Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ren's Room 誕生!=D

It's 7pm now and we are trying to take photos of Ren's Room!

It's finally 90% done (except for the clock waiting to be hanged, display cupboard to be filled, a side table, and maybe a drawer..).

This is one side of the wall (on top of the display cupboard).

(A clearer view of our loots)

A display cupboard that's not really filled up yet. Still deciding on how to arrange all the precious stuff.

(Display cupboard's interior which is left unfilled. But the top had been loaded with boxes of Nendoroids.)
Even poor Yoko has to stand behind Saber at a very awkward position! Poor thing!

(Where's Yoko??)

(Angry Yoko is just behind Saber at a VERY _______ place.)
Yako: Look there!
Luka: Huhhh.. where??? 
Yoko: Hey you! why am i the one standing here???!! WHY ME??
Miyuki: Oh no..

Shifting our attention to the DESKTOP - after the 2 girls had been asked to leave the working desk and stay in the display cupboard. 

(looks sooo much better, without some "female" distractions.. LOL. Yes, Tako can get quite jealous at times. Noticed that i have got one more plush on Ren's desktop - Turtle-san!)

These two Revoltechs are bought without my knowledge, LOL, so i am not sure when did it arrive at Ren's house. But i only know that it is from Full Metal Panic! which I had wanted to watch during my school days. My project team-mate lent me the whole series but only to return to owner without watching any single episode. Too busy with project work back then.

(ARX-8 Laevatein)

(ARX-7 Arbalest)

(I like the way it hangs)

Now, Ren finally finished his Unicorn Gundam and asked me what to do next! So i've commissioned my next Gundam for Ren! heh heh heh. Here's a peek! It's quite obvious. More details coming on the next post! =)

Tako ('O')9 


  1. Oh my god. 1/48 RX-78-2 Gundam in ANA colours...

    Also very clever way of displaying the Arbalest!

  2. BTW on the image where you marked "Yoko's reflection" I saw a reflection of you Tako on the glass case... xD

  3. Saber Lion!!! *hands her some coffee*

    Wow you have so much more loots than i imagined @_@ ...where again are you located exactly? all those boxed nendos are ripe and ready to be picked :P also i think turtle-san is so cool.

    looking forward to see rens completed room and this commissioned gundam :D

  4. Poor Yoko there... At a "rear" end of the location. XD

    Wow... A wall (sort of) of nendo boxes... That's a lot.

  5. @playevolution: heh.. yups! so happy to lay my hands on it... more details coming up! =D yups. this clever idea was suggested by tako.. she's a genius!

    @EXkurogane: (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ tako screaming at a distance...) ha.. sorry to disappoint you kurogane but tt's not tako. tt's me Ren. she's still screaming right now...

    @rockleelotus: WAHHAHAHHA yess.. we wanted a post abt her drinking some starbucks coffee too.. but ended up too busy and thus the long hiatus.. i hope you'll see her more often too! =) yeah.. many many loots.. but no time to post them.. ahha so i tot of jus posting them all at one shot.. lolx. SINGAPORE. thanks rocklee! Gundam coming up!

    @bd77: lolx. she maybe enjoying the scene... im sure urs would. lolx. =DD

    ren and a screaming tako.... (O.o)"

  6. Wow congrats for getting the 1/48 ANA Gundam. I was hoping to get the HG version but I couldn't get it.

  7. WTF a ANA gundam where did u buy it? n hw much??

  8. @LEon: thanks! i'm very lucky to get my hands on one! haha.. yeah.. im still trying to find the HG version tooo... gonna love the blings! =D

    @gunpla: i got it from my fellow blogger rob.. =D


  9. Wow ANA Gundam nice grabs man!!! And I so raiding this room if i have the chance lol!!!

    And that is really a good positioning by ARX 7!!