk. I tend to slur my Mandarin at times.. so it can sound really wrong and weird. REN! Stop poking fun of me!!

We have just received this box at Ren’s doorsteps few days back. And we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Rob from An American Salaryman in Tokyo. Really grateful! Thanks a million Rob!! =)

With this, we can cut short Ren’s plan of flying ANA to Japan just to get the Gunpla. Muwahahahhaha! Ren, you are staying put in Singapore, you are NOT going to Japan.

But if I were to be given a chance to fly in ANA in this Gundam Jet, will I jump on it? Of course I will!!! I will definitely jump into this jet and take it to the skies man!

Here are some pics that I saw when I was browsing through ANA’s website

(Printing of the decal)

(It’s like Ren putting on his wet decals on his Unicorn. )

How I wish I can take a look at this jet with my very own eyes..

Back to the Mega-Size Gundam RX-78-2 sitting on Ren’s work desk now..

The size of the head is the size of my fist.
The size of the shield is the size of my foot.
The size of the beam is the size of my chopsticks that I use at lunch.

Ren is hooked to gunpla, he was nice to accompany me to the hospital yesterday and he brought along his HG gunpla to do while waiting for me. It attracted stares from other people but well, it didn’t stop him. I say, Ren, you are just one step off the cliff. Hahaha, you know what I meant. Muwahahahaaa! He would bring the Mega Size out to work on it if he could, trust me, Ren will do that. People! If ever one day, you see a guy out there working on his gunpla in public places, shout “Ren”, it could be him. LOL. 

Here's wad's in the box.. 

Other then the usual stuff from the normal Mega Size 1/48 RX-78.. you have these 2 extra pieces! the wet decal and the instructions to use it.. nth more. XD

this is wad's left after 2 nights... ^^

TA-DA. this is a straight OOB (out of box) soft build.. Ren's first gundam THIS BIG!! and the fastest build ever too! jus 2 days. its a record for ren..! =D (ren: yes, i've rushed it out for tako to play.. and she's having lotsa fun now.. XD)  

(ren's ps: chubbybots may notice something very familiar somewhere in the photo. XD)

Ren is still in the midst of deciding if he will paint it. Am looking forward to the build!!! ^^

Tako ('O')9  I LOVE MY RX-78-2 !!!!!



  1. I bet it's simple to build. It's like the difference between a 1/60 NG and a 1/60 PG. Chunks of huge parts...

  2. cool the rx-78-2 ANA hav a special ANA sticker

  3. Amazing stuff! Nice that you could get it without taking the flight, haha!

  4. You could even use the Mega-sized Gundam as a huggable toy like a teddy bear. XD
    But watch out for sharp protrusions. :<

    Build in two days, not surprised as this is more like a scaled-up HG kit. XD

  5. @EXkurogane: yups! its a very very simple build. hell, its somewhere between a FG and HG. lolx.

    @gunpla: yups.. but unfortunately they din include those 'caution' stickies.. =(

    @Marzz: thanks! haha.. yups.. i am really to get one from Rob! so excited to get it! =D

    @bd77: hahaha.. yes.. you can see them in the next post. tako is having so much fun! yups. i would say its even simpler than HG kits. and having jus 3 colors makes it even easier for them to produce it w/o any lost in inaccurate colorings.. =)


  6. commission complete! new huge toy for Tako-chan!

    and wow Ren is hardcore at gunpla! way to go bro :D

  7. @rockleelotus: haha. yes.. she's having fun with it. ya. i figured i had to go hardcore to churn out models fast seeing how my backlog is accumulating.. heh. thanks! =)