Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After 2 hours... 遅いだろうな?(T.T) RX-0 Unicorn Gundam W.I.S.P (Part 1)

This is wad i've completed after 2 hours tonight.. LISTENING to the tv as i was doing.. trying to keep this model as nub-clean as possible. Without knowing which parts are gonna be expose on the outside, i can only rely on the manual for reference. not gonna pre-build it cos i'm afraid that i can't take them apart again.. so.. its gonna be in pieces until i've finished the decals and panel lining.. jus thinking abt these two tasks makes my head aches. =(

after 2 hours of working on the kit. I'm super slow right..? feel free to tell me how to improve my speed....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riding the wave.. UNICORN!! =D

yups! tt's right.. ren's taking this chance to start on his next build after he finished Exia. the next 2 years is gonna be slow moving for me in terms of gunpla.. due to army. Nendoroid provides me with an instant post maker.. lolx. they're ready-made out of the box. so hope tt you pple dun get tired of them so soon.. ^^" As for Unicorn Gundam, have not decided much on how to go abt doing it.. keeping the original colour has always been my style.. (or lack of one.) becos its plain white.. i guess i'll panel line it.. and of cos.. WATER DECALS! yes.. Katoki sensei has struck on me.. another victim. it'll be my first time applying wet-transfer decals.. hope everything goes well.. ^^. RX-0 Unicorn Gundam will be my first Gundam build when i'm in army.. i'll try to build it as fast as i can.. to gauge my work time. =) and i'll oso build another RX-78-2 for Rockleelotus Group build!! think its gonna be a 1/144 due to lack of time.. heh.

The kit, water-transfer decals and the head display!

Friday, March 19, 2010

what actually happened last week... Part 2!!! *.*

hey pple.. yes.. its me Ren again.. this time i'll not be such a spoilsport.. lolx. i promise this will be a short post! XD jus wanna show you guys wad we really got that week in Feb.. ^^ i couldn't come up any ideas for this shoot.. so a braindead ren jus points and shoot at part of my Feb loots.. =)

introducing... Black Rock Shooter, RIN KOKONOE and DROSSEL!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yoko-chan to the rescue!!

People!! I am rather stressed at work today. It's tons of important stuff that i need to attend to and papers are being stacked up mercilessly on my desk.

As i cry out for help!!!!

Yoko: I am here to help!

Yoko's escapade

Dear All,

Saber Lily has dashed off after detecting some aura here.

Only to find Yako is in need of some serious help.

This was what happened earlier..
Yoko: Anybody out there?!!!
Luka: Oh dear, there's a box, i need to hug it. Ermm, it reads Yo--ko. Oh Yoko-chan! Our new friend. Oh dear, you are trapped! Let me help you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ren's PG Room Renovation!! レンのPG部屋リフォーム!! W.I.U.S.P.. Part 2!

hey pple! ren is back again.. this time its gonna be a small update to his PG room reno! haha. this week, i've been busy packing my clothes, bags and stuffs into my room after work so that when the bookshelf and cabinets arrives, i can jus put them in.. 大変ですよ! so.. jus a quick comparison between the before and after.. haha.. more furniture to add in.. and to move my comp into the room!

Ren's PG Room Renovation!! レンのPG部屋リフォーム!!

these photos were taken at night... ^^


Sunday, March 7, 2010

what actually happened last week... ^^

hey pple.. haha, jus wanna blog abt wad really happened the last week when we were basically absence from our blog.. according to tako.. we were too excited and suffering from shock every other day.. (actually its jus tako.. XD okay, i admitted was excited myself, too.) cos i sorta surprised her.. with our new loots!!! (^_^)" i guess i'll let her fill you up on the details in the comment section.. heh.

Some time last week...

Yako: Oh! new email.. looks like my packages is coming..!!! *ding dong*

Thursday, March 4, 2010

セイバー ~~~~~ (Sabeeeer ~~~~~)

Test your memory, do you remember that Saber Lily is rushing off to somewhere..... If you have forgotten, you may read about it here.

Saber Lily : What is this feeling?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Serious work kills joy and causes stunt-growth for creativity

Have someone ever told you that serious work kills your joy and causes stunt-growth for creativity?

If no, no one has told you this before, let me, Tako be the first. "Serious work kills joy and causes stunt-growth for creativity.".

I am very tied up with work recently and i had wanted to much to post something, at least one sentence, but nothing came out. NOTHING. NO SIGNALS, NO ELECTRIC WAVE pulsate in my brain which will move my hands on the keyboard. I was practically starting at the page, and fingers on the keyboard, waiting for INSPIRATION to pass me by..

RESULT : No posts from Tako in a week.

As a matter of fact, there are tons of things that i can post about, i can post about our latest loots (you can not imagin how much Ren and I have spent in a week.)?? Can post about CNY?? Can post about the super warm weather here in Singapore?? i don't know. Tako is always capable of doing weird and random things here and there. Oh well, Tako's dried up.

Dried Tako, anyone???

No, I, Tako will not continue to dwell in desert-land. I will.. I WILL.. post something soon. HAHAHAH.

(dialogue: who says i can't use my bag as a mirror while i put some lippie.
i like the way i am, in red and white. it's creativity.)

Tako (x.x)9