Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unexpected loots.... by TAKO!!! ^('O')^

Heyhey.. ren's back. din expect myself to be making another post soooo soon eh. lolx. but its definitely smthing to post... when its abt tako.. heh. well well, tako and i went OG chinatown today.. she wanted to get some skin-care products.. so i went to the toy level at OG to pop by and see wad hidden treasures i can uncover....

True to OG's hidden trove.. its having a Gunpla sale! similar to Toy'r'us and the sale at takashimaya before tt. tho much of the items are the same.. they're selling some G.F.F.N figures too.. and oso, the new arrivals.. gunpla starter set of RX and Zaku.. MG V Gundam, MG Full Armor etc.. all at 20% off retail. i was grasping for air looking at all the kits.. i wan this!! i wan that!!! but the 20% discount wasn't enough to move me and my wallet. XD so after tako came back disappointed from her shopping cos the prices were too ex, we walked the ground together.. OG is actually screening Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz at the Gundam counter! and Tako is a die-hard Gundam Wing Fan-gal, her eyes glitters as she saw Heero Guy in Wing Zero Custom. (no room for me... T.T lolx.) Watching after a few minutes, we pulled ourselves from the screen and agreed to come back another day with popcorns to finish the movie cos neither one of us watch the movie before.. ^^

So as i was showing tako ard the new and old gunpla.. like wad gundams i'm hunting next.. she found something really cute.. and we decided to get it straight away! =D

SD RX-78GP03D and DX Wing Gundam!!! (do note tt its DX, not SD scale.. slightly larger den SD, somewhat like the new SD luxurious ver.) Tako couldn't recognise Wing Gundam at first, stating how deformed it was as her reason.. but when she realised, SHE WANTS TO BUILD IT! 'IT'S SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIEEEEE!!!' lolx.. me, being so proud of tako.. decided to buy this Wing Gundam for her.. haha. and a GP03D for myself since its at 20% discount.. she finds it cute too.. ^^

Side of the boxes.. more details coming up...

this isn't any ordinary Wing Gundam! its actually a set of 3 gundams! A larger den normal SD Wing Gundam and 2 tiny gundams - Heavy Arms & Wing.. becos they can transform to a Battlespaceship as shown on the left of the pic!! COOL... lolx can't wait to see how big it is! =DD

GP03D.. i've always wanted the 1/144 version of this.. but the size is really HUGE.. maybe now's not the time YET. XD so i got this SD version to satisfy my cravings.. SO FAR SO CUTE..
These two kits are pretty old.. Wing from 1995 and GP03D from 2000; of cos.. i'm fully aware of the amount of details tt's needed doing SD Gundams.. but since tako is so excited to build one.. i couldn't refuse her and decided lets do it! it'll be epic if we get it right.. and much time is needed too. this project wun be so soon i guess.. right now, tako is on her own project.. painting her HG RX-78-2!!!! cool isn't it! i'm so happy tako is actually enjoying gunpla.. 

'its like putting on nail polish!!'   - Tako

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃまた!


  1. i see your Unicorn is happy about the new kits too ^^ great to hear tako is enjoying gunpla. be careful ren, your backlog kits may be targeted next!

    "'its like putting on nail polish!!' - Tako" <<this made my day :D Lol go Tako go!

  2. @rockleelotus: oooh realised that painting my rx-78 is tougher than putting on nail polish!! (ToT) FIGHTOoo-ONZ!

    Tako ('O')9

  3. I can't wait until you finally get the HGUC GP03D. :D

  4. Woot... You should save up and get HGUC Dendrobium Orchis lol

  5. haha nice grabs dude ^^ Great to see you guys as a couple doing gunpla together! Wished my wife also share the same hobby lol!!

  6. @Marzz: i can't wait either! XD its so expensive!! cost more den a PG 00 Raiser. its hard to tender this proposal to tako. HAHAHA.

    @EXkurogane: lolx.. i know i know.. i'll eat white bread everyday.. heh.

    @chubbybots: heh.. we need your wife's contact and workplace.. den i'll send tako on a Inception mission. XD 'you wanna build gunpla... build gunpla...'

    @gunpla: eh.. i think its ard $16 if i rembed correctly.. welcomes! =)